Authors note: This is still the first day of school. And just to be clear Emma and Ms. Watson are the same person.

It was still Logan's first day of school, he was still waiting for the bell to ring. It was still a little awkward for him to be there alone with Ms. Watson. Logan continued to look over at Ms. Watson, and when he looked at her he felt very graceful. When he looked at her, he forgot about his fame, he felt like a regular person who was there to learn, which was the truth. Before he knew it, the school bell rang. It took awhile for people to actually enter the classroom. The first people who walked in were the people who looked much more sophisticated, and serious. Logan was sitting on the very front, so people couldn't really see his face.

Ms. Watson got up from her seat and walked up to the front of the classroom in front of the blackboard. Logan kept his eyes on her, and just sat there waiting. Ms. Watson did the same, she was standing there looking at students as they walked in, waiting with a little smile. Today was Emma's first day of teaching; she was very excited, yet nervous. She didn't really know how to deal with teenagers, she was afraid that her students wouldn't take her at all seriously because of the fact that she was only 23 years old. More and more students started to walk into the classroom. They still didn't notice that Logan Lerman was sitting in there, which made Logan very happy.

Two guys walked into the classroom. One of them had blonde short hair, the other was a redhead with shaggy long hair. They looked buff and they were wearing their football team leather jacket. They were the typical jocks of the school. "Yo, dude, the teacher's hot," whispered the blonde one. The redhead nodded laughing quietly as the two of them did their 'bro' handshake. "I'd do her any day." whispered the redhead as he sat down right behind Logan. The blonde one sat next to the redhead. Logan happen to hear what they were mummering. They continued to whisper their little disgusting conversation about Ms. Watson. Ms. Watson heard bits and pieces of their conversation and all she did is rolled her eyes. She did feel a bit offended and uncomfortable. They continued and continued and continued. It even started to make Logan uncomfortable.

"WILL YOU please SHUT UP?!" Logan halfway yelled. "She's your teacher, you should really think about what you guys were saying." Logan sighed.

Everyone that was in the classroom turned over to look at Logan. Logan was looking back at the two guys. He then realized that everyone was now staring at him. Some people were starstruck, and the rest were mumbling and talking saying things like, 'wait... is that,' 'it's Logan Lerman,' 'why is he here?' Three girls got up and walked over to him. One of them sat on his desk. "L...Logan... oh my god! You're hotter in life!" The girl on his desk said. Logan looked at her in a weirded out face.

Ms. Watson walked over to Logan's desk. "Oh will you please leave him alone?" She sighed, "Go back to your seats, and hush." The jocks looked at each other and smiled because they heard Ms. Watson's british accents, which they found very attractive. "Logan, what was bothering you?" Ms. Watson asked. All of the students sat down in their seats quietly. The classroom was dead silent, they looked over at Logan and Ms. Watson.

Logan sighed, "They were— saying disturbing things— about you. I couldn't really stand them anymore. I'm sorry." Logan was surprising very quiet, he was very shy.

"There's no need to be sorry Logan." She replied. The rest of the class session took a while. Time happen to go by really slow. It was a bit awkward. The jocks felt a bit sorry, but their thoughts still wondered around their mind. Ms. Watson was just telling everyone what they needed for her class. She seemed to be a very laid back and nice teacher Logan thought. The bell rang and everyone got up and left the classroom. Logan was the last one.

"Logan." Emma said across the room, she then walked toward Logan slowly. She was looking down.

Logan turned around, kind of confused though. "Y...yes?" He said softly. The jocks were right, she is very good-looking, but that was it, just good-looking.

Ms. Watson reached Logan and looked up at him. "I'm sorry about what happen. You didn't have to stand up for me. I could have dealt with it myself."

Logan shook his head, "I felt like I had to."

"Well thank you Logan." She said with a small smile.

Logan sighed, "Well I think I should get going now." He said in a bit of a lazy tone.

"Why the sad tone?" asked Ms. Watson as her eyebrows furrowed.

"Well you know, this class was a bit crazy, and I'm guessing I'm going to have to live through another 5 more of these— everyone will be surprised to see me, they'll be pointing fingers at me, and you know, not letting me fit in." Logan said really quickly.

Ms. Watson nodded, "Yes... I understand. Just know that it's not your fault that you're a famous actor, it's your talent's fault." Logan nodded as he blushed a little. "And if you ever need a place to be at, you know if you don't want to be bothered, you can come over here. You can come over here and just hang around here in my classroom. W...well if you'd like." Ms. Watson felt a bit sorry for Logan, she felt like she had to do something about it. She wished she could have given him some physical comfort, but she thought it would be a bit inappropriate.

Logan looked down, he was a bit... sad. He didn't feel like living through this day. Ms. Watson noticed his face expression and she looked down at him. "Are you feeling okay Logan?" she asked him. Logan nodded, which was a lie. He wasn't okay. "L..Logan." Ms. Watson said softly.

Logan then shook his head, "I'll just go now." Logan walked out of the classroom and walked towards the edges of the corridors. He didn't want anyone to notice him. Some people did though. They asked for autographs, a picture with him, and some even asked for his phone number. Logan was polite so he did give out his autographs and took pictures with fans. Never in a million years would he give out his phone number. Logan arrived to his second period and the same thing happen. He somehow happen to get attention from the class. This happen in all his classes in fact.

It was now lunch time and Logan didn't really know where to head of to. Where would he go to?