The Day We Met

Chapter 2

~ At School ~

We are walking down the hall and now that we have compared all our schedules I have classes with them all ugh whyyyyyy .

Then we saw a girl kinda tanned skin brown hair with a white streak it did actually look cool .

" Hey Maria " Danny said to her

" Hey Danny hey guys " she said in a mere whisper

" Hey " they all reply

" Maria this is Malinda , Malinda this Maria " Danny introduced me to their friend

" Uh h-hi Maria " I don't know why I was stuttering ,but the stare she's giving me makes me stare so I put my hand out for her to shake it and then we were off to class

~ Lunch Time ~

I sat alone in one of the lunch tables that were empty in the lunch table way away from everyone else it was nice to finally be alone without Danny bothering me 24/7 .

I felt the table move a bit I looked away from the book I was reading it was Maria she gave me a small smile but then it left in the same time it got there . She seems like the type that doesn't smile much she also so seems a bit emo ,but it actually suits her plus she doesn't seem mean …. ,but who am I to judge her when god is the only one who can .

" Uh hi Malinda " I hear a low voice say it came from Maria it made me smile that she was talking to me

" Hi Maria " I replied with a smile

" I'm sorry I didn't talk earlier I just thought you seemed familiar I don't know what got over me " she explained

" It's fine just glad you're fine now " I smiled at her she smiled back only a small one

(Danny's POV)

Me and the gang were sitting just talking about how our day went even if we have all classes together when we saw Maria smiling every once in awhile while she was talking to Malinda . Maria never smiles and it surprising to see .

" Danny are you checking Malinda or Maria out ? " Chris asked me and then I blushed at what he thought I was doing

" No Chris I was just looking and then I saw Maria smile a couple times when she was talking to Malinda , and you guys know perfectly well that Maria never ever smiles well until now she doesn't but you get what I mean " I told them explaining until they saw with their own eyes what I was talking about and she's laughing too I don't know what Malinda did ,but I'm thanking her later ,no can ever make Maria smile or laugh that's just amazing like just wow .

" WHOA she's even laughing omg Malinda is awesome now " Cathy said

" That's amazing " Sam said

" She's so beautiful " Chris said not really under his breath and we all knew he was talking about Maria he had always had a little crush on her I think I have a crush on Malinda shes just so I don't know I think shes perfect .

Then the bell rang now we have to go back to class ugh why I love lunch because that meant no work to worry about just have fun with your friends nothing to worry about and then the bell has to ring and then back to work I hate classes but we can't do anything but do them so we can get to college and get a good job blah blah blah .

Then Malinda dropped her books so I was going to go help her ,but I was too late when (i forgot my ocs name) beat me to it .

" uh thx " Malinda said to him

" your welcome " he replied winking at her she just rolled her eyes at him

" want to be my girlfriend " he asked her Malinda just kept walking not even looking back at him it is kinda funny because no girl just leaves him hanging .


ok so this is chapter two my dear readers hope you enjoyed this chap leave comments or reviews kk thx