The Day We Met

Chapter 1

I slung my bag over my shoulders as I finished getting ready for school. I was like, super nervous, like I'm all jittery and distracted.

"MALINDA! MOM SAID HURRY UP IT'S TIME TO GO!" I heard my little brother yelled from down the hall, I rolled my eyes but dang, does that kid have a pair of lungs!

Oh I'm sorry, where are my manners. My name is Malinda Perez and I am a 13 year old girl, and I recently just moved to Single Town a few weeks ago, with my mother, my little brother and my older brother. Today, I was starting my first day at Single Town Middle School.

"Alright, alright, sheez…"

I mumbled and made my way down the stairs, and on my way out the door, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

I had been peacefully walking down the block, and around the corner. Once my I reached the other side, I felt my back hit the ground right after. I groaned rubbing the back of my head as I sat up, everything spinning.


"W…wha?" I managed out as the dizziness subsided,

"Hey, are you okay?" I closed my eyes before re-opening them, refocusing my vision. I looked up to see, a boy with fair skin, brown spiked hair and his green eyes looking at me concerned.

"Uh yeah…" I said answering his earlier question, he stood and held his hand out and I took it. "Sorry about that, didn't see where I going." "It's okay." I then began to walk away when he called me back, "Hey!"

I turned around, the wind moving strands of my hair into my face before I pushed them behind my ear. "Uh yeah?"

"You wouldn't happen to be going to Singleton Middle School, would you?"

I gawked at him, how'd he know that?

"Um yeah…" I said nervously, mom always warned me about the pedophiles and rapists. I kept a good distance from him, then he smiled. "So, what's you're name?"


"M-Malinda…" I stuttered out, why did I tell him my name?! "Malinda Perez…" Dang it! "And yours?"

He smiled that damn smile once more, "The names Daniel Jackson, but people call me Danny for short."

"Okay, cool…" I said quietly still keeping my distance. This dude…Danny, he's so…creepy…


We turned to see three other teens run up to him. One was a light skinned girl with blonde hair that reached below her shoulders and blue eyes. Another one, was a dark skinned boy with darker blue eyes and indigo hair. And the last one was a dark skinned girl, with golden hazel eyes and brown hair. They seem nice but I just politely excuse myself as I walk by.

"Hey Malinda."

I stopped and held back an annoyed groaned. What does he want now?

"Um yes?" I asked, turning around. "These are my friends:

"Chris (Hey), Sam (Hey), and Cathy (Hi!)." He explained introducing them.

"We are the M-" Danny started but was stopped when Chris covered his mouth, giving him a death glare. "Erm….What?" I asked not catching the last part he said.

"Nothing." Chris hissed, still holding and glaring at Danny. "Alright, well I have to go now, so…bye!" I said, and turned around again. When Danny spoke again, after removing Chris from him.

GOD! Just let me go to school!

"Hey Malinda, didn't you say you were headed to Singleton?" I felt my eye twitch a little, but plastered a smile on my face, "Yeah, and I best be on my way now! If you don't mind." "Oh we don't, because we go there as well." He explained and the others nodded. I held back an agitated sigh.

"Alright then, let's go."

Damn this is gonna be, one hell of a long day…