The next day they were all coming down for breakfast. When they were done with breakfast they were heading out to church.

"Hey Daniel, you wanna come with us to church?" Adam was then asking him.

"Yeah sure why not." Daniel was saying when he gave a smile.

When they were getting ready to leave, they were taking the jeep and the truck. Haley was in the truck with Adam and Brian. When they arrived at church Haley was staying with Brian. She was then going to pray top God.

"Dear God
Please let Daniel remember who we are. I need my brother back." She was saying softly so no one was able to hear her.

When church was done they were then heading home. They were sitting around in the living room. Daniel was putting his head back.

"You ok?" Crane was then asking him.

"Yeah, my head hurts." Daniel was saying as he was in some pain.

Daniel was then getting up while Crane watched him get up.

"Gonna go and lay down a bit." Daniel was saying when they watched him go up. Haley was down by the stream.

After a few minutes, Crane was then getting up and was going to check on Daniel. He saw Daniel sitting up not looking good.
Crane then ran in.

"Hey you ok?" Crane asked his brother when he rushed to his side.

"Crane my head is killing me." Daniel was saying while he was holding his head.

"Wanna go back to the Hospital?" Crane was the asking his brother.

"No, cause I don't wanna scare Haley." Daniel told Crane.

Crane sat there confused.

"Haley?" Crane asked Daniel, when he gave him a confused look.

"Yeah you know how she will get." Daniel was saying when Crane stopped him.

"Daniel, who's Haley?" Crane sat there asking his brother.

"Crane come on our little sister who's ten." Daniel was saying when he couldn't understand why Crane was acting weird.

"Daniel do you know what this means?" Crane jumped up and was asking his brother.

"Know what? Crane what are you talking about?" Daniel was asking as he was now confused.

"Your memory is back." Crane said with excitement.

"What?" Daniel asked shockingly.

Crane was then sitting there explaining to Daniel what happened. He was feeling bad.

"I told her that I didn't know who she was?" Daniel asked his brother when he shook his head, feeling so badly.

They were then heading down to tell the other's.

"Adam! Hey Adam!" Crane called out as Adam stood up from his chair wondering what was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Adam was asking his brother's.

"Adam I remember everything." Daniel was telling his brothers as they were getting up.

"Whooo Hoooo." They all said in unison.

"Where's Haley?" Daniel was then asking his brother's.

"Down by the stream." Evan was then telling him.

Daniel had then ran out to go and find his sister. He then found her sitting by the stream.

"Hey." Daniel said when she gave him a look.

"Don't worry, I wont be bothering you any more." She told him as she was getting up and was walking away.

"Haley don't. Your my sister and I need you." Was all Daniel had to say to her when she stopped and turned to him.

"You do. Really." She told her brother as she was filled with joy.

She had tears coming down her face. She then ran over to him while he picked her up.

"You have no idea how much I am so glad that you're back." She told her brother while she gave him a hug.

They were then walking back up to the house smiling . When they got back to the house Guthrie was wondering.

"So you really know who we are?" Guthrie was asking his brother since he was wondering.

"Yes my littlest brother and my one and only sister." Daniel was telling the twins as they all sat there and smiled.

"He's back." Guthrie said when they all chuckled.

"Yes he is and I am glad." She told her brother as again she gave him a hug.