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Amy's Time at Hogwarts Year 3

Chapter 1 Beware of Malfoy

A Couple weeks after the girls returned to the Potter House after finishing their second year at Hogwarts the girls Amy, Shiki, and their Ghost Companions Hannah, and Moaning Myrtle were sitting down to Breakfast when a very majestic Bird made an appearance in the Kitchen. It flew over by Shiki with a letter attached.

"It's from Hebi," Shiki said as she opened the letter from a friend of hers who had attended the Tokyo School of Magic with Shiki her first year before both had come to Hogwarts the Previous year as part of an exchange Program.

"My Dearest Shikkyaku

I managed to return to the homeland to find a small surprise waiting for me. For a clue look at the photo I included," Shiki started to say as she handed a small photo to Amy. Amy took a look at the picture and recognized Kusa Hebi No Naka. The other two were unfamiliar to her.

"In case you are wondering the older girl is my bride Quinesha and the younger girl is Amilena. Quinn chose the name not me but it sounds like a nice name. The whole time I was at Hogwarts I didn't even know Amilena existed but then She is only four months old. I kept in contact with Quinn throughout our time at Hogwarts and not once did she even tell me she was expecting. The Wedding is going forward as planned even if it might be a little faster because of the baby."

"When we go into Hogsmeade we should get something to send Hebi and Quinn for the baby," Amy suggested.

No one really noticed how sad Hannah and Myrtle both got since neither one would ever experience the joy of a baby being born.

A short while later Amy was sitting in a chair curled up with a book when she noticed an Owl come flying in.

"Hi Screech," Amy said recognizing the owl. She then took the letter off of his leg.


when might you be available to accompany me to Diagon Alley so I can do some shopping for school. Of course you do know that afterwards we would be spending our time at my house. Your cousins are still here just so you know.


That night Amy brought up Lynda's owl.

"Dad, Lynda wants me to help her get ready for school at some point. When I go it would probably be nice if I could get my stuff at the Same Time. When might my book list be ready."

"It might be a bit Amy. All I know for sure is you will need Standard Book of Spells Grade 3 and I think Hagrid said you would be using in addition to Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them that you had to buy for first year a book called Dangerous Beasts and their Homes and also Magical Creatures and Mystical beings. When were you thinking of going?"

"I wasn't sure. It would depend on when I was sure of what I needed."

"WE still haven't hired the Wizarding Government Professor so you might have to wait until after you arrive to buy the book."

Shiki who was taking Muggle Studies and Arithmancy did what she could to weasel her book list out of Harry. They decided to go that weekend. Since Screech had already left Amy sent the message using Edgar.

Saturday morning Early Amy and Shiki slipped through the fireplace to the Leaky Cauldron. Neville noticed their arrival.

"Parlor 4 girls."

Amy and Shiki then headed down toward the Parlors in four she noticed a few people. For one thing she saw Lynda and her cousins along with Ms. Tate, Ashline, and the Vanwickens Off to one side was a small spread.

"We decided to meet here for breakfast," Sarah reported.

"I'm surprised your dad isn't here Lynda."

"He had to work besides I'm staying at my mom's this summer."

"Ashline, are things going well with your husband?" Amy inquired.

"To be honest Amy Dudley and I got a divorce. It was unavoidable," Ashline said.

Shortly after breakfast Everyone Split up with Amy, Lynda, and Shiki heading off and Sarah and her boyfriend taking Ricardo and Samantha around. Ashline took the time to keep an eye on Abby and Josh. The first place they went was Gringotts. Griphook spotted them right away and waved them over.

"So where would you be going today?"

"Vault 2358," Amy said.

"Vault 1652," Lynda said.

"Great my money is in Japan," Shiki said.

Amy pulled her sister off to one side.

"Dad had arranged through the Ministry for your money to be transferred here. Unfortunately I'm not sure of the vault number nor did he hand me an extra key."

Shiki went to the counter and came back twenty minutes later.

"I'm stuck. Without my key I can't get into my vault. The stupid goblin wouldn't even tell me what vault it was in."

"Call dad using the Fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron. We'll wait."

Shiki came back a short time later.

"The transfer hasn't gone through yet but he handed me the key to their vault 687," Shiki told them.

They then headed down. They went to Harry and Ginny's vault first where Shiki grabbed a small pile of money. Next they headed for Amy's vault where she filled up. When they got to Lynda's vault Gasps went all around.

"Whoa is your vault ever full," Shiki exclaimed.

"I'm descended from wealth on both sides. If I wanted to I probably could get by without working after Hogwarts."

Soon money bags bulging the girls began to shop. Their first stop naturally was Madame Malkins.

"What can I get your girls?" the owner wondered.

"I need the full deal. Incoming First year after all," Lynda said.

"What School?"

"Hogwarts," Lynda said.

She quickly measured Lynda up.

"Is Sadia Archer working today?" Amy inquired.

"She just opened her own shop. Right here in Diagon Alley in fact."

Amy took the time to have her robes made but her cloak was in good shape. Shiki's were in good shape. They were walking around when they saw a Store Window with the words Sadia's Dress and Formal Wear over the Window. They quickly went in.

"Hello Amy, Shiki, how is everything. Ginny have her baby yet?"

"Not yet Sadia. Whoa the new digs looks nice. When did you open it?" Amy wondered.

"The Grand Opening is on Monday. Here is a price list," Sadia said handing a piece of parchment to Amy and one to Lynda. Lynda looked at the list.

"Could you make me a set of Green Robes with Silver Trim?" Lynda inquired.

"Sure," Sadia said.

Amy glanced at Lynda's price list and compared it to her own list and saw how the prices on her list were lower then on Lynda's list.

Half an hour later Lynda's dress robes were ready. She then walked out.

"Sadia, why did you hand me a different price list then Lynda?"

"Easy your list is Weasley Pricing. Weasleys get a family discount."

Amy and Shiki then went to catch up, They immediately headed for the book store where Amy and Shiki bought their books. Lynda happened to be all set. The rest of the morning was spent getting Lynda's cauldron telescope, phials and potion supplies. Amy and Shiki also picked up stuff from the Apothecary. They immediately headed for the Leaky Cauldron to drop off their bags in the parlor. A different spread was out by then so they had lunch.

"Well where to now?" Lynda wondered.

"My least favorite place Ollivander's."

Lynda went in alone and walked out ninety minutes later with her wand.

"Willow and Unicorn Hair," Lynda said. "So Where to next."

"Well if we were allowed to use Magic over the summer I would consider having some fun with a couple of my uncles but I think we will go to Quality Quidditch Supplies and see what's up then buy some ice cream at Florean Fortescue then off to your moms."

They walked out of the Quidditch Store without buying much and headed for the Ice Cream Shop where they were eating like Queens when Sarah and the Vanwickens found them.

"How much do you have left?" Edgar wondered.

"Our next stop is to collect our stuff from this morning and head for the house," Lynda said.

They soon flooed over to Tate Plato. Shauna was waiting for them.

Be careful with the Shopping Bags Shauna," Lynda said.

"Oh of course Lynda. They will be perfectly safe with me," Shauna said. "When will Mistress Samantha and Master Ricardo be returning."

"Couldn't tell you Shauna," Lynda said.

Shortly before Dinner the others returned.

"Mom, where are Dursleys?"

"Abby and Joshua went back to your mom's flat. Abby said she would be by tomorrow to collect hers and Joshua's things. I saw some interesting packages in their hands."

"Like What Ms. Tate?" Shiki wondered.

"I thought I saw a couple of brooms among their stuff."

"I hope you thought to bring yours," Lynda said.

"No we didn't," Amy realized. "I could always floo back and grab them. I want to drop my school stuff off as it is."

"Why not just leave it here so we can have a sleepover besides I was hoping you would spend the summer here."

"Well as I'm sure you know Lynda our mom is expecting a baby and being that his or her birth is approaching we feel we should be home for that," Shiki said.

"You can easily floo over when the time comes besides a slumber party in the common room just wouldn't be the same."

"Your assuming of course Lynda that you will be in Gryffindor. There is no guarantee you will be," Sarah pointed out.

"One thing is for sure Mom I don't want to be in Slytherin like dad's family was. I'm just not evil and twisted enough," Lynda insisted.

"Yeah she's already threatened to shred the sorting hat to bits if it puts her there," Amy commented only to earn a scary look from her old friend. After a while Lynda lead Amy and Shiki to where the girls would be sleeping. Amy was asleep within seconds. The next morning She floo powdered home.

"Amy how was your sleepover?" Ginny wondered.

"Good so far. Lynda is sort of hoping Shiki and I will spend the summer there. I mainly came home so I could grab both mine and Shiki's brooms."

"I don't know if it's such a good idea. Besides if you were to go to Japan you would be gone next summer probably."

"Mom when have you ever refused permission for me to Sleep over at Lynda's. Besides we can work on Quidditch Strategies this way for when She is on the house team next year."

"Assuming she ends up in Gryffindor."

It took some major convincing but Amy was able to get permission. She then took some Floo Powder and threw the brooms through. She had a plan.

Time for TailFeathers to get in on the Act.

She then went Animagus and Flew to Tate Plato. Shiki, Lynda, and Abigale were flying along when She arrived.

"That Eagle is flying awfully close," Abigale muttered.

"Isn't it strange that Amy isn't here yet she sent her broom.

"I'm sure there is a real good reason she isn't here," Shiki commented having realized that the Eagle wasn't a real Eagle.

Amy then flew down where she saw her Thunderstick and returned to human form before mounting it. She then flew up.

"Amy, when did you arrive?" Lynda wondered.

"Just now didn't you see me?"

"I did," Shiki said.

All I saw was an eagle," Abigale said.

"Abigale, you were in Gryffindor last year how could you have missed the fact that Amy through a very freak accident involving an exploding cauldron is an Animagus."

"I'm only a second year Shiki. I don't even know what an Animagus is."

"A witch or wizard like my sister who can change into an animal at will is said to be an Animagus. Professor Harrington with help from McGonagall covered them briefly one day in Transfiguration after Christmas."

"I thought what's her name Professor Finch-Fletchley taught Transfiguration," Lynda said.

"She took last year off due to a baby. Her first kid," Amy said.

They soon landed and Abigale Floo Powdered Home. Amy had kind of wished they were at Malfoy Manor even if Shauna was a good cook since Lynda's vast library was there and not at her mothers. She suspected Lynda would have a good book about Animagia in her library. She wanted to read up on how a witch or wizard normally became an Animagus. Oh well I'll just as Hermione in class when we get back to Hogwarts.

The girls had fun over the next few weeks. One morning towards the very end of July Amy was entering the living room when she saw her grandmother's head suddenly appear in the fireplace.

"Oh Amy, you should probably get home right away."

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