I loved the game and still do even though it was a big pain in the ass it had a nice story line and Yoyo all the way baby. Enjoy.


(Emily's POV)

I opened my eyes and rubbed them as I yawned. My red hair with black tips was a mess and I was in pajamas with bunnies on them. Oh I forgot to introduce myself the name is Emily Rose. I live in Tokyo, Japan by myself in my own home. My home was covered with the colors of neon green and neon blue. Plus, I have a lot of stuff bunnies and that goes to show how much I love bunnies. I love to make sweets considering I love to eat them. Sure I get upset that they make me fat but I have my skates to work it out.

I work at a place called the Rabbit Café and my best friend Kenny we work together but today I'm applying for a different job by becoming a Rudie. Now many of you may ask what a Rudie is and a Rudie is a teenage skater who spreads graffiti on the walls. Most would say it's vandalism but for me a soon to be Rudie is expressing art and the walls are our canvases.

It's been a while since I've heard of these Rudies and what with the turf wars dying down a bit. I thought it would be a good time to join the GG's. But business before pleasure, I put on my work uniform which was a maid outfit and no it's not one of those sexy maid outfits. I worked from one to four during the day and I sighed with relief because I was about to go and join the GG's. Kenny called out to me, "Emily don't forget you got the morning shift tomorrow."

I said with a smile as I change into my Rudie outfit, "Relax, Kenny. You know I never let you down." I was wearing a neon blue tank top with black jeans; also I wore my purple bunny backpack to carry my paint cans and wore hi-tech goggles plus I put my hair in a ponytail but my bangs fell to left side of my face so it was okay. I put on my black gloves and my neon green skates then head out towards the GG's hangout.

I order a pizza to go and from what I heard GG's love a large pizza with extra cheese. So I skated to the GG's hangout and I was in awe. It was amazing you can practically skate to the crack of dawn. I then heard a voice calling out to me, "This is the GG's Garage. Hey, where's our pizza?"

This guy was wearing an unzipped grey jacket covering a yellow shirt which has a phrase in Japanese imprinted onto in red. His pants were teal with red flame decals on the very bottoms of both pant legs. They match up with his long teal hat and he had spiky blonde hair sticking out through the back. His blades were painted in dark blue with lighter wheels.

I said with a nervous smile, "I did bring pizza but I'm not the pizza guy." The guy rolls up to me and asked with his head tilted to the side then with a grin, "Oh, you're here to join the GG's, eh?" I said with a grin, "Yep and I ordered extra cheese pizza just in case. Oh, I'm Emily and you are?" The guy said with a grin still on his face as he grooved to the radio station, "The name is Corn. Tell you what. Find Gum. She's the one you wanna talk to."

I tilted my head and asked confused, "But aren't you the leader of the GG's?" Corn said with a grin as he still danced to the beat, "Sorry this initiation stuff is not really my thing. That's Gum's job and you're gonna meet another GG member just as he gets here." I skated over to see this Gum person and turns out she was a chick like me but with attitude in a good way.

She was wearing a light green dress, with a revealing low cut neckline, and a high collar, which is edged at both the hem and collar by blue-grey/aqua bands, with an orange stripe between the thicker grey stripes around the collar. She even had a vertical katakana adorns the front, just three aqua colored short horizontal bars stacked vertically. Between her shoulder blades are a blue-gray cross, and a similarly colored patch at the base of her spine. She wore thin dark grey armbands around her biceps, and wristbands which mirror the collar of her dress, as well as a dark grey choker.

Her helmet was the same blue-grey color and has built in headphones and her skates were the same as her helmet. She looked at me and asked with a cocky grin, "So you're the cat who wants to join us, huh?" I said with a grin and thumbs up, "You bet and I love to spread my artwork." Gum said as she grooved to her beat and seriously, "I don't know where you're from, but the streets are tough. Real tough. But, let's what you're made of."

I pulled out my spray cans out and skated to the wall as fast as I can and made my artwork of a bunny surrounded in beautiful flowers and smile as I asked, "Well what do you think?" Gum smiled and said as she looked at my art, "Not bad, you got some talent in art how about your skating?"

I smirked and grinded on the rails and pipes and boost dash as I yell in excitement. As soon as I landed she said with a smile and then seriously, "Not too shabby. But that won't mean nonthin' on the streets. That's where the real test starts." I nodded my head and then Gum said as she realized she missed something, "Hey, if you ever feel like practicin' just find Roboy. He can be a real pain sometimes…actually he's a real pain all the time, but he should be able to help out."

I went to greet this Roboy and he looked like a robot with a blue cap on his head. I said with a smile, "It's nice to meet you, Roboy." Roboy said as he danced to the music, "Nice to meet another girl to dance with." I said with a nervous smile, "Well Gum said you were a big pain in the ass all the time though." Roboy asked shocked, "Gum said WHAT about me?" I laughed nervously and Roboy said huffily, "Shows her if it wasn't for my training that girl would've been in cuffs."

I heard some yelling of excitement as I turned to look around to see it was a guy about the same age as me. He had lime green hair with red rectangular sunglasses; he was wearing a light blue hoody, with an orange strap around him, brown cargo shorts, and was yellow skates. The guy asked with a Cheshire cat grin as he looked at me, "Who's the redhead?" I said with a slight blush, "I'm Emily." The gut said as he put his arm around my neck and said, "Yo, I'll call you Emilicious and for out skatin' Bunny." I asked confused with my head tilted to the left side, "Bunny?"

Roboy said as he looked at us, "Oh this is Yoyo. Before you he was the newest member of the GG's." I looked up and Corn asked as he intervened, "Yo noob, you've heard about Jet Set Radio?" I said as I looked down and held my chin with my left hand, "I've heard about it but I don't know about most of it." Corn sighed and explained as Yoyo let go of me, "It's an underground radio station headed up by the almighty DJ Professor K." Yoyo said with his Cheshire grin as he listened to the music, "Man, that fool plays some sick tunes."

Corn said as looked at me with seriousness, "And if you listen long enough, he'll even clue you in on the lowdown on the streets, too." Gum skated towards me and said seriously, "You should tune in if you wanna survive out there." I nodded my head and said seriously, "Got it." Yoyo said with a grin, "Wait…Listen up. The show's about to begin…"

Roboy turned up the radio as we heard from DJ Professor K, "Yeah! This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem, you know what I'm sayin' bringing you another Tokyo underground pirate radio broadcast from Jest Set Radio! I'm gonna bust into your head through your cute lil' ears and blow your minds with my sexy voice and out-of-sight sounds! Those of you prone to nosebleeds should keep those tissues handy, suckas!"

As I heard the DJ Professor K I danced to his music as I listened in on what he had to say, "Tokyo is bein' oppressed by the Rokkaku Group, a mega-enterprise headed by Rokkaku Gouji. Rokkaku is using his money and influence to mess with everything: industry, society, and even our culture. And he's even got his eyes set on City Hall. Lately, Rokkaku's been shaking down the government, passin' that "Rokkaku Law" crap, and even buying off the police department. This law ain't nothin' but garbage."

I giggled at what The DJ said next and was shocked to hear the last part, "It's just some selfish little punk's way of trying to show he's a big man. Rokkaku and his gang are tryin' to stomp our culture left and right. They don't give a rip about our rights; all they care about is profit. And some spineless fools have already become flunkies in their diabolical scheme. You'd better believe they're listening in on this broadcast."

I smiled as Yoyo signal me to skate with Corn and Gum along with Yoyo as I still listened in on the broadcast, "But even in all this heat, there's a group of young kids who've been tearin' up the streets…I'm talking about the Rudies. These kids have set out to bury Tokyo in graffiti. And now they're all wrapped up in their own little territorial tug-of-wars. The hottest team at the moment is the GG's."

"There's Bunny, a girl who's got a thing for sweets, bunnies, and maybe for a green haired skater. There's Yoyo, a guy who'll blow your mind with his silver tongue. Gum, a real cool lady leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes; and let's not forget their leader, a self-styled genius that goes by the name of Corn. These four ain't your garden-variety street punks, you know what I'm sayin'!"

I then listened on the details on what he was saying next, "Lately, Tokyo's been on one baaad trip. The attack on the record store in Chuo Street, prowlers in Dogenzaka Hill, low-lifes spreading vicious rumors, and the mysterious blackout on 99th Street…and who should be following them around but the Rokkaku Group's watchdog, the Rokkaku Police! With the Rokkaku Expo just around the corner, the crackdowns are only getting tighter."

I rolled my eyes and smiled and skated back with the GG's as I listened to broadcast, "My heart ain't pounded like this since my first date, and I was so nervous, you know what I'm sayin'. I forgot to wear my underwear, baby! This ain't the time to be sitting around sipping afternoon tea! The game's gonna start soon and y'all are gonna be the ones making the plays!"

As soon as we headed back to the garage I looked at the time and said as I skated for home, "I gotta head home I have work to do tomorrow." Yoyo tilted his head and asked confused with his arms crossed, "You got a job?" I said with a smile and turned around, "Not everyone can skate for free and I need a roof over my head." Gum said as she yelled out to me as I skated home, "Don't forget to tune in on DJ Professor K's broadcast tomorrow!"

I waved back to give the signal and I hope they got the message. I yawned as soon as I got home when it was dark and said to myself, "I'm beat and I think some cereal will do the trick before bed." I opened the door and turned on the light and was shocked to see Corn, Gum, and Yoyo doing their thing and Yoyo said with a Cheshire grin as he came towards me, "Welcome home, Emilicious." My jaw dropped from shock and I asked myself in my head, "HOW THE HELL DID THEY COME IN MY HOUSE?!"


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