Chapter 1: The Doctor's Dream

The Doctor never sleeps. When he does he is plagued by nightmares. Most nights they are about when he left Gallifrey. Burning, screaming, death. This poisons his dreams. But tonight was different. He stood atop a hill of ice and snow. The land was just that, all ice and snow. It was very similar to the planet of the Ood. The wind was howling in his ears. Snow caked his hair and face. He brushed the snow from his eyes. Strange, it looked like snow…but he couldn't feel it. Actually he couldn't feel anything, except the wind. But then again this was a dream. He turned his back to look at the sky. It was all heavy clouds.

Suddenly the wind stopped howling. It changed into something…something sad. Then he realized it was a song. He couldn't understand the words, but it sent shivers down his spine. Like he had heard it before. Then he felt something wet on his face. He reached his hand up and sure enough his cheek was wet. He was crying. Why was he crying? Then it dawned on him. He had heard this song before. A long, long time ago. A song that could touch darkness. A song of rebirth, of joy, and of hope.

"You remember. Don't you?" A voice called to him. He spun around quickly, almost slipping on the ice. He put his hands up ninja style as if to attack the voice. But there was no one there. He must have imagined it. "You heard me. You remember, don't you?" This time the voice was full of sass. It reminded him of Clara, who hopefully wasn't in this dream (any dream with Clara in it never ends well). He spun around again. But there was no one; the voice had come from nowhere. "You're looking but you're not really seeing." The voice was definitely female. Young, by the sound of her, probably her late teens or early twenties.

"Who are you?" he called out "Where are you?" He spun a 360 but there was nothing by hills of ice and snow. "I am Lost." She spoke again. "Lost" he repeated slowly "That doesn't really help me." "Lost to time." She chuckled. The Doctor scratched his floppy brown hair and said "What?" "Where do you think you are?" she asked him. "Oh I dunno. Planet of the Ood." He said sarcastically. He was tired of talking to the disembodied voice. Nothing good can ever come from speaking to a disembodied voice. "Beyond space and time." Her voice echoed across the wind. "What?" he asked again. "I am lost, Doctor, lost to time. In this place beyond the known universe. I have been here for a long time."

The Doctor pondered this new information. Beyond the universe. Impossible. Well, not entirely impossible. It could be like House and the TARDIS junkyard. Stuck in the plughole at the end of the universe. Or possibly like the pocket universe Hila Tukurian. But she said she had been here for a long time a pocket universe would have faded by now. He was so engrossed with his own thoughts that he didn't notice the wind and snow swirling behind him. The snow was slowly turning into a figure.

"I don't know what's more infuriating talking to someone who isn't there or not even acknowledging them when they do create a body." Spoke the figure. The Doctor turned around slowly taking her in. The creature or voice or whatever she was just the wind whirling the snow around in a feministic figure. She was constantly moving and in the Doctor's opinion, making him very dizzy. "You are trying to figure out how this place is possible. This land of ice and snow is the Forgotten Glaciers of Verrix. Like me it is also lost to time." The Doctor straightened his beloved bowtie and snorted "The Glaciers of Verrix didn't disappear, they melted." "The Verrixians were embarrassed that they lost one of their own glaciers. Surely you don't think they would actually tell someone about it." The Doctor mumbled under his breath. "No, no I don't."

"I do have one question however." The Doctor told her. "Speak then." "How did you do this? Find a way to talk to me?" The Doctor looked at the figure and he had to say she looked…uncomfortable. "I need your help. Like I said I'm lost to time. My body lies out here, in this frozen wasteland. My mind is awake but my body sleeps. It is safe for the time being but the glacier is not." She spoke softly, her voice shaking slightly. "The glacier was pulled out of orbit of the Verrixian system toward here, the end of the universe. The original glacier was 68 miles long, it is now 8." "How is that possible? 60 miles disappearing?" He was curious now. "The end of the universe." She spoke bluntly, giving nothing else which slightly irritated The Doctor. "I know where you are. I said how…oh" he said it finally dawning on him, he dragged his hands down his face, then stroking his prominent chin, "The Fabric of Reality."

The figure nodded. "The glacier hit the end of the universe and it ripped open the Fabric of Reality. I don't know how. An internal force must have erupted from the glacier at the exact moment it hit the end of the universe. That's my best guess." She said as she shrugged her snowy shoulders. "That would explain it." He said "Possibly" he added quickly. "You must act quickly Doctor. Time is of the essence. The glacier is getting smaller by the minute and only you can save me. Wake up and find me. Please Doctor, you're my only hope. Find me. Please find me!" her voice echoed out as he felt the bed around him. His fingers grabbed the silky sheets as he struggled to wake up. His eyelids burst open revealing hazy, green eyes. He sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Then the memory of the dream came crashing down on him. He threw back the purple, silk sheets and jumped out of the bed. He meant to take a quick power nap, so luckily he was fully dressed, apart from his shoes. He grabbed his beloved Victorian boots and hobbled around as he tried to lace them. He retrieved his dark, tweed jacket from the arm of his chair and bolted towards the door. He cried out "Clara, wherever you are or whatever you're doing, drop it. We've got a rescue mission." He ran to the TARDIS control room, thinking to himself. Good things can come from dreaming.