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~Chapter Thirty: Flying Together~


Everything's a blur. Luce couldn't see anything, even with the help of her glasses. She can't see Dr. Tan, Rasa, Lima, or even Oblio in her arms. She was caught in a trance, and she is paralyzed in place. Tears run down her face, and she couldn't do anything to wipe them or blink. Who knew that dancing can have its dark days?

"Luce, honey. You succeeded, but you're crying. What's wrong, love?"

Luce gasped. She recognized that voice anywhere. But... she died... Why is her voice here when she's in a state of chaos? Luce is still alive, so why is this happening?

Mom...? Why is your voice in my head?

Luce can see her mom sighing, but then she giggled with a smile, placing her hand on Luce's head, rubbing it, and then hugging her daughter tightly. Before she began to speak, she kissed her daughter's crown. "Luciana Valentine, you are so talented; not just in dancing, but in helping others, too. When I gave birth to you, I see me through your eyes, and that showed me that you would be just like me. When you need me, just think of me, and I'll be with you in spirit."

Her mom said that to her when she won a dance battle when she was thirteen, but her eighteen year old body was in her past self's place instead. She misses her mom so much, she thought she had nothing left in this world. But then she realized she has her dear friends, and more importantly, Oblio.

Oh, Mom. You have no idea how much has happened when you were gone. I met the most amazing person who has come across my path in life. He is kind, handsome, intelligent, but also introverted and silent. However, I don't care about his flaws. I love him, no matter who he is. He's a fan of your work, Mom, and he always said of how your words helped him in the crisis he went through.


Why are you shouting at me, Mom?

"Luce!" The brunette's trance disappeared immediately when she noticed it was not her mother saying her nickname. Everything came back to her, her reality, Oblio in her arms. She looked at the DCI leader, the one who was calling her name, and the one who has his temporarily unconscious partner in his arms. "Are you alright?" Luce nodded. She looked at Oblio, who is as silent as a black night, but he's going to be okay, due to the warmth she can feel from him.

Your father is crazy, Oblio, but maybe if I talk to him about our dead mothers...Luce thought, staring at Oblio's face. In what seems like forever, another voice crept its way in the room.

"Rasa...?" Lima said weakly. The DCI leader looked at his assistant, and nothing but pure joy painted his face. A huge grin came out of Rasa, and he carefully supported her on her feet.

"You'll be fine, Lima," he said eagerly. "Luce was about to be hit too, but Oblio saved her! He's still out, but he'll be okay!" Lima nodded slowly, and she looked at Luce, still on her knees with Oblio in her arms.

As for Dr. Tan, he was in shock for what he witnessed. Sure, he was aiming for Luce, but when Oblio came in and defended her, a part of him died. He was frozen, and small tears formed in his eyes. Luce took note of what's happening, and she decided to say what she thought of before Rasa helped her snap out of her hypnosis. With a glare, she said to the crying doctor,

"Tan, Bernice wouldn't want you and Oblio fighting!" His dark eyes locked into hers, surprised by what she said.

"Don't speak her name!" he scolded, shaking his head in denial.

"But isn't that what she wants? She would love to be here for you and Oblio, together as a family, but not like this! My mother died a year ago, but life goes on. Oblio told me about her, and if she were still alive, she would have been the sweetest, down to earth woman I would have met! I'm sure Oblio would love her as much as you did. She would want you to continue working here, but not at the point where you could ruin one of life's best arts. I know you inspired Oblio to dance, but the way you're doing it is wrong."

Tan stayed silent. Luce still glared at the doctor, hoping her words had left an impact on him. All she got was Tan wiping his eyes with his sleeve. She blinked and her expression changed. A part of her felt sympathy.

"Luce is right, Tan," Rasa replied. "I joined you because dance is one of the most creative types of art. Even if your rule is something I don't agree with, I still joined for dancing. But then I found DCI, who needed of a new leader. I found Lima, who was the reason why I joined. She showed me freestyle, and the analysis of moves. I have never been thankful for a group who cares for dancing to the point where dance crimes are happening. Then Oblio joined DCI, making sure there are no dance crimes going on, and served as one of the best agents we ever had. I almost forgot about you, and when he mentioned you, I was in shock because of what you were trying to do. When he mentioned Luce—"

A groan escaped from the bluenette's mouth, and his ocean blue eyes started to open slowly. When the brunette heard his voice, her attention was immediately on him. Oblio's hand landed on his eyes, due to the light being too bright on him, but when he got used to it, his angelic dancer was there, relieved and happy. She happily threw herself into his arms, her head on his shoulder. A quiet laugh escaped his lips, and he held her back.

"You're okay," she whispered. Oblio smiled, but it wasn't long, when he sees his father, so sad. He looked at his dance partner, and removed his arms from her.

"I'm alright, Luce. I can get up," he said sweetly to her. With a quick nod, Luce moved away from Oblio and together, stood up with him. He sighed, looking at his father with serious eyes. "Father, you've gone mad. There was a reason why I 'joined' you when Luce and D-Coy were stuck at the estate. I did that to protect them. D-Coy protected me and Luce, so I did the same, but I wanted to protect her." With his hand on Luce's shoulder, Tan stared spacey at his son. "I joined DCI to show you creativity is what makes dance, not just structure and accuracy. When I first danced against Luce, she had all of it, especially creativity."

"My son—" Tan spoke out. Oblio shook his head.

"I'm not your son if you continue to do these horrible dance crimes. I know you want to reach out to me and be closer, but would Mother want this?" Oblio paused, taking a deep breath. "I might be out cold when one of them said the same thing, but hear this in my voice: I do love you, Father. Even if you are mad and tried to do what's right, you'll always be my father. If you stop this, then everything will be at peace. Dance can be used for fun and an expressive way for communication." His hand slipped out of Luce's shoulder, and he walked closer to his father. In a split second, Oblio placed his arms around the doctor, embracing him. "Mother would love it if we could stop being enemies and become father and son. I'm even glad that I learned dance from you, but I knew from the start that dance comes from the heart."

Not a single word didn't need to be exchanged. Dr. Tan held his son tight. His sobs were weak, but they were signs of apology. The doctor did need to say something, despite being in his son's embrace.

"Forgive me for trying to electrocute Lima and your special one. I was blinded by pride and you were right: Bernice wouldn't want us to be pitted against each other. You're my only son, and whenever you were not with me, I would be confronted with greed and pride. I created these robots out of loneliness and construction. I love you, too, Oblio."

With Dr. Tan's words, everyone smiled. Luce's eyes were wet with tears, seeing the two finally bond. Rasa placed a hand on Lima's shoulder, and the latter crossed her arms. As it was silent, an elevator opened, revealing Mo and Glitch. They hurried into the room, and the hooded agent spoke up,

"Rasa, Lima, Luce! We haven't heard from you—"

"Yo, what happened?" Mo's protégé asked.

"It's over," the doctor responded to the Korean, the latter still confused. Oblio's father removed himself from the hug, heading to Rasa. He let out his hand. "Rasa, as a way to atone for my sins, and to help my bond with Oblio become strong, I would like to make a pact; one where TanCorps and DCI are partnered together." Everyone, even Hi-Def blinked. Rasa's green eyes looked into Tan's brown orbs, and with a grin, he dark skinned hand reached out to the older man and shook it strongly.

"You got it, old man." With one final nod, Dr. Tan smiled at the DCI leader. "How about on Friday, you and I will have dinner and discuss our plans."

"Sounds good, Rasa." With that, the DCI leader and Lima went into the elevator, and noticed Hi-Def was still lost from what happened.

"Mo and Glitch, when the elevator comes back up, please meet with us," Rasa stated.

"What happened, Mo?" Glitch asked, looking at his mentor.

"I think we just won our battle," the African-American replied, smiling as Luce walked to the elevator with Oblio and Tan. The two followed them, and when they made it to the main floor, everyone, including the other crews, anticipated what is happening. Rasa and Tan stood beside each other, while Hi-Def, Lima, and Lightning watch them about to speak.

"Listen up, everyone," Rasa said, "Today, we have come here to stop an enemy from ruining dance, but today, instead of eliminating, we gained an ally, a friend. Dr. Tan has realized his mistakes, and is willing to repay us by becoming a partner. Together, we can learn from each other, and not battle to the death." Tan nodded, and added,

"With the help from my son, he told me how dance is one of the most influential arts in the world, and it needs to be taken seriously, as we are dancers. As this will help the bond with my son, it will also teach me different ways dance can be interpreted. I do look forward to what the future holds."

Applause came from the dancers, and smiles were the result as well. Angel went to Luce and smiled at her, rubbing her head,

"We did it, Luce. We got your man and dance is safe from madness." Luce nodded, giving her best friend a quick hug. Not too long after, Emilia and Dare went to Luce and held her. The three ladies were relieved that there's no conflict, and the two went back to their guys. Everyone else started to head their respective ways when Rasa and Lima brought them back to headquarters, while Oblio stopped Luce.

"Hey," her said to her. The brunette smiled and went to him, seeing what he has to say. A grin painted his face, and when she was at the right spot, he placed his lips on hers and cupped her cheek. Luce kissed back, smiling into it. When the two pulled away, the bluenette continued. "Let's ride off somewhere."

Finally... what Luce had been dreading for ever since the fake party. It doesn't matter where they're going; just as long as they're together, that's all it matters. Together, they walked outside of TanCorps, heading to the blue haired Asian's motorcycle. As they hopped on, a smile full of radiance and warmth spread across the brunette's lips.

"Thank you for entering my life, Oblio," Luce said to him, wrapping his arms around his waist as soon as she put on her helmet. Oblio smiled, putting on his shades. He revved up his engines, got out of the parking lot, and drove away from Central City, taking the two where the road takes them.

At last, Luce and Oblio can spend some quality time as a couple, and not worry about anything regarding dance. Right now... they are flying together with their unbreakable bond.


~Dancing Diamond - The End~


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