Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a faraway kingdom and she was the fairest maiden in the land ok ok the

princess was really only the prom queen, class president, and the cheerleading captain and the kingdom was only the best school in

Manhattan, Juilliard School of Music and she wasn't the prettiest not even close but she was the conductor of the School's superb Jazz Band

and was currently dating Leader of the schools Youth Orchestra Program so she carried a lot of wait with her teachers and classmates. So

anyway there was this other girl [ that's me] who absolutely loathed her because she had everything and her father owned Juilliard and was

super rich . Sarah [that's me] grew up with a mom who was often never home and a dad who was never around when she was born. I got

here on a scholarship that meant if i ever got in trouble i would be out of here and the second Hanna found that out she's been trying to get

me into trouble so i would be forced to leave because the truth is that i'm much prettier and i am much much better at the trumpet then her

and i have to give her this, she's really good at playing the trumpet on the elementary school level . [ the only reason that she got in is her

"daddy" bribed the admissions officer and threatened her job if she didn't let her in.] So now she's in the school even though no one likes her

playing except for her and her "daddy ." Well atleast i have Brenna . [ Brenna's my best friend ever .] I meet Brenna on the first day of school

she was the only one who said hi to me when they found out i'm on a scholarship. She got in just like me but unlike me her parents can

afford the $33,000 yearly tuition. One of the other reasons why Rebecca doesn't like me is because I find her boyfriend Chad super cute and

even though he's with Becca he still seems to like me. Well anyway on its only the 2nd day of school and i already made an enemy. Well i'm

not going to let her ruin the best thing since i got my trumpet for my 10th birthday. My Schedule is truly amazing 1st period i have Classical

Orchestra, then 2nd i have Jazz Band with miss Perfect [ Rebecca], 3rd i have lunch and practice in my own studio, 4th i have math because

i'm required by law to take at least one that "normal" students would take, 5th i have the history of music, 6th i have more practice time

because they are only given an hour to practice and eat, finally 7th i have select chamber orchestra. When i'm done at school i head off to my

dorm to get ready cheerleading practice [cheering is the only thing Becca is good at ] when that was over i head to my dorm took a shower

and ate with the rest of the 6th graders i was loving this school. After I ate i did my math homework and called my parent's they totally rock

even though they adopted me. I found out i was adopted when i was 7 and found the papers inside a case which i thought held my trumpet.

After i finished all that i went to practice and after i was so tired i couldn't even play a concert Bb i went to sleep. The next day i woke up and

found that i was in the infirmary apparently i had started screaming in my sleep and the couldn't wake me so they brought me to the ]

infirmary and excused me from all my classes except practicing. The only way to get out of practicing is to be very sick or for players with

mouthpieces you had to have a red throat and not be able to talk. Anyway since i had been adopted i had been trying to find out who my real

parents are and since i didn't have anything to do until lunch i decided to start searching the internet. Since i had no idea who they were only

there names I did a general search of all the Jennifer and James Gibson in the DC area. I only got a couple hits and they were for FBI director

Jennifer Sampson and James Gibson. She then reevaluated her search and made it more direct . she then found that there was record of her

birth but there weren't any ideas who the dad was and the baby had been put up for adoption before anyone could run tests. She then

decided to ask the nurse if she could test her blood and see if they got any hits from the system. When the nurse asked for a reason I told her

if she didn't help then i would tell the WHOLE school that she had a crush on the Young Adults Symphony Orchestra director and she quickly

blushed and started running it. After the nurse had finished she rapidly ran into my room and said your DNA matches FBI director Jennifer

Sampson and James Gibson are you adopted? I quickly gave her a short story and swore her to secrecy. Once i was sure the nurse wouldn't

say anything i dashed off to find a practice room away from Princess Rebecca. Even though i raced and ran i managed to be stuck in the ONLY

double room on campus with Miss. Rebecca. Well at least i'll get somewhere someday while she'll probably become a model. Well once that's

done i head back to the infirmary and spend the rest of the day researching my mom and dad. Little did i know that every time i research my

mom's name i set off a tiny alarm and since i keep researching her that sets off a warning and since no one except my mom knows my new

name some agents come down to the school and track me down. Once i explain to them i'm just doing research for a project on women who

lead our country they leave. Once i find out a ton of info on my mom i research my dad James Gibbs, Apparently he works for NCIS and that

also sent off an alarm which sent him and his team to investigate. As soon as he sees me he tells his team I'm not a threat or another case or

Haswari they all leave to continue investigating a dead petty officer. Once they leave i head back to my room that i share with Brenna and fell

asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. The next day i went to my regular classes but i couldn't concentrate. I was thinking of a plan to

tell my adopted parents that I knew I was adopted and that I wanted to find my real parents and at least meet them. When the teacher saw I

wasn't focusing on my work she sent me back to the infirmary. Even though I explained to the nurse that I was just daydreaming she

insisted on making me stay the night. So I then asked if I could call my parents and talk to them alone for a few minutes she said yes and left

her alone.

AN Jenny Sampson is Jenny Shepard and James Gibson is LJ Gibbs