A/N: Okay, this just came to my mind in the middle of my writing process of a Hobbit story, I have no idea why. This is made in like 15 minutes so if there are any mistakes or weird things then let me know :)

"Raph, come here!" Mikey called to his brother.

"What now?" the older one said stopping at his tracks. "I'm going to sleep ya know, it's already 11pm."

"Please Raphie, just quickly, you need to help me!" Mikey whined and turned to face the other one from the computer. "It's important."

"Fine," Raph mumbled and slogged toward his younger brother. "What is it?"

"I have tried to search for good videos about ghosts," the orange one explained, "and I can't find anything from this video. Can you please watch it and say where it is?"

"Seriously Mikey?" Raph gave an irritated look. "Since when have you been interested in ghosts? This is waste of time."

"No! Please Raph, it's a short one."

Mikey's pleading eyes were more irritating than his voice and Raph sighed. "Fine!"

Mikey made a sign of victory and stood up from the chair.

"So, there is this guy sitting in the front and the text says that the ghost walks behind him, I just can't see it anywhere. Watch."

Mikey pushed the play button and took several steps away from Raph and the computer.

Raph sat on the chair and stared the screen with no interest.

"I ain't seein' anythin'," Raph stated but moved his face closer. He stared and stared for seconds, and as he was going to speak again two things happened at the same time: a picture of sort of a zombie appeared on the screen and some seriously loud yelling came through the speakers.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Raph shouted startled and fell backward with the chair. Mikey started laughing hard because of the scene, his brother looked hilarious.

"What is happening there?" Leo asked from the upper level, awoken by the shouting. Donnie appeared next to him, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"I'm gonna kill ya!" Raph threatened as he managed to recover from what happened and stood up.

"Yelp," Mikey said and escaped the room.

"It's the usual, I would say," Donnie answered Leo's previous question.

"I seems like it," Leo admitted as one of the sofas went upside down.

"Sounded like Mikey showed him one of the ghost videos. He asks to spot the ghost but really there isn't any. And as the person tries to look closer a face appears there and then there will be some heavy music or something."

"Isn't that an old trick?" Leo asked still half asleep.


"I can't believe he fell for it."

"Me neither."

They watched the chasing of the two other brothers for few seconds.

"Let's go back to sleep," Leo said.

"Sounds good," Donnie replied and they both went back into their rooms as Mikey was still running for his life from the Death called Raphael.

A/N: I have to admit that the scaring part is based on a true story :') It was several years ago when me and my aunt were watching ghost videos (the real ones!) and then we came to that certain one (we didn't know it was fake until it was too late). I was sitting in a chair that had wheels underneath it. And as that thing happend I basically flew backwards to the floor (with the chair) and immediately jumped to the bed nearby like I would have been a ninja! :D

So be careful when you watch videos from Youtube :') Anything can happen!