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Chapter 13/14 The Big News

It was a couple weeks after the Valentines Ball during which Professor Snape had proposed Marriage to Professor Translet which had gotten accepted. Two members of the student body though weren't exactly impressed, Amy because the very idea of her Japanese Professor even dating the potions master made her want to gag herself with Godric Gryffindor's wand and Hitari Translet the first year daughter of the Japanese Professor since she wasn't sure she wanted Professor Snape as a stepfather.

"Something bothering you, Amy?" Marcus asked her one day while they were having lunch in their usual dungeon.

"As you know I'm one of the Gryffindor students who were nominated for the Japan trip and they still haven't announced who is going."

"Have you asked your dad or McGonagall?"

"Oh yes, I've asked my dad several times and the only time he gave me even a slight clue all he said was not to make any plans after March. Whoever is going leaves at the end of the month?"

"If you end up going to Japan it will make the Gryffindor-Slytherin Game very interesting next year."

"I know. Thankfully we have a backup keeper this year."

"You, talking about the kid that sat in for you after that Bludger nailed you right before our game. He isn't really good compared to you."

"I know but well someone has to do it. Without a Keeper the team has to relay solely on the seeker to win."

"So true," Marcus said. Dobby appeared right then.

"Amy Potter must leave so she can get to class," Dobby informed them.

"Thanks Dobby," Amy said as she headed off for Potions.

Over the next couple weeks Amy would continue to try and figure out when the Announcement would be made. On day she was glancing at the Bulletin Board in the Gryffindor Common Room and noticed a new notice on the board.






"Nice to see, but we still don't know who is going," a fifth year pointed out.

"Maybe the announcement will be made soon." Melanie commented.

At Dinner a mere two days before the Hogsmeade Weekend Professor McGonagall called everyone to Attention.

"As you all know at the end of this month eight of our students are heading off to Japan for a year. It was a challenge choosing the eight students. Some houses had more candidates then other houses. From Gryffindor the Candidates were 3rd Year Amy Potter, 1st Year Jamie Black, 4th Year Barbara Bailey, 5th Year Jeffrey Boot, 4th Year Susan Colsworth, and 2nd Year Abigale Dursley. Hufflepuff 1st Year Hillary O'Brien, 1st Year Jessica Hope, and 3rd Year Joe Conan. Ravenclaw 2nd Year Raynor Vasman and 3rd years Righta Angle and Goffy Muller. Finally the Candidates for Slytherin are 3rd Year Constance Milling, 1st Year Aku Haiku, and 3rd Year Charlie Carlton. It's almost too bad that only eight students can go. Also it would have been nice to have a larger and broader Candidate Base to choose from," McGonagall said. "Now our very own Professor Translet will announce the names of those who are actually going?"

"Like the headmistress, I almost wish everyone could go but only these eight students are going. As I call your name please proceed into the room behind the Head Table. The first chosen student is Righta Angle Ravenclaw 3rd Year. After her is Joe Conan Hufflepuff 3rd Year, Abigale Dursley Gryffindor 3rd Year, Aku Haiku Slytherin 1st Year, and Jessica Hope Hufflepuff 1st Year, Constance Milling, Slytherin 3rd Year, Amy Potter Gryffindor 3rd Year and finally Raynor Vasman Ravenclaw 2nd Year."

As the names were announced cheers would erupt. The biggest cheers though were for Amy. When Amy entered the room she saw Albus and Percy along with a representative of the Japanese Ministry of Magic.

"Evening students," The Japanese man greeted them. "I want to congratulate the eight of you for getting chosen. While it might seem as if the selection was rigged seeing as how your own Deputy Headmaster's own daughter and his cousin were chosen I can assure you Amy-chan and Abigaile-Chan were chosen out of merit not because of their being related to a professor. I suppose I should introduce myself, my name is as you Europeans say it Yoshi Hisato. I am the Deputy Minister for Education for the Japanese Ministry of Magic. My Equivalent with your own Ministry is my old friend Albus Dumbledore." At this he gestured towards Albus. For you eight these next few days are jam packed. For one thing you all will be taking special exams starting tomorrow on what you learned prior to today. Saturday you will be going to Hogsmeade to buy any supplies you need for Japan. Departure via Portkey for Tokyo is on the 29th. Are there any questions?"

Amy raised her hand.

"You are?" Yoshi asked her.

"Amy Potter sir, I am helping to care for a young unicorn foal that the mare for some reason will only let me touch. I was under the impression that some kind of arrangements would be made for her with your office."

"I will have to Floo the Japanese Ministry about this since your question is best answered by the appropriate office at our ministry."

"Just so you eight know this room will basically be your common room for the next week," Albus said. The next day Amy had exams in Japanese and Politics with emphasis on the Japanese Ministry. Saturday they went as a group into Hogsmeade.

"Whoa talk about bloody awesome," Jessica said since being a first year she had never been to Hogsmeade."

"I wouldn't worry about Kimono's today students because you will be supplied those at the school," Yoshi said.

"I think Amy already has her kimonos," Abigaile joked.

"Well the students who transferred from Japan to Hogwarts gave them to me for Christmas."

"Oh Amy-Chan I spoke with the Ministry in Tokyo. Your Unicorn will be given full access to the grounds of the Tokyo School of Magic. All we need to do is get her there."

"Thanks Yoshi-san," Amy said. Before too long they had all the stuff they needed ahead of time. The group then stopped by Amy's house for a dinner. The families of the students going to Japan were going to be at Hogwarts Wednesday for the day so the students could say goodbye before leaving. The next day Kari hosted a Japanese Dinner in the Japanese Classroom for all her students.

"Amy, are you taking your unicorn foal with you?" Marcus asked her.

"She is supposed to go. I just haven't figured out how yet?"

"Just take her through the portkeys with you," Keiko suggested.

"That does sound like the best decision Amy-chan," Kari agreed. Wednesday Amy spent the day with her family after finishing her exams.

"Scotland won't be the same without you Amy," Ginny said.

"Yeah sis who will keep any eye on the Sky without TailFeathers lurking around." Shiki commented.

"I have a feeling Padfoot will be helping Padfootette bigtime in her animagus lessons." Jamie who was nearby gave her a swift kick for calling her Padfootette.

"Amy, you're scheduled to leave at midnight for Tokyo so you better get packed," Yoshi said about 3pm."

"Thanks Yoshi when are the others leaving."

"They are leaving at 5am."

About ten thirty Hagrid and Yoshi escorted Amy to the Grounds. Amy called Sunic to her side. Edgar was already enroute.

"Sunic, I have to go to another country for a year," She explained.

The young foal gave her a sad look.

"Not to worry Sunic, you're coming with me. We have to go via portkey though to get there so I want to make sure you have no problems going through it." The young foal whinnied in excitement at going with Amy and hour and a half later Yoshi shrunk Amy's trunk and handed it to her.

"Here you go Amy-Chan. You will be met in Tokyo," Yoshi said as he handed Amy her trunk. "Ready on 3, 2, 1."

At the count of one Amy felt the usual tug at the navel that signaled a port key activating, when she arrive, a few people were waiting for her. One was an older gentleman in a very ornate Kimono.

"Konnichi-wa Amy-chan. I am Headmaster Yamoto of the Tokyo School of Magic. I welcome you to my school."

"I accept your welcome Headmaster Yamoto."

"Amy, I am Tato Masakazu," A Younger male said. "This is my lovely wife Emiko and our children Our Son Ronin, and our daughters Aiko, Gina, Keiko, Noriko, and Yumi. We were chosen as your sponsor family. Not quite like your family was to Shikkyaku when she first left for Hogwarts not even two years ago. Our purpose is to give you somewhere to stay away from the school."

"Shiki is my sister now as my family adopted her," Amy said.

"The Suta-Raito family and our family were quite close. In fact when her family died we tried to get Shikkyaku ourselves and failed. When we found out she was soon to be adopted we were glad since it meant she didn't have to return to the Kusa's."

"When will I likely be visiting your home?"

"Actually we are headed there now so that you can get settled. You don't need to be at the School until The 1st. I understand your classmates are arriving around two this afternoon."

Before too long they were at the Tato's apartment in Wizarding Tokyo.

"Gina, are any of your brothers and sisters students at the School?" Amy inquired.

"As a matter of fact Amy-chan Ronin, is going into his Fifth Year, I'll be a fourth year like you and Noriko is entering her first year. The main reason my family was chosen was because Ronin and I are in Kita like you will be. Your Headmistress arranged it so you would be in whatever the equivalent of your house at Hogwarts."

"How well did you know Shiki Suta-Raito and Kai Senshi before they left for Hogwarts?"

"Shiki was my best friend our first year. I miss her."

"I'm sure she misses you and me as well," Amy said.


Closing Notes

I find it hard to believe that this story has taken me two plus years to get out. Yet it has. From here I will be moving onto Amy's Fifth Year though down the road I hope to write about her time at the Tokyo School of Magic."