Hey guys! Long time noupdate! I won't have time to respond to reviews but I want you to know that I apreciate them! :) This is an AU to how Will discovers how his mother died. By the way, I have NOT read Death of a Hero. The song is Where the Streets Have no Name. The song is actually a love song (I think) but it inspired this so here you go :)

Will was riding his loyal horse, Tug, on the way to his cabin in Redmont. A nieghbouring fief's ranger had fallen ill, so it had been up to Will to capture the thief that had been terrorizing the towns. He was a difficult man to capture, but nothing one of Araluen's finest rangers couldn't handle.

As Will reached a tiny village by the name of Bathsum it started to rain. And it wasn't one of those rains that were beautiful and you wanted to dance in. No, it was pouring. The sky's cracked open with thunder and lightning, and the wind wanted to pull the roof's right off the houses. When Will looked at them he realized if it got any worse, the wind just might succeed.

When Will reached the centre of the village he realized that the streets were not named. Will smirked when he realized it was kind of poetic. The streets without names.

Will noticed an inn so, after putting Tug in the stables and feeding him obviously, he was about to walk in. But something caught his eye. Looking over he saw that an old woman, probably in her late 60's had dropped a basket of apples in a deep puddle. He quickly jogged over and helped her pick them up and place them in the basket.

"Where do you live?" Will shouted over the rain, wind and thunder.

The old woman pointed to a nearby one story house. Will nodded in response, picked up the basket, and draped part of his cloak over the woman to shelter the both of them. They made it to the house slowly because the woman could not walk fast.

When they made it inside Will put the basket of apples on the table in the kitchen while saying, "That is quite a storm out there, what were you doing during that weather?"

"I'm a foolish old woman, I thought I could get the apples from the orchard and make it back before the storm hit," she replied. "Thank you, young man, for helping. My name is Agnes."

"I am Will," Will said while shaking Agnes' hand.

Agnes looked into Will's eyes. "You look like someone I met a long time ago."

Will frowned in confusion. "Who?"

"I only met him and his wife once, theirnnames were Daniel and Agatha. Very sweet couple, very sweet. Agatha was with child."

"Daniel, that was my father's name. I don't understand, how did you know them."

"As I said, Will, I only met them once, I don't even know their last names."

"But what happened to my mother? I know my father died in battle and the note said my mother died when I was born-"

"Died when you were born? No, she died not long after you were born though. Why don't we sit down and I'll tell you all about it."

They sat down on the kitchen chairs and Agnes continued her story.

"I met your parents the day after they moved in, I brought them a bushel of apples to welcome them to the village. Umfortunately, that same day your father was called to serve in the king's army. Your mother was left alone, I would've helped her out, but my neice was visiting at the time and was sick so she needed my full attention. I don't really know what happened after, but one day I saw a man go in, and he had a cloak just like yours. He was in there for a wile, then he went out carrying a baby, which I'm assuming is you. Afterward I went to the backyard and saw a grave with a cross, but no name. So I carved Agatha's name into it. I don't know how she died, but all these years I thought of you and prayed you were all right."

Will's eyes were tearing up as Agnes told the story. "Where's the grave?"

"It's behind the house that's across the street. But you can't go there now, not whIle there's syill a storm. You can stay here for the night."

The next morning Will visited the grave, then he mounted Tug and rode to Redmont to the person he was sure could give him answers. Halt.

Afterwards Will often came to the village where the streets have no name to visit both Agnes and his mother's grave.

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