Chapter Three

It's been about two weeks since my last episode. I think thats really good actually. I've been trying to be calm about everything. Bruce said that might help. I've also gotten very quiet lately. But I think thats mainly because theres not many people to talk to right now. As of today I haven't left my small apartment for three days. I know, pitiful. But honestly I needed to get my mind together. I think I've made progress.

I haven't had a lot of time to just think lately. Infact the opposite. I've been avoiding time to just think about things. Distracting myself to the point of exhaustion. Again, not good. But when I leave too much time to myself I start to hear them again. I honestly believe Bruce thinks I'm losing it. Hell maybe I am.

The orange walls around me stung my eyes slightly as I opened them. I had been awake but didn't bother opening my eyes till now. There hadn't seemed to be a real point. As I stood slowly I could feel a small numbness in my legs. They had fallen asleep. I assumed it was around six pm because the sun was setting, the glare of the light was beginning to fade. I began to wonder if it was nice out today then I remembered I didn't care.

Not looking down I bent and reached for the flip phone Tony had gotten me for my birthday. Bruce said I could call him when I felt better. Feeling the cool metal against my fingertips I grasped the phone and brought it to my face. Seeing the somewhat faded red phone I smiled a bit.

On my birthday a few months ago Tony insisted on getting me a gift. Saying he would look bad if he didn't. I strongly urged him not to but he being Tony, he ignored me completely. Needless to say he got me a spanking brand new Stark phone. The first of it's kind actually and tried to teach me how to use it. Within a week Stark had given up and gotten me a red flip phone. I actually can use it too.

Opening it I saw I had one message and a text from Tony. Knowing Bruce was probably reminding me to call him I checked Tony's message first.

Cap-sickle what rock have you been hiding under lately? Peppers' starting to miss you.

I found that statement sort of funny because If anything, Pepper was thrilled that I was gone. It was probably really quiet at the tower which I had grown to learn she liked. I typed in my reply slowly, trying to remember which letters were where.

You sure you haven't hit your head on this rock that i'm supposedly hiding under? Anyways I'm home.

Stark responded a few minutes later. Two minutes and forty seven seconds to be exact. Not that I had been counting, or holding my breath for that matter.

I was slightly surprised by his answer though considering Stark usually didn't do house calls. I read the message out loud after rereading it.

"On my way."