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Epilogue - 20 years later

Bella Point of View

I liked to think back to when I first met Edward. It may not have been the best times of my life, but I like to think that it all happened for this reason. I had left the hospital all healed and just fine. Edward ended up giving me the scar cream later that day, and I had to laugh at how excited and proud he was of the present he got me. It did actually work too. The scar was practically unsayable by the next school year. My cast was taken off and I ended up undergoing physical therapy to regain the muscles back. Edward took me on my first date a month after my cast was off. I ended up turning Jace down, and he was happier for it, because a few weeks after he found the woman destined to become his wife, and we ended up losing touch. Eventually the Volutri found out that I knew about vampires, and enforced that I had to either become a vampire or become dinner. It was quite obvious what Edwards's choice was.

After I was changed, we had to explain it to my parents. Charlie took it pretty well, but Renee was hysterical. Eventually she came to terms with it, and she and Charlie actually started dating again. They had another child, this time a son. My little brother is absolutely adorable.

One day Jacob Black came knocking on the Cullen's door, to which I answered. The smell was absolutely revolting, to which he informed me that he had become a werewolf, or more accurately a shape-shifter. He then spoke to the rest of the Cullen's, and it was deemed that they had broken the treaty, which they then had to explain to me. We were forced to up and leave or suffer the consequences of death.

Rosalie eventually warmed up to me, because I did not really have a choice and she knew it. Alice, Rosalie, and I frequently made shopping trips, even if I was an unwilling participant.

Phil was brought to justice, and thrown in jail for child abuse. Even if I was 17, I was still legally a child. He later on committed suicide after he got out of jail. It had also come out that he had been abusing my mother as well.

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