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Blue, green, yellow, purple. Four columns of light shot up into the sky around her.

"Ichigo, take the Mew Aqua!" Mint shouted.

"Everyone..." Ichigo breathed as she gazed at her friends surrounding her. The wind ruffled her hair; she was stood on top of Tokyo Tower after all.

"You are stubborn!" Ichigo whipped her gaze back to the figure hovering in front of her. "It's too late to use your barrier to stop it." Kisshu said. He smirked. "But I'll give you a chance!" He dove downward.

Ichigo exclaimed in surprise and did the same. It was a race to the ground. Strikes of colour flashed on ether sides of her vision. Kisshu was just a few metres below her. Almost there...

Then Kisshu was suddenly shoved to the side by some kind of force field. This barely registered before she reached it, but she went straight through. But just as she started to believe she could make it, the bright light of Mew Aqua threw her aside too. She got her footing easily and slowly made her way towards it. "Please, Mew Aqua." She begged as she shielded her eyes against the light, reaching out towards it.

"Mew Ichigo!" She turned at the sound of Shirogane's voice. "Use this!" He tossed something at her. It opened mid-air and she automatically caught whatever was inside of it. It was a some kind of rusted rod, with a heart shape on top of it."This is..." She started.

"Mystic words are coming from the bottom of my heart..." So maybe it sounded cliché, but they also sounded right.

"O Virga Mew Aqua, luce!" It was like a pink laser flowed across the rod, removing the rust and dirt. Then a small marble-sized light floated through the air to it, flashing once before attaching onto a knob on top of the heart. "Ribbon Aqua Guttae!" She moved the rod in a sideways figure-of-eight, soft pink bubbles flowing from the tip.

Mint smiled. "Ichigo!"

"Mew Ichigo!" Called Lettace.

"Ichigo onee-chan!" Pudding shouted from the yellow column.

"Mew Ichigo..." Zakuro called.

Ichigo unconsciously floated in a spiral. The giant moth screeched and disappeared as the bubbles reached it. For how long she stayed like this she didn't know, but she then felt herself being gently placed on the ground. Everyone immediately crowded around her. Complements were given out, and Pudding stole the Mew Aqua Rod. Everything was right in the world.

Except one thing.

"Go now." Said Zakuro. "He could still be waiting, or he might have gone home."

Ichigo gasped. Aoyama-kun!

Meanwhile, in another dimension, three cyniclons appeared from nowhere.

Well, that is, two tumbled out of rippling nothingness, while the third was already stood before two large, crumbling steps that led to air that was empty but for a slightly-transparent blue sphere. Pained screeches echoed though the ruins of the Between.

Pie recovered quickly from the fall. "Kisshu! You basterd! Do you what you're doing?" The landscape suddenly changed. "Deep Blue-sama!" He quickly knelt, as did Kisshu.

"Deep Blue-sama." He began. "This is how Mew Aqua works." As he spoke, an outline of a figure shimmered into existence before them.

Pie was surprised, though he hid it well. "This is..."

Kisshu continued. "You should need this... this power... for your true awakening!"

A the next day, Kisshu, Pie and Taruto were planning an attack on the café. Well, Pie was planning and the other two were just putting up with it and were thoroughly bored.

"...So we all go in and spread out in order to find the Mew Aqua Rod- "
Kisshu finally snapped. "Or how about I go in, find the Mew Aqua and then be out of there before you guys even get there?"

"How can we be sure that you won't mess up again." Pie replied.

Kisshu stood up and walked over to Pie. "Aw, come on! How hard could it be?"

"Do not underestimate our enemies, Kisshu."

"Which you know from personal experience, don't you Pie?" Kisshu said sweetly.

Pie sighed. "Fine. But- "

"Great!" Kisshu said cheerfully. "I'll see you- " he was cut off as their surroundings shifted. Kisshu blinked and turned to the figure. He knelt and the others followed suit.

"Deep Blue-sama." He said, a note of confusion in his voice.

"Kisshu." Deep Blue began. "You were the first to be sent, but you did not succeed. I then sent Pie, hoping that with assistance you would be more successful. It was soon found that young Taruto had joined him. But, even with both of them, you failed at a simple task. To take over Earth, and, even if there was opposition, they are but humans. Simple-minded, non-magical beings. They should have been an easy obstacle to remove.

"So I have thought it necessary to bring another to aid you." Kisshu got to his feet slowly.

"Hello boys." A bodiless female voice echoed through the ruins.

"Looks like you could use some help." A cyniclon girl that looked around fourteen appeared in front of them, leaning agains one of the pillars. She straightened and flicked her short, spiky, green hair, reviling two amber, catlike eyes.

"I'm here to give you that."

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