I was sitting in the corner of Bruce's lab. Watching him work on some project or another. I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying because my mind was elsewhere so I didn't catch his recap on his work.

"Steve?" Bruce asked quietly. "Can you pass me the measuring tape?"

It took me a second to register but then I got up from the black leather office chair that I had pushed there almost an hour ago and walked over to the table that stood in the middle of the room. Bruce's lab was actually very big. It was in the lowest floor of The Avengers Tower, where Bruce now lived full time.

The lab, I was beginning to notice was actually quite cluttered. Which was weird for neat and tidy Bruce Banner. I grabbed the yellow and red tape measure and began walking back over to him. I stood behind Bruce and looked down at what he was doing. It was a small glass box with a fist length glowing red ball inside of it that floated smack dab in the middle of its containment.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Bruce mumbled as he took the measurer from my fingertips as he tried to measure the ball from outside of the tank itself.

I don't know if i'd call it beautiful but the ball was in fact mesmerizing. "Sure. What does it do?" I asked plainly. I wasn't sure if i'd actually care about the full length explanation of what it was, how it was formed, ect, ect. But I could tell that he wanted to explain so I asked anyway.

"It's basically an energy ball that I began to grow a couple of days ago." He turned to look at me. "It was only about an inch then and look at it now." The excitement in Bruce's eyes came off in waves and I was glad I asked. Even though I didn't really get or at least care to know what he was doing most of the time when we were in this lab it still was nice to see Bruce a bit more excited than he'd normally let on.

It was the first time I'd seen Bruce since I broke down last so it was nice hanging out with him. Although without me trying to keep up conversation it remained pretty much silent down here. I needed a minute to get my thoughts in the right place because usually I wasn't this bored. Heck I don't remember being this bored since high school science classes, which was basically a simpler version of this. I needed to take a walk or something.

"I'm going to see if theres any Cola around. You want any?" I already knew the answer to my question as he shook his head no and smiled a bit. He was already turned back to his energy ball and I made my escape. I walked to the other side of the room to the glass elevator and entered. Pressing the button to the twenty seventh floor, which was were not only Bruce lived, but also Tony and .

The door opened again in what seemed to be seconds, I was only used to the elevator because I used to live on this floor as well though. I walked through the doorway and into the kitchen. Which is the room the elevator connected with and walked towards the stainless steel refrigerator. The kitchen on this floor at first enchanted me. Almost every appliance was shining and always looked new. To the point where I could just about see my reflection. Tony called me a goof ball and I called him a doofus in return. This started a long argument on why Tony thought he'd be a poindexter rather than a doofus. Needless to say Pepper was utterly confused when she walked into the kitchen to make some coffee.

"Well well well. Look who came crawling home. Tell me Steven. Was it my house or my hair that brought you back." Said Tony from the hallway to my right. I had been so dazed out that I hadn't heard him come in.

"Bruce Banner actually." I opened the refrigerator and bent down looking for one of the multiple cans of coke that happened to be around whenever I happened to visit Bruce. I had come to know that Pepper kept them stocked for me incase I came by which I thought was very nice of her.

"He's the man with the plan I hear, no wait that's you isn't it?" He asked moving behind me. I grabbed a can then stood up straight as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Something like that." I shrugged him off with ease but at the same time reluctance.

He chuckled at this."Ah don't be so stiff Stevie. Want something with a bit of a stronger kick then your coke?"

"I'm good..." I mumbled then turned to leave, Tony grabbing onto my brown shirt sleeve then getting a better grip held onto my wrist.

"You should stay with me." I turned back to him before he finished his sentence, meeting his eyes as he continued, correcting himself. "Could stay up here I meant. Pepper's not home for another hour and I'm bored."

"As much as I'd enjoy that," I let a hint of sarcasm slip through on that part. "Bruce is down there and we were having a very interesting conversation on the energy ball he's developed." I resisted staring but he was still gripping onto my wrist. The sensation telling me that Tony was stronger than he looked but at the same time he was no where close to hurting me.

"Captain, I know as well as you do that you have no interest in how well B.A.B is developing. Plus, incase you haven't noticed, which i'm sure you have i'm so much more interesting than Banner."

I nodded slowly, as much as I liked Bruce's company I was bored out of my mind down there and Tony's pleading did infact have it's appel. "Just until Pepper gets back ok?"

Who knew that a sentence as simple as 'Until Pepper gets back." Would bring me about five hours later sitting on Tony's couch with an empty bowl of popcorn and a request to fill it. "It's your turn." He reminded me. "If my brain doesn't fail me, I got beverages twenty minutes ago."

"No, you got yourself a glass of champagne while I 'kept your seat warm'." I reminded him as I got up and made my way to the kitchen. The sun had set at this point and It left the halls almost completely dark. The only lights remaining being the kitchens and the television. I put another bag of popcorn into the microwave and pressed the popping button. As I stood there I was reminded that even with sixty seven years on it's shoulder the microwave was still useful. So that meant I could be too right?

"Same difference." He said then went back to the movie. We were watching The Dark Knight Rises. Which Tony thought was the stupidest movie, and franchise ever. The only reason I think he says that though is because fans like to compare Batman to him a lot.

The beep beep beep of the microwave jolted me back from my head and I took the bag out, careful to not burn my fingers and walked back to the couch. I eased myself down next to Tony, who watched mesmerized as The Joker explained to the two boats how if one didn't blow the other up by midnight, he would destroy them both.

"If you ask me The Joker's the coolest part of this whole damn movie..." He mumbled to what I assumed was more to himself than me.

"Of course you'd say that." I opened the bag and poured the steamy contents into the bowl between us. I didn't notice until picking up some of my poorly aimed popcorn that the bowl only left a few inches of space in between us. With that realization I moved closer to the couch arm.

"What do you mean by that hmm?" He turned to me at this point. Of what I could see his eyes looked curious and his lips hinted at a smile.

I thought about it for a minute then responded. "You know what I meant by that Tony. You're the original anti hero so I'm not surprised for you to side with the villain of the story."

"Well not all of us can be Superman can we?" He replied simply, moving the bowl onto his lap as he took from it.

"Are you seriously comparing me to Clark Kent? The most boring man ever by day and the worst costumed man by night?" I shot back quickly. As a teenager one of the only thing I excelled in was knowing my comics and Superman was never one of my favorites.

He leaned closer, apparently no longer caring about the choice the two boats had to make. "Yes. Yes I am. Think about it. The totally unexpected gentlemen with the boring blonde hair although very cute eyes. With the most ironic costume ever and cheesiest name."

I brushed off the coment on my eyes and chose to take it for teasing instead. "Says Ironman! Who came up with that stupid name anyway? Your suit isn't even made fully out of iron!" I replied and laughed.

"Not important. But still, besides your sidekick my biggest pet peeve is definitely the outfit. I'd like to think that since I was related to him my dad he would've at least had a better sense of costume, apparently not..."

I focused on Tony's eye roll, which I assumed had been perfected at age three. Apparently he's never been told that red and gold do not go together in the slightest. But maybe no ones mentioned it because they both look really good on him. "Patriotism is not corny if you're Captain America. End of discussion. Plus I don't have a sidekick anymore incase you haven't noticed."

He chuckled at this. "Of course you do. The oh so mysterious Natasha Romanoff. Survey says you'll have higher ratings than BlackEye if you too get together but honestly, my bets elsewhere."

I bit my bottom lip for a second thinking. Natasha? Sure she's witty and has been very useful in mission we've been paired for but anything other than partnership seemed, unprofessional. "What's black eye?"

Stared at me almost as if he was waiting for me to answer myself. I never did so he continued. "Come on don't be a moron Steve, Black Widow and Hawkeye."

"Um... Sure? But why'd you combine their names like they were a cou-... Oh." I got was he was saying and laughed. "Wait you seriously think they should be together? I thought you were just making fun of them to make fun of them Tony... Not that you'd actually think they'd be good together."
He shrugged off my comment, then began explaining what he meant like I was asking the answer for two plus two. "Think about it Steve! The whole 'I'll never love anyone' thing going for Nat and the strong quiet vibe from Barton. It'd be great."

"Where'd you even get this from Stark? Its not like they go around acting mushing or anything..."

He turned his attention back to the movie, but I continued to look in his direction for another minute or too. Sighing I gave up asking any more questions then turned back as well. Near the end of the movie when Batman rides off into the distance with the dogs and police chasing him I hear Tony's voice muttering something barely over a whisper. I think he said, "There's a lot more factors to love then just mush Steve. Trust me."

I'm not sure if I actually heard that though because I had already been past the nodding off stage in falling asleep. I remember saying something back, but not specifically what because I was practically already unconscious.