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2: Noodels

Zim had tried everything to destroy that Dib-stink! He had boiled the water, crushed the fish, bored a hole through him and GIR ate it as well. The fish-Dib just kept going on and on and on about how he will destroy Zim. How they will name his organs after him and how he will eat soup.

"Urrggaaa! GIR, try eating him again or through it into the fire!" yelled Zim VERY irritated.

"Yes sir!" said GIR as he took the fish and chomped on it. "Sir! The fish taste like fishy taco's!...WEENIE!" yelled GIR stupidly.

"Haahaahaaa! Your stupid liquid as made me invincible! And visible… Your plans will be turned over to the authority! Haahaaha…." yelled and laughed Dib before he was rudely interrupted.

"What plans…I don't have any more plans…" said Zim scratching his head confused.

"..." Dib blew bubbles...a bit embarrassed of his stupidity.

Zim walked over to his giant flat screen to call the ALLMIGHTY TALLEST.

"My TALLEST…have you enjoyed your…umm…burger turkey? Well…my plan had a slight problem…the liquid swapped the minds of the invisible subjects and had made them invincible!" said Zim as he clentched his fist a bit angry at the failure of his mission.

"Red…I thought you sended him the bomb liquid!" asked Purple to Red in a whisper, quite bothered at the idea of Red failing to kill Zim.

"Oh no…I sended it to Zimi…" said Red to Purple while feeling stupid. "Ugham…Zim! You did it wrong then…your stupid." insulted Red Zim while he actually felt stupid.

"My TALLEST…I only want the reverse liquid! GIMMIE!" pleaded Zim...well...fake pleaded.

"Zim…Zim…Zim…This is the last time we help you…" replied Purple as he munched on Irken chips that seemed to just suddenly appear in his two claw-like hands

"Thank you MY TALLEST! Zim shall not fail again!" yelled Zim as he ran of clearly excited.

Zim sat at his RETRIEVEL OF PACAGES FROM THE IRKEN EMPIRE while GIR ran around with his rubber pig.

"That pig…GIR! Stop RUNNING! You're giving me a brain-ache." said Zim extremely irritated.

"Wooohooo! PIIIGGGYYY! WOOOOO-*bang*" yelled GIR as he played before he ran into a wall.

Zim sat there, thinking. He heard a buzz, then a woof, and then finally a poopsh. He turned around and saw a HUGE container, about the size of a kitten/puppy.

"Whao! Finally it has arrived and as soon as Dib is turned…not invincible my INGENIOUS plan will be almost complete. Mwahaha haahaahaa MHAAAHAAAHAAA-*dungongung*" yelled Zim before he got attacked by a piggy-hyper GIR. "STOP GIR! AAHH THAT HURTS! YOU MAKE ME DO THIS YOU BLOODHOUND!" yelled Zim viciously.

GIR was in piles once more. Zim walked up to Dib-fish-stink. He opened the vile containing a liquid which had a baby's eye in it. He poured the liquid over the fish-Dib-stink and it shook. Zim stood there…waiting. Then all of the sudden the fish got Dib's face!

"AHHHHH! It's hideous!" screamed Zim disgusted as he lifted his leg and pointed at the fish-Did.

"What? I don't understand you Zim." said Dib confused at the alien-thing.

"Urgg…YOU HAVE A BIG HEAD!" insulted Zim Dib angrily.

"Umm…ahhh…YOU'R GREEN!" replied Dib with another insult after he was at a lost for words.

Zim looked dumbly at Dib and threw him in the disintegrator.

"That will teach you not to insult the almighty Zim! I am Zim!" yelled Zim while he praised himself.

"I know your Zim, Zim!" said Dib calmly.

Zim turned off the disintegrator because Dib did not seem to…well…disintegrate. The Dib-face fish suddenly grew two legs, one arm and a jacket.

"Oh my…you are really ugly fish-boy!" said Zim disgusted and fighting to hold back a vomit.

"I have legs and a arm, I CAN FIGHT!" said Dib as he happily inspected his new arms and legs.

Dib attacked the still-disgusted Zim.

"Hey…hey…hey…what are you doing! AHHH my antennae! AHHHHHH! Dib take this!" yelled Zim as he got attacked. Zim grabbed Dib's ear and pulled, hard. It popped of and another grew. "Oh my sqeedleyspooch! You're DISGUSTING!" said Zim again as he watched Dib's ear grow.

"Haahahaa! I got both my arms…wait! Arms like…NOODELS! Not again!" replied Dib as his arms started to wriggle.

Zim had a confused look on his face as he watched Dib flop on the floor

Gir started to buss, then turned to fire.

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