I loved the game and still do even though it was a big pain in the ass it had a nice story line and Yoyo all the way baby. By the way, It's the Jet Set Radio Future, not Jet Grind Radio. Enjoy.


(Emily's POV)

I woke up in the morning with Pots at the end of my bed. I looked to make sure Yoyo wasn't in my room peeping on me. I knew today was my day off and what better way to spend the day off with graffiti work. I was getting dressed until I heard Beat's voice as he opens the door, "Hey Bunny I got breakfast…" He then saw me nearly half naked as I yelled and slam the door on his face, "You jackass!"

I panted and huffed as I was getting dressed in my Rudie outfit. I went downstairs to see everyone enjoying breakfast as Yoyo said with his Cheshire grin, "Hey Emilicious. We got breakfast." I said with a smile, "Sorry Yoyo. I have to do something at Shibuya Terminal." Gum said with a smile as she got up and finished breakfast, "I'll join ya Bunny. We need girl time."

I smiled and said as I headed out, "I'll meet you there." I skated for Shibuya Terminal, it's supposed to be the city's biggest non-stop dance party, plus I need to pick up a few things over there. I then bumped into a weird guy looking like a monster from old horror movies. I gasped and said seriously as I pointed at him, "Hey I know those dreads. You're with Poison Jam."

I've heard about these guys they rival with the GG's and they love horror flicks. The guy said as he laughed and spray painted the Poison Jam graffiti, "That's right, girly. And I'm guessing you're with those punks the GG's." I took two spray cans out and they were in each hand as I said with a smirk, "That's right. The name is Bunny and don't you Poison Jam jerks forget it." The Poison Jam guy chuckled and skated off as I yelled, "Hey! Come back here!"

I then saw Gum at my side and asked concerned, "Hey what's up Bunny?" I explained seriously as I looked at her, "Its Poison Jam. They sprayed their ugly graffiti here." Gum said seriously as she grabbed my spray cans out of my backpack, "Then let's cover it up." I smiled and graffiti bunnies with skates and bunnies with lollipops as they jam into their music. I said with a smile as I meet up with Gum, "I think that's it."

Gum and I heard skating as she said seriously, "Not yet." I gasped as I saw two more of Poison Jams as I said seriously, "Let's show Poison Jam not to mess with us GG's." Gum said with a smile, "Girl you took words out of my mouth." The Poison Jam crew chuckled as they skated away and we skated after them. We finally caught up with them as the first Poison Jam I bumped into this morning said annoyed and angry, "Are you trying to muscle us around?!" The other Poison Jam said worried, "Someone I don't really wanna see is coming, ghahah!" The third Poison Jam said with a smirk under his mask, "Gotta go! Ghah!"

Gum said seriously as she chased after them, "I'm gonna see I can catch up to them." I yelled as I waved, "I'll see you back here." I casually skated until I bumped into a guy showing off blue hair, including his sideburns and goatee, and dons grey/silver bug eye style sunglasses. A black sleeveless shirt with six grey circles on the front, and black pants with Combo written in katakana on the back waistband complete his outfit.

His skates are mostly black, with cyan markings which seem to glow against the dark field, and have blue wheels. In addition to his signature gold ¥ chain, he wears gold rings on his right index and middle fingers. His boom box was jamming tunes that I could dig to.

The guy asked angry, "What's this?!" I asked confused with my head tilted to the side, "Excuse me?" The guy angrily explained as he was holding his boom box, "Who's been sprayin' these ugly tags on my turf?!" I tried explain calmly, "Um wait a sec…" The guy interrupted me and said angrily, "Hmph. I'm guessin' it was you…It's on! If you lose, you're gonna be answerin' to me from now on, princess!"

I glared at him and said seriously and a bit pissed off, "Let's do it." One thing you should know about me…no one ever calls me a princess. The guy chuckled and said as he had little faith in me, "You think you can do this too? Let's see it." This guy did amazing tricks while held that boom box of his and I have to give him his cred. The guy know his stuff. The guy yelled at me as he danced to his jam on his boom box, "Let's see if you can do that."

I took a deep breath and skated the way he skated. What I didn't know is that the guy had his mouth opened. I said with smile as I did my victory dance, "That was pure sweetness!" I then saw shadows above my head and it was Poison Jam fleeing. The guy said as he watched Poison Jam leaving the scene as Gum caught up with them, "They're the ones who messed up the bus terminal…" I sighed and explained as I crossed my arms in front of my chest, "Yeah I was trying to tell you that."

The guy chuckled and said as he nervously grinned, "Heh, sorry for doubting you. No hard feelings, right?" I sighed and then smiled as I made a fist in front of him, "Yeah, we gonna be a team from now on." The guy made a fist and we bumped our fists to show we were cool. I then heard on my goggles from a police officer, "HQ to all squads: There are reports of youths skating near Shibuya Terminal. All units in the area, please investigate. Repeat, all units…"

The guy asked as he overheard my speaker from my goggles, "What? Another police shakedown?" I said as I look at him, "Looks like it…" The guy said annoyed and a bit angry, "Those cops have been busting people like nobody's business!" I sighed and the guy said seriously, "To make it up to ya, I'll help ya with these cops." I said with a thumbs up and a smile, "Then let's do it!" I then turned around and couldn't believe who it was…it was the same guy who was at the Rabbit Café!

The guy said in a weird creepy way as he held his revolver and complained to the police grunts, "Uhuuummm…Why is it so hard for you to catch a few little punks? Hurry up and arrest 'em!" I said with a cocky grin, "Let's tag their blank canvases and show them our art!" The guy smiled and said as he begin to skate, "Let's do it girl!" I saw the guy who came to the Rabbit Café and I giggled as I pushed him down and tag him with bunnies skating with style and lollipops in their mouth while doing the tricks.

The guy from the Rabbit Café fled with the police grunts as he said running funny, "Oh…My back…" I said with a smile, "That's how we roll!" The guy said as he slapped my back, "Oh I forgot to tell you the name's Combo." I said with a smile, "Name's Emily but the GG's call me Bunny." I then heard Gum's voice yelling, "Hey Bunny!" I asked as she skated up to me, "You find out where those Poison Jam guys were heading?"

Gum said after she sighed disappointed, "No those horror film freaks got away." Gum then said with a smile as she saw Combo, "Nice seeing you again Combo." Combo explained as he skated towards to my side, "Same here, Gum." I then said with a grin, "You can stay at my place Combo I got plenty of room." Combo said with a smile as he tuned into a different jam, "Sure why not?"


Beat asked confused and curiously as Combo was eating the Chinese takeout we got from Golden Dragon, "Bunny what's Combo doing here?" I explained with a smile as I ate my Sweet and Sour pork, "Simple Combo helped me out after a misunderstanding." Yoyo frowned as he ate crispy fried noodles with shrimp and said annoyed, "Can't believe those Poison Jam punks bad mouth Emilicious next time I see them they're gettin' tagged, yo."

Corn said seriously as he had some egg rolls, "If Poison Jam is coming out maybe the Rapid 99 might be coming out of the dark too." I asked with my head tilted, "Rapid 99?" Corn sighed and said with a grin, "Relax Bunny. We'll talk about them tomorrow." I then felt arm around my waist as I yelled out fright and surprised, "Eeep!" Yoyo said with Cheshire grin with his cheek next to mine, "I'm so happy that Emilicious got home safe and sound, yo."

I blushed deep red as I looked away and Beat said teasingly with a smirk, "Looks like Bunny is gonna get a taste of Yoyo." Gum slapped Beat's back as he choked on egg roll and Gum said annoyed and a bit pissed off, "You don't chew while you talk, Beat." I laughed and I thought that these people are the best. What I didn't know is that the GG's were only gonna get bigger.


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