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The McFadden's were on their Ranch working. Adam who is the oldest of his Seven Brother's as well as his 10 year old sister Haley who is Guthrie's twin, was even helping on the ranch.

"Hey Haley." Guthrie had called over to his sister as she was passing by him.

"Yeah?" She asked her brother as she stopped by him.

"Never mind. I found her." Guthrie told his sister as he then found their pet baby lamb, Lily. It was her feeding time. Daniel was helping his younger brothers in the barn. Haley was going out by her brothers. She was standing in the door way.

"Hey guys." She told her brothers as she gave wave to them.

"Hey Haley." The three of them told her as Daniel gave her a smile.

"Did you come to help?" Ford stood there asking his sister.

"Nope. I was just coming by to see you guys." She told her brother as she stood there watching them work.

Daniel was trying to stand up the wood, but they kept falling down.

"Daniel the wood." She told her brother as she jumped.

"Man these stupid woods keep falling over." Daniel told her as he was getting mad as they would not stand up right.

Evan and Ford had then left to head outside to get some more wood. Haley was still standing there, as she was talking with Daniel. When she was about to leave she heard a noise. When she turned around she saw the wood falling over hitting Daniel.

"DANIEL!" She screamed out as she was crying.

Everyone heard her scream as they were all running to see what was wrong. When they ran into the barn, they saw the wood on top of Daniel.

"Get her out!" Crane yelled to his brothers as Haley was standing there crying as she was worried about Daniel.

They were all trying to get the wood off of Daniel as Evan was trying to make his sister leave.

"Daniel" Adam was calling for his younger brother, hoping to find him alive.

"What if he is dead?" She stood there asking Evan as she was worried.

"He's not." Evan was telling his sister as he was taking her out of the barn.

Haley stopped at the door way and looked over her shoulder to see them taking the wood off of Daniel. With that Crane was carrying Daniel to the truck.

"Evan. Stay here with Ford and the twins." Brian told his brother as Haley looked up at Brian with a sad look.

"Hey kiddo, he will be fine." Brian told her as he was going with Adam and Crane to the Hospital.