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"West Egg"

Nick Carraway during the summer of 1922 moved into a little old gardeners shack between two giant mansions. The larger of the two belonged to the wealthiest man in West Egg, Jay Gatsby. Nick knew little about this Gatsby, except the fact that he was the host of lavish and outrageous parties that lasted all weekend. Nick wondered about who Gatsby really was. From what he heard-which was not much-people who were "invited" to his parties knew nothing about him, only silly rumors. In fact, they were so silly that Nick dismissed them immediately. He'd just continue working on bonds for the summer while the parties raged on…or would he?

One afternoon a valet in a sky blue jacket approached Nick's house through the opening in the cobblestone wall. The valet walked to the door with a tray containing a plain card. Nick picked it up and read the other side. It read:

"Dear Mr. Carraway,

I am hosting a party tonight and would like to invite you as my guest. I am looking forward to meeting you

~ Jay Gatsby"

Nick read the card thoroughly and when he looked up, the valet was gone. Nick shrugged and turned back inside. He turned the card over in his hand, contemplating his actions for the next few hours. He wanted to meet this "Great" Gatsby he had heard so much about. On the other hand it sounded like he didn't truly attend even his own parties. If that was true, why invite a guest? Nick decided to go. He dug out his only tuxedo and got dressed. He walked down his drive, then up the snaking driveway to Gatsby's mansion.

When he saw the mansion in the clearing his jaw dropped. Twinkling lights dangled across the driveway into the trees. Every room was light casting a beautiful glow on the lawn. The house looked like it was picked up and dropped there right from France itself.

Nick walked to the front door. The valet looked at him and Nick showed him his invitation. The valet seemed to ignore him and looked away. Nick continued through the doors and into the foyer. His jaw dropped farther still when he saw the foyer. It was filled with partying people. Music permeated the air above his head. An organ was playing along with the band outside. This organs pipes decorated the ceiling completely. Nick proceeded through the doors at the far end into the garden. He was fully shocked when he saw it. Flowers hung from the trellis overhead. Lights twinkled all over the hedges and flowers. There was a large dance floor in the center of it all. It seemed like hundreds of people were dancing out here. And hundreds more were boozing around the property.

Now Nick realized he must meet Gatsby. He began his search around the party; asking anybody that did not look drunk. He asked nearly fifty people before he decided to give up. He began drinking anything the bartender thrust into his open hand. Soon he was quite drunk. He nearly fell over, but a man caught him by his elbow.

He looked up and stared amazed. The man looking backed at him smiled a smile that could melt steel. He had piercing blue eyes that to a stranger were extremely intimidating. Nick caught his footing.

"Having fun, Old Sport?" the man said still holding Nick by the arm. "Why, why yes I am." Nick said. "I haven't yet been introduced to my host though. He seems to be evading the festivities." the man looked puzzled and then laughed. "Do forgive me, I seem to have lost my manners. Please, allow me to introduce myself, I am Gatsby."

Nick stood now in utter amazement. The gossip of his appearance was true. That smile and those eyes were shocking. Nick looked him over. He had a deep, rich tan. His blonde hair was tucked behind his right ear perfectly. He fit perfectly and seamlessly into the scene of the party. "Well then, Mr. Gatsby, it's nice to finally meet the man behind the party." Nick chuckled awkwardly shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He was still in shock that this was Gatsby; in his mind he expected an old man with a cane, but the man in front of him was far from old. He must have been no older than thirty.

Gatsby started a new subject. "I've recently acquired a hydroplane, and I plan to use it tomorrow. I was wondering if you'd care to join me in the morning." Nick contemplated the notion of flying in a plane. "I don't see why not. What time is good for you?" Nick asked, "Whenever time suits you best, Old Sport." Gatsby smiled again. Then his smile faded. A butler approached his side and whispered into his ear. "Mr. Gatsby, Chicago is on the telephone." the butler said. Gatsby looked as cool as ice. "Do forgive me, Old Sport, but I must take this call, Pressing matters and all that.

"I hope you can make it in the morning. Does nine sound good?" Nick nodded to Gatsby as he turned to leave. Nick swore he saw Gatsby wink at him. It must have been the booze.

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