It couldn't be any worse than how it was. Logan had stopped going over to Ms. Watson's room since she thought it wasn't very proper anymore. Logan didn't really know anywhere else to go other than—the bathroom. He didn't want to be seen and be bothered by people who didn't know he was attending their school. He didn't eat during lunch either since Ms. Watson had brought lunch for him. Logan felt alone. He didn't have any friends at school which devastated him. He hated being famous, he never thought going to a public school would cause him so much trouble.

Logan had been going to the bathroom during his breaks and spending all his time in there for about one month already. He hated it though. He usually walked back and forth to different bathroom, just so he won't seem so weird being in one bathroom for the whole time. Logan missed being with Ms. Watson, they never talked anymore which killed him. He missed her sweet, soft british accent. Logan wanted to talk to her, he didn't care if she didn't want him there during lunch, he needed her.

It was Logan's third period. It was Chemistry with Ms. DeLue. He didn't have any kind of relationship with Ms. DeLue, in fact Ms. DeLue hated Logan. She thought he was a selfish snob who thought he perfect, when really, he was the opposite of that. He went in class, sat down in his lab seat which were assigned. He got assigned the back right corners seat which was the nearest seat to the door. He wasn't assigned a lab partner, he had to work alone since, again, the teacher didn't like him. Everyone had lab partners though, so it wasn't too fair for Logan. Everyone was in their lab seats, they all took out their journals and listened to the teacher. A very pretty girl with jet black hair, watery blue eyes, and red lips walked in. Her skin was very pale and beautiful. She had a very cool clothing style, she dressed with band shirts, with a jean jacket over it. She wore black leggings and Doc Martens. She had a very edgy style that fit her very well.

"Sorry I'm late..." She said. Logan couldn't help but to think she was very attractive. "I'm new here and I got a bit lost." She took out a paper out of her long leather black shoulder bag which had her schedule. She showed it to Ms. DeLue. Ms. DeLue gave her a disgusted look.

"Go sit on the only seat that's left." Ms. DeLue said as she looked over at Logan and rolled her eyes.

The girl walked over and sat next to Logan. She knew who he was, but she didn't care, she hated famous people actually. She wanted to be polite though, so she looked at him and took out her hand for him to shake. Logan shook her hand and admired her eyes. "I'm Frances Cobain." She told Logan. (she's not supposed to be famous in this story) Logan nodded, and said, "I'm Lo—" she broke him off, "I know who you are." She said with a slight bit of attitude. She sighed and looked over at the teacher. She kind of felt bad for giving him that attitude. "Why are you sitting here alone, I mean aren't you famous?" She asked him.

Logan sighed, "Well the teacher doesn't like me. She actually told me that I'm just a useless rich snob," he shrugged.

"I bet you aren't though, I mean you seem to be very talented so... don't listen to her," Frances whispered. Logan nodded, Logan liked her already, as a friend—nothing else.

After that class was finished, they walked out of the classroom together, they were caught up with a conversation. Logan really liked talking to her since she didn't care about the fact that he was famous. She even told him that she didn't care straight up. It was lunchtime, meaning he actually had somebody to be with.

"Wait... Frances, I don't really like going into the cafeteria, people can be annoying," Logan told her right before they were about to enter.

Frances looked at him and sighed, "Dude, you're famous... they shouldn't matter to you. Just ignore them."

Logan sighed too and nodded, "Okay... fine." She happened to convince him really quickly which was weird. He hadn't been in the cafeteria since 2 months.

Lots of people turned over to look at Logan, they didn't do anything they just stared. Lots of people were talking though. Frances just ignored everyone and went over to where they told the food. She got in line and Logan followed. They got their lunch and paid. Frances got her lunch paid by the government since she lives in poverty. Frances got a bit embarrassed since she was standing next to a rich famous person.

"Why didn't you pay?" Logan asked.

"Oh um.. I... I have money already inserted in for my lunch. My parents sent it before I came to this school," she lied.

Logan and Frances sat down on one of the tables, they both wanted to sit at the back table which only four people were sitting at. "I don't understand why you even talked to me." Frances asked.

"Why wouldn't I talk to you?"

"Well I'm just a really strange, ugly, poor girl." she said as she looked and played around with her food with her fork.

Logan furrowed his eyebrows, "What are you talking about you're not ugly," he paused, "I honestly think you're really—beautiful." his voice started to fade as he said beautiful.

Frances looked up surprised, "Oh... um, th..thank you?"

Logan felt really awkward after that, he ran his hand through his hair. He then just ate and so did Frances. Logan looked up at Frances, " you have a phone—I was wondering if I could have your phone number..."

Frances nodded as she took out her phone, "Yeah, I do, I'm not that poor." She told him. She gave him her phone number and Logan gave Frances his too.

The bell rang and they went to their classes. After that Logan decided to miss his sixth period, just to talk to Ms. Watson. He hadn't said anything to her, not even during class.

Logan went over to Emma's classroom hoping that she hadn't already left. He looked in through the door window and saw that she was still in there. Logan opened the door and walked in. Emma looked up and sighed a little, "What are you doing here?" She said softly.

"I came to see you and—"

"It's not the best idea Logan," she told him.

"I don't care, Emma... I miss you, I miss spending lunch with you." Logan looked at Emma as she walked up to Logan.

"I honestly miss you too Logan, but trust me, you shouldn't—you shouldn't call me Emma, you shouldn't be with me all the time," she ran her hand through her hair.

"Why, why don't you want me here?"

"Logan, people have been suspicious, they've been questioning why you're always in my room."

"We can tell them the truth, which is because I don't like being around people."

"Logan, don't you understand, people practically know that we've been, you know..." She stopped, "Logan, it's the best if we just didn't hang out anymore. Just continue doing what you've been doing for the past month. And everything will be normal. I'll be just your teacher."

"But I don't want you to be just my teacher, Em—Ms. Watson, I want us to be more than that."

"Logan we can't, I'm in a happy relationship with Dan. Even Dan saw something between us, it's not safe anymore."

"It doesn't mean Dan knows it's true. He just suspects it, that's all. I don't see how it's not safe! Emma please, just..."

"Just... Just leave!" she yelled, she started to get tears down her cheeks. Emma felt really bad since she really did enjoy being with Logan, she was just afraid of getting a pink slip and being sent off to jail.

Logan didn't leave in fact he got closer to Emma and just kissed her. Emma didn't kiss back, Logan didn't care he wrapped his arms around her waist and continued to kiss. Emma calmed down and kissed Logan back. She loved Logan's kisses, they were really warm and passionate. She wrapped her arms around Logan's neck and continued to kiss him. Emma's cheeks were still a bit wet from her tears, but Logan really made her feel better. Emma felt happy when they made any physical contact. She really did miss him, and she stopped. "Logan I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you just leave, I feel so bad. I really do miss you and I would give anything for you."

Logan looked at her, they were still holding each other, "It's okay, you don't have to apologize."

Emma bit her lip and smiled a little, she pecked Logan's lip and sighed. "Well I think Dan is going to get here anytime soon so..."

"Why are you still with Dan?" Logan didn't mean to ask that, but it just slipped out.

"Well I don't know really, he just, I don't know," she didn't really have a reason of why she was still with him. She didn't really love Dan anymore which was strange. She had been with him since forever. "I guess I just got used of being with him. He became like family, but in a brother way. We haven't had sex since, oh I don't know, three months. Our relationship just slipped."

Logan nodded, he understood where she was coming from. "So you're basically in a relationship where you guys are... friends?"

Emma nodded as she furrowed her eyebrows, "Y...yeah, you can say that."

Dan walked in and looked at Logan, "Oh Logan, I haven't seen you since a while." Logan kind of felt bad for Dan since he was practically so oblivious about what was going on. Dan looked over at Emma, "Shall we go now?" Emma nodded, she smiled at Logan and gave him a small wave. Logan walked out behind them and decided to go home early.

While Logan was driving home, he didn't think about Emma, which was weird since he had just kissed her. Logan was thinking about Frances. Why Frances though? Logan just saw her as a friend, and they had barely met? Why would he be thinking about her? Logan got home and went to his room, that's what he always did after school. He went into his room, read, and sometime he actually did his homework. He always did his homework for English class which Emma taught. Logan finished his homework and didn't really have anything else to do.

Logan got out his phone, and looked through his contacts and saw the name 'Frances3'. Logan had let Frances type in her name onto his phone. He shook his head as he chuckled. He decided to text her. Logan sent simply sent her, 'hey, what are you up to'

Frances got out her phone and saw it was Logan, she smiled a little. She read the text and replied, 'nothing, just doing homework. I have sooo much to do'

Logan read her text and replied to her, 'do you think maybe I can go over to your house?' he hesitated, but he pressed the send button.

Frances read it, she didn't really want to invite him over to her house since her house was extremely small. And of course, Logan was rich and had a giant house. She thought about it quickly and shrugged, 'yeah sure but im warning you, my house is embarrassing, dont laugh when you see my house okaaay?' Frances then sent her home address, 'see you later...'

Logan read the text and went over to his car. He didn't even tell his mom that he was leaving, he finally got more freedom recently.

Logan typed in the address into his GPS and started driving over to Frances' house. It took him awhile to get to her house though. After he finally saw her house he parked and got off the car. Frances' house was indeed small. It was one building that was divided into two which created two houses. Logan went up to Frances' door and rang the bell. A tall blonde woman answered the door, her jaw dropped, "You're Logan Lerman?!" She yelled and she was excited, "What brings you here?!"

"Oh I'm here to see Frances?"

"You're here to see my daughter?! Oh well come in! She's in her room the first one to the right, over there" she said as she painted to the corridors.

Logan nodded and smiled as he walked in, "thank you um..."

"My name's Courtney, go ahead and call me Courtney dear..." Courtney closed the door and sat back down in the living room.

Logan walked over to Frances' room, he knocked on the door. Frances got up and opened the door. "Sorry about my mom, I heard all that," she giggled. Logan walked in and looked around. "I know it's not much, but it's my room..."

Logan nodded in approval and continued to look around, "It's perfect in here."

Frances sighed, "What took you so long to get here? I actually finished all of my homework before you got here!"

"I got lost okay!" Logan chuckled.

Frances nodded and giggled. "Okay well since I'm done with my homework there really isn't anything to do." She looked around and sighed. She then looked at Logan and remembered about lunch. "You know..." she started as she sat down on her bed, "You can sit you know." Logan sat down next to her. "You know, during lunch, you said you didn't like being around people. Who were you hanging out with before I hung out with you?" She asked him.

Logan bit his lip and thought about Emma, and about the fact that he had gone to the bathroom for about a month or more. "Well I usually switch around with who I hang out with," he lied. But then he thought he should tell the truth, "And I sometimes go over to my English teacher's room. Ms. Watson, yeah. She's really nice."

"You have Ms. Watson? I have her too! Wait, but why do you hang out with a teacher?"

"Well I don't know, she's more like a friend."

"I bet she's just using you, what kind of teacher is friends with one of their students?"

"Well Ms. Watson is the kind of teacher that's friends with her students. I'm sure she's not using me though. I mean I have a C- in that class. If she was using me would be giving me an A." When Logan thought about it, he realized that that was the only reason why he thought Emma wasn't using him. For all he knew maybe she was using him. He didn't want to believe it though.

Frances nodded, "Yup, that's true." She looked at Logan and sighed, "I'm sorry I'm a really boring person to be with, at least I know I'm a boring person right?" She giggled and sighed. "I just don't want to force you to be here.

"You aren't forcing me to be here. It was my idea to come over here." Logan nodded.

"Right, and I said that you could come over really forcibly, you know, just to seem polite and not rude. I don't want you here." She said in a sarcastic tone. She then chuckled and ran her hand through her hair. Logan chuckled as well. "Are you really close to Ms. Watson?"

"Yeah... kind of."

"Like how close?"

"I don't know. I sometimes call her by her first name, that's pretty much it. Like we don't have each other's phone numbers or anything." Logan lied. He felt bad, but it was the best. He wanted to continue to hang out with Emma and not give anything away.

Frances nodded, "Okay, cause if you did have her phone number that would be a bit wrong. But calling her by her first name is still a bit strange... She's really pretty. I wish I looked like her." She said.

"You shouldn't wish to look like anyone. I mean you're your own person, everyone else is already taken. And you're probably prettier than her Frances." Logan told her.

Frances blushed a bit, "Ahh so you think Ms. Watson is pretty. Hmm... do you have some sort of a little crush on her?" Frances said as a joke.

Logan understood that it was a joke and chuckled. But it was true, Logan did have a little crush on Emma, not a little though, a huge one actually.

Logan and Frances continued talking about the most random things ever. Like music, t.v. shows, and so much more.

Frances told Logan she had a book collection. "Can I see it?" Logan asked. Frances nodded. She got up, went to her closet and opened it up. Frances' closet was actually really big. It was a walk in. She had a small shelf that had lots of books. She also had a very small table with lots of stuff scattered up on there.

"This is it..." she said as she pointed at the shelf.

"Woah," Logan looked over and started reading the book titles. "Emma would love this."

"Emma? Who's Emma?" Frances asked Logan.

"Oh, it's... it's Ms. Watson." Logan continued looking at the books. He got out the book 'Selected Tales' which contained lots of short stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Frances looked at the book he chose. "Ah, I love Edgar's work, it's creepy yet beautiful."

Logan nodded, "I've never read any of his work."

Frances furrowed her eyebrows and looked at him as if he was crazy. "How are you breathing right now if you haven't ever ready any of his work?!"

Logan shrugged, "Is it actually that good?"

Frances nodded, "YES, you should go read like now."

Logan shrugged, "Is this your way of telling me to leave?"

Frances shook her head, "No, no, no. I just really think you should read. If you want, you can sleep over. Afterall, it is friday." Logan didn't even realize it was friday.

Logan nodded, "Yeah, I guess I could stay."

Frances looked at Logan, "Do you want to sleep in that?" Logan shook his head. "Okay well I can give you some of my ex-boyfriend's clothes that he left here."

For some reason, Logan was glad to know that she was single, but what if she already has a new boyfriend. Why did Logan even care if Frances had a boyfriend? Frances went over to her closet and dug out her ex-boyfriend's black pajama pants and band shirt. "He left them here once." She shrugged and handed them over to Logan. "You can go change into the bathroom. It's right at the end of the corridors."

Logan nodded, "Thanks." He walked over to the bathroom and changed into the clothes. He had placed the book on the sink and once he was done changing he took the book and walked back. "Done." He said.

Frances looked up, she was reading, "You look a million times better than my ex-boyfriend ever looked in that clothes." Frances giggled.

Logan smiled, he didn't know if Frances had just flirted with him. Frances looked over at Logan, "Do you want to sleep in here on the floor, or in the living room on the couch?"

"I think I'd rather sleep in your room."

"Okay, um wait." Frances went over to her mom's room and asked her if there was extra clean blankets for Logan to sleep with. Courtney gave Frances some and Frances took them over to her room. She laid them out on the floor, and looked at it. She nodded. "You can lay down now." She told him.

"Thank you." Logan took the book and laid down. "Now I'll read."

"I suggest you read, 'Tell Tale Heart' that one is my favorite." Frances nodded, "And give me your phone, that way you won't get distracted. Logan handed Frances his phone, which didn't have a lock password. Frances put Logan's phone on silence and sighed. She continued to read he book, and so did Logan.

After a while, Frances stopped reading, she just laid there. She had Logan's phone on her belly. She saw it get bright and vibrated a little. Logan didn't realize, but Logan had just got a text. Frances read it:

EMMA 9:37 P.M.

Hi logan, are you doing anything tonight?

Frances was very surprised and bit her lip. Should she reply. She shrugged, so she did, 'yeah, i'm with my friend right now. sorry got to go'

Frances got a bit mad that Logan had lied to her. She looked over at him and bit her lip. "Logan, are you sure you don't know Ms. Watson's phone number?"

Logan nodded, he stopped reading and looked up at Frances, "Yeah, what makes you think I would know her phone number?"

"Emma with a little heart symbol next to it? Are you sure?" She tried to hide at the fact that she was a bit angry.

Logan bit his lip, "Alright you caught me." Logan sighed, "she's just my friend though nothing else."

"Then why would you put a heart next to her name?" Frances asked him

Logan shrugged, "I don't know, I have a heart next to yours too."

"Well that's because I typed it in." She sighed and shook her head, "Nevermind, just forget it. Continue reading, or just sleep whatever." Frances turned off her phone, handed Logan's phone back to him and fell asleep.

Logan wondered why she cared so much about him having her name with a heart. Was she jealous?