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And, without further ado, I give you: Resurgence.

Not so very long ago, in our very own galaxy, something rather extraordinary happened. The end of the Chucaetaa Wars in the Outer Rim came, along with what was left of the Jedi being chased into the Unknown Regions by the surprisingly amassed Sith armada. Darth Rathe had captured parts of the Jedi council in turn, and eventually broke most of them to his will. Those he gave up on were never heard of again. Eventually, when there were simply too few Jedi to make a difference, they – along with many of the remaining light side soldiers – escaped into the uncharted sections of the Unknown Regions.

Their ship landed in one of the coldest places they'd ever stumbled upon – worse than the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk – where everything was completely iced over. After doing a bit of planet hopping, they stumbled upon one that was actually inhabited. The others had problems like being too cold, too hot – one actually had no surface at all, and was simply gas – or even too volcanic. Hiding all of their weapons and dressing in clothes much simpler than they were used to, the Jedi and the soldiers slowly began to assimilate.

Clearly, this world was one with little-to-know knowledge of the Force, and seemed to be one that was vastly under-developed compared to their old homes. Their vehicles remained on the ground at all times, animals walked around on some kind of rope, and absolutely no one they came across wore any sort of distinctively force-user robes. Until, that is, they decided they needed to find a permanent location on this planet they called Earth. So they settled in a region referred to as England, and attempted to fit in with the rest of the planet.

It had been one hundred years since the end of the Chucaetaa Wars before the Jedi and the soldiers felt comfortably fit for Earth. Perhaps ten years after arriving on the planet, one of the soldiers came across a group of people he found particularly odd, yet wonderful. Marrying one of the girls, he discovered they were something called wizards, and had their own way with what they called 'magic'. To him, it sounded remarkably like the Force that the Jedi loved so much. So over time, wizards married Jedi – although, yes, relationships had been frowned upon, the exiled Jedi realized that with the Council gone, and being on this strange planet, there was likely very little chance of training any more members of the Order. Needless to say, life became a bit different for each of the races, and each adapted to fit the other.

"Mila Tyree, if you don't put that boy down right now, I promise you I will take that Vorta away." Jaina threatened.

"But Master Duset!" The girl cried in return, "Dad says I'm supposed to practice. So when Gage was making fun of me, I decided it was a great time to practice force levitation!"

"Merlin's sake, Mila, put me down!" Gage cried from above them, looking dreadfully sorry.

Jaina shook her head in defeat and brought the poor boy down herself. She dismissed them for the afternoon after giving Mila one last grumpy look, and made her way into the main room of the newly-founded Jedi temple which was masked as an elementary school for particularly "gifted" children – much like their (now called) upper division school, Hogwarts. She had to admit, she still thought the name ridiculous, even after all these years. But even growing up with it, perhaps she was more accustomed to her more Jedi-based life at home. Growing up with a father who was descended from the wizarding side and a mother who was once a Jedi, she'd spent most of her time with her mother while her father worked at the Ministry. While the Ministry and the Council remained separate, most of their work and strategy against their discovery was a team effort.

"Master Duset," One of the Council members, Master Katarn, greeted her with a nod, "I understand Mila and Gage were having... troubles, again."

"It is difficult to remind them that while their parents are from both worlds, they cannot simply accept the light as a 'fact'. That they must feel it." She explained, reaching back and letting loose the mass of curly hair she had pinned up during lessons. "I feel that because one of the parents is not familiar with the idea, it is difficult to truly understand."

"Indeed." Master Katarn nodded, "Over time, though, I have no doubt that they two sides will grow more similar. Those who are skilled in the use of Vortas over lightsabers or wands will be the trainers. As the training continues, more of the younger ones will begin learning from Vorta-skilled teachers and Masters."

"Provided the ones who are teaching are truly in sync with the light side and understand the use of both parts of their weapon, I'm sure you are right." Jaina nodded.

Master Katarn excused himself soon after, and Jaina found herself alone in the Council Hall. Or so she thought, anyways, as she heard footsteps approaching from behind. Her hand slid naturally down to her Vorta, which was hanging from her belt. Turning, she greeted the soldier who had been assigned to the temple while it was still getting its start.

"I find it hard to believe you don't grow tired of talking in such a.. stiff and hollow way," He said thoughtfully, watching her as she turned around to face him fully. He was at least half a foot taller than her, built (as was expected of a soldier), with dark blonde hair that fell a bit into his eyes.

"It's how things are done." She replied, though she definitely agreed in her head. Any time she left the temple, she was greeted with British slang or far less formal conversations. Jaina had, of course, seen the man before, as the temple had only opened a week ago, but she'd never formally met him. After a rather awkward pause she added, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe I was told your name..."

"Oh!" He said, his blue eyes widening a bit in surprise, "I had thought everyone was expecting me."

"Yes, we were. I just never caught your name." She interjected quickly.

"Ah. Yes, well, my name is Astin Sair. I'm a Captain in the New Republic's command." He supplied.

"I am Master Duset." She gave her name in turn. He reached a hand out in greeting and she took it after a moment's hesitation.

"Haven't you got a first name?" He asked as he held onto her hand.

"...Jaina." She replied slowly.

He was a rather odd sort, wasn't he? Without a sufficient way to handle herself in the situation, she found herself pulling her hand away as she stepped back.

"Well, Captain Sair," She began quietly, "I should probably get back to the students. A couple of them were acting quite horribly earlier."

"Of course." Astin nodded, giving her a brief smile – though she thought it seemed a bit too much like a smirk for her liking – as he moved aside to let her pass.

Jaina awoke from the most non-sensical dream she'd had in... well, as long as she could remember. The dream had involved a ship she couldn't name – and not the Earth kind of ship. The Sith kind, though she couldn't tell you how she knew what they looked like. It was just something she knew. Also, she saw herself, one of the Padawans – Padawan Bren – and the Captain she'd met earlier, from the temple. The three of them had exited a smaller ship into the hangar bay of the Sith's ship and were running towards something inside, Vortas and Blasters drawn. The Sith that her dream-self encountered seemed completely thrown by the Vorta, which she knew to be perfectly sensible, as they had not landed on Earth – or so the Force-aware citizens of Earth believed. The fact that the Vorta was both what Wizards would call a wand, and also partly a lightsaber had the Sith fighters totally confused and wary.

Padawan Bren had shouted a spell, tossing the entire party backwards, then pressed the notch in the base which transformed the Vorta into a full-blown lightsaber. The Captain shouted something as his Blasters fired into the group of Sith, but Jaina couldn't understand it. The last of the Sith they were fighting fell in no time, and Jaina rushed forward to the door ahead of them. As soon as it opened, she shot up in bed, awake and shaking.