"Nate?" Shane asked, shaking his sick brother's shoulder until he groggery lifted his head from his pillow. "You sure you don't want to stay asleep. We could just tell"

"No," Nate grumbled sitting up and shakily walking over to the sink. He splashed some water on his hot face and rubbed his sore throat.

"Can you even sing?" Jason asked walking into the room and feeling his youngest brother's forehead worriedly.

"I can try," Nate croaked as he ripped away from Jason's cool hand and walked over to his suitcase, pulling out the already planned outfit. He quickly shredded his pajamas and threw on his outfit before turning to his waiting brothers. "Let's roll" he croaked, leading the way out, ignoring his brother's worried looks.

They stepped into the elevator and waited for it to reach the lobby. "If mom asks, I'm saving my voice for the performance because I want to sound especially good in my 'home state'. She'll fall for something cheesy like that," Nate instructed and both Jason and Shane's instincts were screaming for them to deny.

Letting their little brother perform sick was one thing, but living about it to their mom's face was even worse. Non the less they agreed and soon all three boys were waiting for them to be recorded playing live in the Kiss FM station.

"Good luck boys," Mrs. Gray said, kissing each of the boys on the forehead, except for Nate who quickly ducked down to tie his shoe, right before his mom could feel his burning head. She went off to a separate room where she was told Frankie was throwing Cheerios and Mr. Gray came up to the trio.

He turned straight to Nate and layed a hand on his forehead, while Nate stood there shock. "Nate Jerry Gray." their dad muttered looking at his son with disappointment before backing away and looking at all 3 of his boys. "Believe me, we'll have a long talk about this when you boys are done performing"

He turned and walked away leaving 3, very dumbfounded boys. "How, but, I, and he" Nate stumbled confused and Kevin sighed.

"I knew we couldn't keep this a secret. I knew it," he muttered before turning to Nate.

"You better believe that your taking the blame for this," Shane said from next to Nate, before Jason dragged them both on stage. They each put on a fake, carefree smile and began suffering through their performance.

Within seconds Nate realized that performing while sick…had not been his best idea. He croaked through each note, his voice dyeing more and more on each note.

And his disability wasn't making it any easier on his brothers. Their thoughts were filled with worry, not only about their brother, but on what their mom and dad would do when they got off stage.

Through out the performance, Nate's voice completely disappeared twice and Jason dropped his pick, resulting in jerky strumming for a few seconds. For lack of better words, it was their worst performance yet. They left the stage with polite applause, but both the boys were red with embarrassment.

They walked to the lounge where their mom and dad were standing there expectancy. Nate smile sheepishly, which was interrupted by another cough fit. "Hey mommy," he croaked, brown-nosing.

She smiled sympathetically to Nate before turning to Shane and Jason. "How could you let Nate perform when he was sick! What were you thinking!" She yelled and Shane and Jason's smirks slipped off their faces.

The looked at Nate with cocked eyebrows and expecting looks. The youngest brother sighed. "Mom…I told them to let me play…" he mumbled, ruining is innocent act.

Jason and Shane smiled proudly as their mother ushered Nate over to the bus where he was immediately bombarded with thousands of different of medicines. They could vaguely hear her lecturing Nate the whole time.

Jason and Shane started walking to the bus, smiling to themselves, but their dad stopped them. "Don't think you're not getting part of the blame here," he threatened and Jason and Shane shared a weary glance.

"Your mom's going to be on a 'disinfecting spell' now. And guess who's going to be doing that?" he asked and Jason and Shane groaned.


He patted them on the back as he lead them into the bus. Their mom had already pulled out 4 different disinfected sprays and was already scrubbing down the counters. They glanced at Nate's bunk and saw him wrapped in 4 different quilts with a thermometer hanging loosely from his mouth.

"You know, we could save time and just put Nate in a plastic bubble" Jason suggested, and Shane laughed.

"I hate you" Nate yelled from his bunk.

"No you don't" His oldest brother's responded, not missing a beat. Shane and Jason both grabbed a container of Lysol and started having spray wars, while disinfecting the bus.

Suddenly a thought struck their head and both boys dropped their bottles in horror. They both whipped their heads around to stare at the bathroom door. "We'll let Nate do the bathroom," they whispered to each other, at the exact same time.

"Now I really hate you!" they heard Nate try to yell.

"Yea, no, I think you can now" Jason replied thoughtfully and Shane nodded in agreement, before they both went back to their lysol war.