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The smaller male muttered as he stared at Kagami. Even though the stare seemed almost expressionless but deep inside, he was relieved that Kagami had came and stopped the pervert.


A low growl was heard and as soon as the bus stopped, the pervert hurriedly got off and Kagami sighed in relief.


"C'mon, we should get going too" he said while taking the ex-captain's hand, squeezing it comfortingly and got off as well.




"You know, you could at least put on a fight or struggle from him."

Akashi was silent; he didn't even try to protest. Instead, he just stared at Aoshi and Akane who were walking ahead towards their apartment, giggling and batting at each other. It was strange, watching the cool-type Aoshi playing with the hyperactive Akane.

Kagami stared down at the red head while walking together with him and released a small sigh.

"I'm pretty sure you brought your scissors with you, right?"

He continued to keep silence and still avoiding contact with the taller male.

Kagami shifted his gaze to the front, looking at Aoishi and Akane, "You know, you could at least stab his leg-"

"And let Aoishi and Akane watched what I did?"

The tiger jumped slightly at the sudden reply and looked at Akashi.

"Akane… was the one who told you to come to my spot, am I right?" he asked, even though Kagami didn't reply, Akashi already knew that Akane would surely did what he asked.

And of course his words must be obeyed.

"How did you know?" Kagami asked.

"He briefly glanced back before heading towards your spot."

Kagami was speechless. The difference between whether a person was looking at you or merely glancing at you was so slim but somehow, Akashi managed to know what the glance meant in just a few seconds and remembering his condition at that time..

"I'm confident by the time he reached and told you, he continued to glance at me. If I still stabbed the man's leg at that time…" – a soft sigh was heard, "I'm worried that I'll lose control and repeatedly stabbed the man. This will affect Akane and Aoshi's psychology since they are still children" he finished.

"You could make an excuse to them." Kagami replied.

"If I do that, it's like I'm growing them using excuses. They'll grow being humans that have a lot of excuses and there's a big chance they'll become liars." Akashi explained.

"So you're teaching them to keep quiet, without doing anything?" Kagami asked

The ex-captain shook his head, "I'm teaching them to get help from the people around us, teaching them that they are not alone in this world and also, teaching them to always be with someone, either with a trusted friend or a relative, to go anywhere they want to go"- Akashi glanced at the tiger, who was walking along side him, "And this time, you're with me. So I asked for your help, not the surrounding people."

Kagami went silent, speechless from what the other had confessed.

"I.. don't want them to grow just like that man." Akashi whispered, so only Kagami can hear it.

The taller male let out a small smile before ruffling the soft red hair of the shorter one, "Don't worry about it. They're your children. I'm pretty sure they'll grow to be just like you, strong and determined."

Akashi was stunned, not at all expecting the action before giving him a small bitter smile, "Hmph. Of course."





-Akashi's Apartment, front-

Akashi was silent, though his expression didn't even change, still an emotionless mask.

Kagami was also silent, but his mouth was hanging open slightly.

The two children in front of them were also silent.


"Err... konnichiwa-ssu." Kise waved his hand in front of them awkwardly.


"Ohisashiburi desu." Kuroko bowed at them.


"Hmph. I didn't even plan to come to your apartment. I happened to be here because these two forced me and I don't have a choice- nanodayo." Midorima said calmly as he pushed his glasses up.


"Etto.. gomen ne Akashi-kun. It was my idea to ask them to come." Momoi smiled innocently, "Hora, Dai-chan! At least say something!" The pinkette said as she glanced at the back, directly at Aomine's figure. The dark skinned male was looking anywhere but them.



"Aka-chin, I brought tofu soup, just like how you ordered. And I accidentally saw them on my way here." Murasakibara showed him a box at Akashi.


Akashi let out a sigh, looks like his apartment will be packed for a few hours.



Normal Abnormal Days



"Kyaaa! Kawaaaii!" Momoi squealed as she hugged Akane tightly.

"Tch, you and that big oppai are the same!" Akane managed to say as he struggled against her hold.

"Momoi-san, I don't think it's a good idea to hug her tightly. She can't breathe." Kuroko pointed out as he sat beside Momoi.

The pinkette pouted, "But she's cute, Tetsu-kun..."

The protest was replied with a sigh from Kuroko.

Kise managed a small smile while watching what was happening.

"Big brother, come and play with me.." Aoshi said as he tugged on Kise's sweater. Kise looked behind him, speechless on what Aoshi called him.

Kise flashed the small child his model smile and lifted him up, "Ha'i, hai'. Anything for you, ojou-chan."

"Kise-chin... I also want to lift him up." Looks like Murasakibara starting to like children.

"You can't. You will only scare him, Murasakibaracchi!" Kise huffed and walked away from the giant, with the child in his arms.

"Midorin! Dai-chan! Come here!" Momoi said eagerly as he waved at Midorima and Aomine, who were currently sitting far away from each other. Beside Midorima was a small green frog toy, which happened to be his lucky item.

"Hmph, I'm not interested playing with children nanodayo." Midorima replied coolly while Aomine just went silent.


"Woah, this apartment seems livelier." Kagami said while cooking. He occasionally glanced from the kitchen into the living room.

Akashi didn't utter a word. He slowly ate his tofu soup on the small dining table in the kitchen while looking at the living room as well.

After awhile, Kagami looked back at his cooking, "Hey... Don't you want to see him?"

"I'm currently eating, Taiga..."

"I-i mean after eating.''

Akashi' gazed shift towards Aomine, who was forced by Momoi to be with her and Kuroko.

"... Maybe" the smaller male replied softly.





"Ah, thank you for making Aoshi sleep. Sorry for bothering you." Kagami said sheepishly as he picked Aoshi up from Kise's arms.

"Douitamahite-ssu~ besides, it's not really a bother to me." Kise replied happily.

"Well, it's getting late. I think we should take our leave now" Momoi bowed, "Dai-chan! You can't go home until you say sorry to Akashi-kun and he forgives you!" Momoi continued while she stared at her childhood friend that was currently standing behind Akashi.

"Tch. I know, I know. You're so annoying."

And with that, the five friends headed to their respective homes.

"Well, I'll bring Aoshi and Akane to their room, keeping them company." Kagami looked at Aomine's direction, "You can also stay the night if you want. Go and sleep in Akashi's room."

Aomine didn't know if it's his feeling or not, but Kagami's words towards Aomine sounded like he was... Jealous?

But Aomine didn't even think about it for long. He just nodded in reply.


The living room was silent. Only the thick of the clock was heard. Neither one of them said a word. The heterochromatic eyes and the abyss blue ones stared each other. A few moments went by until Akashi picked up his green tea and took a sip.

"I'm sorry." Aomine said bluntly, his head bowed down.

Akashi placed his cup back on the table, "You're forgiven."

Aomine instantly looked up, "T-that's it?"

Akashi only replied back with a sharp look.

"Why don't you come and live with me-"

"No. I'm staying with Taiga."

"Why!?" Aomine stood up, his tone raised.

Akashi closed his eyes tiredly, "Lower your voice, you'll wake Akane and Aoshi."

With that, Aomine sat back, "I-I'm sorry... It's just..."—a pause, "It's wrong for letting you take care of the children alone. Let me help you."

Akashi's lips formed a thin line before speaking, "I can take care of 5 people at once. 2 are easy."

"This is different Akashi. You have to take care of 2 children that are innocent and don't know anything about this world."

"I'm used to plan alone."

"I already said just now, this is different-"

"It's the same!"

Aomine flinched at the sudden raised tone.

"At least... Let me do something as an apology..." the darker one said.

"I really appreciate with your concern but my decision is final." Akashi stood, "Stay the night. Snow will fall tonight. You don't want to die because of the cold, am I correct?"

Aomine stood as well, "I don't want to bother you. I'll leave"—with that, Aomine headed out.





Akashi was shocked when he saw the tiger was in the bedroom. Kagami was there, sitting on Akashi's bed with worry.

"Are you done?" he asked once he saw the other entered.

"I won't be here if I'm not done." Akashi replied as he headed towards the cupboard. He took a set of red pyjamas and changed.

Kagami just stared as Akashi changed, and this made Akashi uncomfortable.

"What is it?" he decided to ask.

Kagami just let out a small laugh, "Nothing" he then walked towards Akashi, who was searching for his sweater.

"Are you asking me to leave?" the taller one asked.

"No" Akashi said as he continued to search, not giving the other a glance.


"What do you mean by 'so?'" He asked while his brow furrowed.

"What happened in the conversation?"

"... It's none of your business"

"Will he be staying the night?"


"Are you going to leave and stay at his place?"

A moment of silent, "... Maybe"

Akashi finally found his sweater in the cupboard while his back faced Kagami. Kagami was enjoying the every small movement the smaller one made.

His heterochromatic eyes widened when he felt the other hugged him. It was tight, as if Akashi will suddenly vanish if he released him. Kagami buried his face into the pale neck, inhaling the lemon scented skin.


"Thank you."— A pause, "Thank you for not going there..."

Akashi just stood there and finally looked at Kagami, "Let go of me Taiga. You're heavy..."

Kagami gently messaged Akashi's shoulders and then spun him, so the smaller red head would face him. He then pinned the pale man on the cupboard.

"I'm not letting you go Akashi."

Akashi was surprised by the confession. His words, his gaze... it looked hurt.

"Taiga, what are you-"

He didn't manage to finish his sentence when Kagami suddenly kissed him gently. The action stunned him. His reflex finally kicked it after a few seconds. He shoved the broad chest while shutting his eyes. A faint flushed can be seen on the pale cheeks.

The kiss was gentle and it wasn't his first kiss either but he didn't want it to repeat again.

Kagami decided to pick him up bridal style, the kiss still intact and carried him towards the bed. He broke the kiss and seemingly threw Akashi onto the bed.

Kagami instantly crawled on top of him as Akashi looked at him, his eyes teary slightly. His cheeks flushed while his breathing was uneven.

"Forgive me Akashi...''

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Konnichiwa- Good Evening

Ohisashiburi- Long time no see

Oppai- Boobs