A few days have passed since the meeting with Enma, and now Del (A/N: Yes Del not Bel), is walking around town with Fliqpy. Fliqpy had asked her to go for a little walk with him around town, "So you actually go in the military? I have to admit it's really cool, and in a young age." Del said admiring Fliqpy's back story, when she was dozing off she bumped into someone. She fell down on her bottom, "Ow..." she muttered and when she looked up she saw a hand gesturing for her to take, "I'm so sorry, miss." a voice said, he sounded like Japanese but he did speak in English. Del took it and stood up, she looked at Fliqpy only to see him glare at the boy who helped her, she looked back at the boy who helped her. "I'm really sorry, I didn't see you, my name's Hiroki, and you are?" he asked smiling kindly, Del blushed, "I-I'm Del, y-you don't need to apologize really, i-it's really my fault..." Del explained, Hiroki smiled gently and patted Del's head, "It's okay really, beside I do not like to see any lady get hurt." Hiroki said and took Del's hand and gently placed a kiss on it. This made Fliqpy snap, he grabbed Del's arm and pulled her away from Hiroki, stomping away from him as possible. When they reached Del's (more like Bel's) house, Fliqpy let go of Del receiving a slap from the girl, "What the hell is the matter with you?! Why did you pull me away when that guy's trying to check me if I'm alright?!" Del asked-yelled, Fliqpy held his stinging cheek, "I don't like that guy! He's nothing but a worthless piece of trash!" Flippy yelled back, "How could you not like him?! Argh! You are such a jerk!" Del said and ran off to her house, slamming the door behind her. Fliqpy just stared at the door and stomped off immediately.

Del burst into the room and slammed the door, again, screaming. "WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SUCH A JERK TODAY?!" Del yelled-asked, "Why? What happened?" Bel asked, "Well, We were walking around town, and we were talking, then I managed to bump to a guy, the guy helped me up, Fliqpy got mad dragged me off and HERE I AM!" Del screamed, Bel calmed her down a bit, "Calm down, I bet he's just not used to meeting with strangers...?" Bel said, Del glared at her fiercely, "We were strangers, and he was okay with us immediately, do you THINK he has a problem with strangers?" Del asked, Bel shook her head, "What's the stranger's name?" Bel asked curiously, "His name's Hiroki, he is really nice and he's Japanese." Del explained, blushing slightly. It reminded Bel of Enma, so she also blushed, "What does he looks like?" Bel asked, "Well he sort of has brown hair, purple eyes which looked so sweet and gentle, and he has this sweet and caring smile." Del described, Bel was somehow shocked. Bel is thinking that Hiroki looks like Enma, somehow. She quickly took her phone, and dialed Enma's number (Since Enma gave his to Bel's).


"Eto, Enma-kun, do you have a brother?"

"Well, he is sort of my brother."

"Oh, okay so what's his name?"

"He's name is Hiroki, why do you ask?"


"Hello? Bel?"

"Um...Enma-kun, could you please hand the phone over to Hiroki?"

"Okay, sure"


"Hello, um Hiroki, it's me, Del, you know the girl who you bumped into and ran off..."

"Oh Hello, Miss Del, how did you get my twin's phone number?"

"My twin got your twin's number, they both met in a cafe once, she was a waitress and your brother's a customer there."

"Ah Yes, he told me about it, her name was Bel, yes?"


"And that boy you were with was Fliqpy, I knew him since elementary."

"Oh, so he knows you, but why is he so mad to see you?"

"Ah, it's because we are fighting over this girl we liked..."

"Oh, so who is she?"


"Ehhhh? No fair!"

"Sorry, but I have to keep it a secret, I'll tell you soon, once I confess to her..."

"Oh Okay~"

"I gotta go Enma's calling me downstairs..."

"Okay, bye"

And with that Del hung up, "So what did he say?" Bel asked, Del looked at her and smiled, "He knows you, and Flippy and Fliqpy, and Fliqpy was acting like a jerk since he was fighting Hiroki over this girl he likes, he wont even tell me..." Del explained, Bel smiled and laughed, "Jealous?" Bel asked teasingly, Del blushed slightly and pouted at Bel, "No, it's just he can't tell me who..." Del said and made a 'hmph' sound. Bel laughed again and laid down on the bed, "Well, I'm going to sleep, so no breaking or hurting things or anyone..." Bel said and yawned, and soon fell asleep. Del just stared at the ceiling, 'Maybe he'll go at the cafe tomorrow, yeah. I'll just meet him there...' Del thought, and took her own cellphone and texted Hiroki (random huh?)

"Meet me at the cafe where your brother usually goes alright..."

A few minutes later, Hiroki replied.

"Okay, meet ya' there..."

Del smiled and disappeared immediately.

Hiroki is nice and Fliqpy is a jerk, huh? Del is slightly jealous...but I ain't spoiling...anything...Alright please Review, I am begging here...