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~Chapter One: Renewed Opportunity~


The night was brisk and busy in Central City. The large town is one of the rare cities in the country to have a large population of mostly dancers than any other occupation. Of course, there are other jobs, but dancing is the main event when you're new to this town. This young lady in front of the dance club with lights flashing on the inside is no exception for being a dancer.

Luce Valentine slightly cringed before opening the door where behind it holds music. The black-haired lady heard that the dance club she's about to enter is a place where any dancers would meet, and a particular "group" will determine who is worthy for what they hold. They are being watched, but not from above, or from another building. Their location is extremely classified; it could take months to find the correct spot.

Her mom introduced dancing to her when she was seven, and boy, what a journey that was. It wouldn't be like a roller coaster, but more likely a road trip around the whole continent. She made it out as a good dancer, but she would have to practice more than what she achieved since nobody's perfect. Luce herself honestly does not know if she can do it since her mother died when she was seventeen, right before she finished her junior year.

It was a good thing that she coped her mother's death and moved on, but every time someone mentions or says mom in any way of fashion, she would go into a temporary depression state, much like sitting down facing the corner. If anything that involves her can make her feel like she wants to give a verbal threat, reminding them that she is dead and ask why they are talking about her in front of Luce. Pretty much right now, Luce hadn't heard anyone on TV or in her city talking about her mother, so it was much of a relief for now. It was traumatizing even to think about her death. Unfortunately, it's not her mother's death that is taking her courage away, and it was loneliness in her perspective.

The brunette gripped her card, titled "DC", and designed like a theme from Tron carefully, making sure it doesn't slip at any cost. Her close friend gave it to her so she can show everyone in the club what she is worth, and not to mention, have fun. Luce was thankful for that, but she doesn't know if dancing will make her think away from the past. She looked at the back, seeing the date of the happening event. It gave her chills, knowing that she's not the best dancer, but she's willing to try since it's her first love.

She gulped hard, opening the door to see bright lights, hear loud music, and feel the cool air from the air conditioner. She adjusted her glasses to make sure the bright lights wouldn't be too harsh on her vision. She looked up, seeing countless stars all over the midnight blue sky. Yep, a roofless dance arena sure is the party place; just add rain and then the party's over. Although, it can have a roof when the control room has the right to do so.

The people were too busy to see her as she tried to get something to drink. Taking out a couple of dollar bills, Luce took her order and waited for the smoothie she requested be ready as soon as possible. Her brown eyes looked around to see some faces she didn't know, but later some that were at her former high school. She's that type of person who would wait until someone calls out to her so that she wouldn't ruin a moment for someone or screw up their dance routines.

"Here, darling," the bartender said to her, making Luce blink back to reality. Her smoothie is a frothy purple color, Wild Berry, her favorite flavor. She put her DC card in her jacket and started to taste the sweet flavor of her drink. While drinking it slowly, she took out her iPhone and went to her photos, seeing her mother and herself side by side, smiling. Luce sighed deeply, resuming back to her deep thinking.

Her eyes are the same as her mother's, along with her facial appearance, but much younger. Her mother was protective of her daughter, caring for her, and after school, she would teach her the dance moves that she would do in movies and music videos. It helped Luce figured out her future, by being a dancer just like her mother. She smiled when she looked at an award her mother held when she was at the MTV Movie Awards. There were more than that, but she doesn't have pictures of other awards, so that would have to do.

Since then, Luce would have been lonely at home for almost a year. Her father took it hard just like her, resulting in him working more hours and trying not to look at his daughter since she's a spitting image of her. Her older brother is studying at a college way at the other end of the country, so calling him would be a waste of time, due to the time difference. Every night, when her father is still at work, she would end up calling her friends so she can give herself some company before going to bed, and it worked, if some of them didn't have any plans. One of her friends, however, would always call her when she needs him.

Being eighteen and without a mother seemed complicated than she thought, even if she has her friends to comfort her. Luce wondered what would happen if her mother was still alive. Would it bring the family together? Would it give her strength to look up to her mother's movies and videos so she can succeed them?

I'm sure you would like to hang here with me, don't you, Mom? If only that-

"Diamond, you're finally here!" a feminine, cheerful voice yelled out through the club. Luce blinked again, looking at the girl waving, along with others who are smiling. As soon as she heard "Diamond", a nickname that her two friends have given her, she would smile with pure joy. The only time Luce would have her pain healed temporary, is hanging out with her friends. If she didn't have them, who knows what Luce would do to her life? Luce smiled, the past going away for her friends. She finished her smoothie and put her iPhone in her jacket pocket.

"Emilia!" she replied happily while doing a high-five with her. Her smile was still there when she looked at three more people. A guy wearing a hoodie that covered his eyes put an arm around her, smiling. Another put a hand on her shoulder, the one wearing an outfit Ne-Yo would wear.

"Girl, your outfit is happening!" a pink haired woman with a British accent told her. Luce blushed lightly, but smiled. She tried not to, but she does love to wear clothes that suited her style. "If I had a drink and dance at this hour, then that would ruin-"

"Dare, you know she wouldn't let that happen, isn't that right, Angel?" the African-American asked. He nodded, giving Luce his hat. She grinned as she made sure the hat is securely on her.

"Right, Mo," the Latino replied. Right before he could speak, he heard a song that he knows Luce likes. "I believe it is time for you to dance, isn't, Luce?" he asked politely. The brunette nodded and went with him, while the other three followed. A slow dance isn't what would happen at this place or between them. Angel and Luce have been childhood friends since they were in kindergarten, but her dad has been cautious when he would hang around at her house for schoolwork, movie nights, or anything else. Emilia is another friend too since she planned with Luce to become the greatest dancers the world has even known. Dare was a transfer student from England, but she was born in Japan to an English father and a Japanese mother and became friends with the two ladies when they have a great sense of fashion and dance; Luce for fashion, and Emilia for dance. Mo is like another brother to Luce since he is protective of her and would make sure everything is settling for what they would do, even if he covers his eyes.

It was almost a year since she danced this much, but she still managed to use her best swag from what her mother taught her. She still danced when her mother died, but it was a bit weaker than her average dancing, proving how depressed she was back then. The four watched her moves carefully as if they were studying for a big exam. They knew her mother, but not as much as Luce herself. She used her feet to make strict contact to the floor, performing a dance move that surprised them, but later impress them. Once she finished her dance, she caught her breath and grinned.

"This is how the show is!" she said, using her catchphrase after completing her choreography. She did a fast spin and raised her arms in the air, slowly landing them down like a person at an airport would do to instruct a touchdown to the plane. "Always expect the unexpected!" The four applauded her performance, in which she blushed slightly at, but she wasn't embarrassed too badly. To Luce, it felt good to dance like this again.

One of her favorite songs, "Rump Shaker", began to play after the five danced to a dub-step song. "Diamond, Dare!" Emilia chirped. "Let's show the people what we got!" Luce gave Angel his hat back, her passion for dancing becoming much stronger. They nodded in agreement, heading to the center of the club, which was when everyone started to gather their attention to the three ladies. The intro extended a bit, which gave the dancers more time to get ready. Luce loved the song so much, and she made up a choreography to it that would match old school hip hop.

Mom, I hope you're watching, because this will be my time to shine, Luce thought, smiling while looking at the star filled sky. At the other side, the two guys grinned at them, but light bulbs appeared on top of their heads.

"Yo, MacCoy!" Mo called out to the DJ. "Turn it up high for these awesome ladies!" The DJ, who was blond and wearing yellow goggles gave him a thumbs up and grinned.

"I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!" Angel added.

"Sure thing, dudes!" MacCoy replied, turning up the volume at its highest.

"Let's go, girls! After this we will party at my place," Dare said excitedly through her heart-shaped shades. Luce nodded, breathing deeply before the intro of the song went to the lyrics. Luce carefully instructed the time in the song, and it took Emilia and Dare a couple of days to get used to the background dancing. Not that it wasn't their taste of music, it was the choreography and how to beat goes.

Luce showed off the crowd the move "Bounce Step", with the other two, which got the crowd screaming as loud as they can. In almost every song that would play, there would be a freestyle. With that, the three ladies showed off their signature moves one at a time, giving the crowd more than they can ever offer. While whistling, Mo and Angel couldn't help but felt that something was coming out of nowhere. But they were right. They look up to see a motorcycle above the club.

"Watch out, y'all!" Mo screamed out, running up to them, looking up at the club to see that it is coming down at slow looking yet fast speed. The girls were too busy dancing to the song, but Luce heard him and dropped her mouth, seeing what was going on.

"What the hell-?" Taken away by Angel and Mo, the three girls stayed away to a safe spot, just right before the motorcycle landed on the dance floor. Right after, the two helped the three back up on their feet. The music suddenly stopped with the help from MacCoy, which was no surprise to do since a crazy person did a dangerous maneuver.

"I said that the cake is not a lie!" a random male said, which made everyone look at him weirdly. He was slightly embarrassed, but he raised his hands in protest, grinning funnily. "Um... Let's just go back to the guy who just almost killed the dancers," he said nervously, but rubbing it in too much. Everyone agreed and looked at the biker with awe and surprise. He took off his helmet, observing the place with his ocean blue eyes. He started to grin darkly because of where he is.

Whispers began to scatter across the room, and most of them have to do with the mysterious biker. By the look on his face, however, he didn't seem to mind. Mo and Angel looked at him with distrust, since he just landed inside the building where the three dancers would have been. The three ladies across from him looked with shock and curiosity. They both have the same look on their faces, but they were thinking different topics.

Is this guy only here to cause trouble or something? Emilia thought, her green eyes wide at the sight of him. Her blue wrapped hands slightly loosened, noticing what he's planning.

Tell me why we have a club that has no roof for tonight? Dare thought, breathing slowly through her nose. Her green eyes softened when she found out why he's in the club.

For Luce, there was something strange about him. His hair blue as a night sky, long side bangs at his left eye included for the hairstyle. His eyes matched his hair color, which makes it rather cool like water. He wasn't here to cause danger. He was here for a reason: dancing.

You... are a dancer just like us. Are you here for an exact reason? Luce thought carefully, observing him carefully so it wouldn't look like she was eyeing his appearance. He got off of his bike, heading to the three women, himself across from Luce. He looked at the other two before speaking.

"Let us... commence with the dance," he spoke eloquently. "Dance is a great art form, and I am a great artist." His voice was chilling to the bone, but it was like someone who fights off against evil. It startled everyone in the club. Everyone in the room stopped with the talking, whispering, and any movement. If anyone asks a person to a dance battle, things get serious, and there's no turning back to whoever challenges someone.

One of the ladies will have to face him, but will one of them win or lose against him?


~Chapter Two coming soon...~


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