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Chapter 12 How to Setup a Werewolf

"Amy, from what I have heard around Hogwarts there is a ball coming up?" Lupre asked her a couple minutes later

"Yes the Valentines Day ball. People fourth year or above and their dates can attend the entire ball but people in the lower years can attend for the first couple hours. In case your wondering I already have a date."

"I have heard around school how close you are with one of the Slytherins so I know your taken. Who else is basically a couple?"

"Something tells me Geoff and Tonya might be. Why do you ask?"'

"I was hoping you could help me find a date for the ball."

"What about what's her name Vrakyn the girl you were sorted with?"

"I was hoping to date a non Slytherin. Besides as some muggles would say something doesn't seem kosher about her."

"It might help me if I knew what kind of girl you were looking for."

"Well besides my cousin Emily who I knew most of my life just not as my cousin and other family members my closest friends in our year are Sarah Demenkus in Ravenclaw and Carly Wood here in Gryffindor."

"How could you not know somebody is your cousin?"

"We didn't know who her father was and he is the connection between Emily and Amy. Emily's father is one of Amy's mother's brothers. WE stumbled on Emily's paternity by accident," Harry explained.

"I'm sure you will find me an appropriate date. How did you end up finding your boyfriend."

"It started out when I broke a wrist in 1st year and ended up in the hospital wing. When I went to get my cast off Marcus was there getting some kind of a potion. Well we slowly got to know each other and well he asked me to the dance. The ball my first year though was almost the scene of a duel except Dad and McGonagall were too quick."

Shortly after that Amy and Lupre headed back to the Common Room. Over the next few weeks Amy thought about Lupre's problem. One day during a quiet politics class Carly was talking to Amy.

"So you and Marcus going to the ball together?"

"Far as I know. You going with anybody?"

"No so far nobody has asked me. I went with Nigel last year because I was desperate. This year I'd rather have a real date."

"How would you like to do me a favor."

"Depends, what is the favor?"

"Lupre Triforia asked me to help him find a date for the ball."

"Let me get this straight you want me to take the weirdest guy in our year to the ball. I thought going with Nigel was a moment of desperation."

"Miss Potter, Miss Wood fascinating as your social lives are they don't have anything to do with The Makeup of the Russian Ministry. Kindly and quietly do your work You can decide who Carleen will take to the dance outside of class time," Professor LeCorchick interrupted.

"OK Professor," They said.

By the time they reached the common room that night They discussed the situation.

"Have you made a decision yet?"

"I'll probably regret this but I think I will go with Lupre to the Dance. After all he could probably use a friend."

The night of the Dance Amy looked over her dress robe situation and Chose a nice set of formal gold Robes with some red trim. She met her group down in the Common Room.

"If you ask me Lupre and Carleen make a nice couple," Shiki commented before walking over by Kai since she was attending the ball with her countryman. Geoff and Tonya were going together supposedly as friends. Amy had even noticed how Melanie Holmes was going with Josh Arnold."

Fairly soon they were down in the Great Hall enjoying the feast. Amy noticed how Professor Snape and Kari were pretty close to each other during the Dance portion. At 10pm She noticed how most of the younger students had left."

"Must be nice dating a student a couple years older huh," Josh commented.

"That it is Josh. What is your opinion on Snape actually having a girlfriend."

"Hard to believe Amy. Extremely hard to believe."

The two couples ventured close to were the potions master and the Japanese professor were dancing.

"Oh neko-chan just how much do you love me?"

"Enough to ask you one simple question. Will you marry me?"

"Why neko-chan I had no idea you cared that much for me."

"Well will you?" Snape asked her.


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