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3: Fishy busness

Zim tied up Dib-stink with Irken-made rubber-non stretchy rope. It was difficult because the Dib-thing's arms kept moving like filthy, human earthworms! But Zim eventually succeeded in his task and smiled grim fully at his already caught but newly captured enemy.

"Why….arms….like…NOODLES!" yelled the clearly confused Dib as he jiggled in is wobbly rope.

"Umm…It was all part of my plan, yes ever since the beginning! My INGENIOUS brain has finally showed his worthiness to Zim. I am ZIM!" said Zim as he made up a whole story, obviously happy in his work…

"Okay firstly, I KNOW YOUR ZIM, ZIM! Secondly, your plan was to shrink me out of existence!" replied Dib as he jiggled in his rope trying to look serious.

"How could you POSSIBLY have figured out Zim's INCREDIBLE plan Dib-smell-stink-noodle!" replied Zim as he walked over to Dib and poking him in the head with his needle-like fingers.

"I read it on the TO DO list behind you.
1:Make Dib-stink invisible
2:Shrink Dib-stink out of existence
3:Ship GIR to the moon and leave him there
4:Call the ALMIGHTY TALLEST and ask for a SIR-unit
Why would you even make a list of what you are going to do, that's stupid oh ahh! My stomach! Feels like….SOUP!" complained Dib about his soupy stomach after he listed the things Zim will do.

Zim looked at Dib…then smelled Dib…and then finally bit Dib's ear and ran of…more like walked of mumbling to himself. He sat down at his computer and commanded it to take an X-ray of Dib's body. He then went to fix GIR as he waited for the computer to finish the X-ray.

"Now GIR listen very very very very very veerryy carefully! If you go and party all night and come back with a human, you can have 10 rubber piggies." Said Zim to GIR hopeful that the GIR-thing would do as commanded.

"Yes SIR! PIIIGGGYYY! PIGY PARTY HUMAN…wait noo PARTY HUMAN PIGY!" yelled GIR and ran around exited! Then Zim threw him out the door.

"X-ray of subject Dib is complete. Dib is annoying me he won't shut up sir…won't shut up. HE keeps going on about Soup belly, soup belly." Boomed the computer very annoyed.

"Good work computer. Take me to subject Dib now!" said Zim just itching to see the X-ray.

Dib's innards were HORRIBLE! Human organs looked beter but Dib-stinks…they weren't human. His innards were a fish. Not just any fish, but THE goldfish. And it was growing…eating up Dib's organs slowly…very slowly.

"Dib…good news and bad news. The good news is your turning into a giant fishy-cannibal-thingy. Bad news is, your organs are being eaten which is good news for me." Said Zim to the slowly 'turning into a fish' Dib-human.

"What!? You're just trying to scare me. My…organs….are…fine…" said Dib starting to struggle breathing. "That's just…a…coincidences…" then he puked slime….and a lot of it.

Zim could slightly see fish lips in Dib's throat. It gave him shivers.

"Okay I don't want a gross fish-thing in my base." Said Zim clearly grossed out. GIR walked in with a beautiful girl. "Ah GIR, put her there and strap her against the table. Put the strange, glass bowl-thingy over her head and I shall put one on Dib. Now STAND BACK GIR!" yelled Zim as he viciously yanked a lever down.

There was a lot of flashy-lighty stuff. And then a poof-ploog-doofg as the light faded. Zim checked the X-ray on Dib's body. He was missing a few organs but still okay. He checked the X-ray on the girl, she had the fish inside of her body now.

"Now GIR! Shoot her into SPACE!" yelled Zim quickly as not to have a mutated fish-girl in his base.

"Zim…why…did you…help…me?" asked Dib as he shaked aroud feeling a few of his organs were missing.

"Zim saved you because he wants to destroy you by himself!" said Zim hearing a faint scream as the fish-girl was shot into space.

"O-….okay…ugg! Organs…gone…why!?" yelled Dib feeling and squishing his body trying to find an organ.

Zim released Dib and threw him out the house-base.

"I hope GIR forgot about the piggy-thing. I used the pigs as energy for the machine." Said Zim to himself feeling quite worried.

"Noo piggy! You lied! Yaaaaa!" yelled GIR angrily as he attacked Zim.

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