Edward quickly found the bed in the house it was located in the far back underneath a window.

The frame was made out of brass, the sheets which were white, cool and soft, and smelled like flowers mainly lavender.

He has obviously taken care of everything why am I not surprised Sophie thought happily.

He gently threw her on the bed and they in no time had shed their clothes and made love well into the evening.

After many rounds Sophie propped her head up on her right elbow.

She looked at him and replied wondrously "I am so happy we are finally together I love, you."

He kissed her tenderly on her lips and said softly "I love you, and I have a gift for you."

She grinned and asked curious "Oh, when am I to receive it?"

Edward wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her on top of him.

Sophie giggled, he tucked her hair behind her ears tenderly and kissed her softly.

He smiled and said mysteriously "All in good time my dear, all in good time."

They then made love again.

Two days later Edward over breakfast, smiled and held up his right hand, in it was a silk purple scarf.

Sophie looked at it and asked curiously "What is that for?"

He smiled and replied mischievously "Remember when two days ago I told you that I had a present for you?"

She nodded and said inquisitively "Yes I do."

Edward smiled wider and replied happily "Well this scarf is one small part of the present, I have taken many pains in order to create this gift for you, I hope you will indulge me some patience."

Sophie reached her left hand across the table and said trustingly "Of course, Edward."

He took her left hand in his own and pulled her up from the table, in a flourish, he had blindfolded her.

Edward placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered quietly "Do you truly trust me Sophie?"

She nodded and replied assuredly "Yes I do."

He smiled and said softly "Very well onward to the surprise."

With that Edward took her right hand and led her outside.

They walked for a quite a while. Sophie could feel that they were headed in the direction of the creek.

Finally after a hour they stopped.

Edward walked behind her and undid her blindfold.

Sophie looked around she was right they had stopped at the foot of the creek.

However the creek wasn't what drew her attention her eyes were quickly drawn to a even more stunning sight.

Two yards from the creek bed, there was a arch, adorned with dozens of wildflowers, underneath it stood a priest and a woman.

Sophie clutched her right hand over her heart words escaped her.

She looked at Edward tears now streaming down her face.

He got down on bended knee.

Taking her right hand in his own he said reverently "Sophie, I have loved you since the moment I clapped eyes on you, now that we are together again I never want to be without you."

Edward took out of his breast pocket a golden ring, it had a dime-sized ruby in it's center with small diamonds adoring both sides.

He smiled and asked happily "Would you do me the honor of making our union a proper one, will you marry me?"

She replied aghast "I take it this is the gift you had planned on giving me?"

Edward grinned and replied happily "Indeed, so am I to take that as a yes?"

Sophie threw her arms around his neck, it knocked them to the ground and she gave him a passionate kiss.

She smiled and said euphoric "Yes I will!"

Edward helped her up and the two were married underneath a arch adorned with wild flowers the only witness being a priest and his wife and the beautiful country scenery.

Hours later in bed they were wrapped up in each other their wedding rings glinting in the bright fire light.

She turned in his arms and said contently "Edward you're gift today was the most precious one I have ever received, next to this of course." Sophie fingered her puzzle locket.

Edward squeezed her softly, he then kissed her tenderly on the lips.

He sighed and replied warmly "I finally succeeded."

Sophie sighed and replied confusingly "In what?"

Edward turned to face her and replied triumphantly "I made us disappear."

She grinned and kissed him passionately on the lips. She said happily "Yes you did I, love you."

He slid his arms around her neck and brought him to her.

Edward kissed her softly and replied lovingly "I love, you Sophie, my darling wife."

Sophie kissed him back and said dotingly "I, love you, Edward my dear husband."

The two then made love well into the night.