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Chapter 1

A Fateful Night

Fate. The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. A simple word with a powerful meaning, one that has been used for centuries. It is believed that one's life is predetermined. That nothing you will ever do has not already been planned out to the slightest detail and there is no hope in changing it. Your life was chiseled into a stone tablet as the saying goes. We are merely actors working out a script that has been completed before we were ever conceived.

But that is not true all one needs is an interruption from an outside source. A random action is all it takes to shatter the stone foundation of your life. A simple choice to burn the script to ashes and the plot along with it. But at the same time no one knows how this will affect your life, this unforeseen action. It may turn your once average life into a nightmare where you will never have peace of mind. Every waking moment is a struggle against the madness clawing at the walls of your mind, bringing unparalleled agony. But in some cases it could be your salvation from the crawling madness, drawing you away from the pain.

But nothing comes without a price; you must lose something of equal value in order to get something in return. In the case of a certain hunter his destined life of becoming an ex-human turned pawn would be exchanged for something worst. Much worst.

The transcendence or damnation of the human identity could be traced back to one a dark winter night. It had just past nine so the sky was nothing but an eternal black pit sucking the life and light out of all it covered. And yet it offered a sense of peace and mystery to those that took the time to gaze upon it without fear. Snow fell from the heavens, gently falling to the surface turning the once grassy landscape into a blanket of white. It was almost if the angels wept in sympathy for the tragedy that would soon befall the small family.

A small log cabin provided the only source of light as it flowed through the windows shining onto the snow. In one of the windows a young boy of ten named Zero was gazing out the window with a worried gaze. The child was the perfect description of an angel, innocent and pure. He was tall for his age, but his body was well muscled from hours of strict training. His short silver hair framed his heart shaped face complimenting his pale skin. The most captivating part was his eyes, pale violet that could show any number of emotions while resembling perfect gems. He was the perfect image of his father when he was young, untainted by the harsh laws the association forces over all hunters, especially children.

As much as Zero hated it he knew what his parents, specifically his mother, were saying about his beloved twin Ichiru. They were born twins an event that was considered the ultimate curse for hunters. Zero had been born with the power of one and a half hunters while his brother had been left with a frail sickly body. Ichiru had been gifted with a powerful mind but that didn't matter to the adults if he didn't have a powerful body to go with it. It was only a matter of time before the council labels him unfit to be a hunter and what few options awaited him. Either they were "sent away" or they devoted themselves to aiding the Hunter's Association behind the frontlines.

Those that stayed often worked closely with the association. The tasks they fulfilled were varied and crucial to the Hunter's success; advancing the research of data collected by field agents, conducting experiments with new types of weaponry, or conducting research on the known and lesser known vampire households. While they were the most glamorous of jobs the Association could function without them. But at their young age, everyone wanted to be the big hero or nothing at all.

Zero didn't know what people thought of about the children that were "sent away", but he knew the truth. He managed to get his teacher, Touga Yagari, to tell him about it when he first heard it from a group of older hunter children gossiping about a group that had been deemed unfit to live as hunters.

It didn't happen often but it happened enough that the basic information was common knowledge to all hunter children. This was the ultimate fear for any hunter child no matter how little facts they received. If a child wasn't good enough they would have their entire life ripped from them and have their lives changed forever.

Hunter children deemed unworthy were basically excluded from the life of a hunter and anything involved with it, especially their families. Touga did admit that he didn't know too many details, but they used a special memory spell to play around with the child's mind before casting them aside.

They wouldn't remember their true parents, their hope of having a hunter's life, and nothing of their siblings, if they'd had any. It was a safeguard to prevent anyone outside the association from learning the truth about the beasts in human form living among them and those who hunt them. If a child couldn't be a hunter the only other option was for them to attend regular school with other regular human children, and the slightest mistake about the family's real job could lead to many unwanted problems. It was an easy but terrible mistake and let's face it children love to brag.

At first glance it seemed like overbearing paranoia for the association to do so much for nearly eighty percent of the children who failed. Yagari and later Zero came to the conclusion that the association had tried to let some contact exist, but a something must have happened that caused a slight slip of the tongue. This mistake must have needed a lot of covering up and memory wipes, not to mention the time consuming 'pain the ass' paperwork that came with it. After going through all that time, effort, and resources it's not surprising that the association had no desire to go through that ever again.

There have been cases when the parents attempted to keep their children even though the association demanded for them to be sent away. The parents were forever labeled as traitors to the association and whatever happened to them was a much more guarded secret. Hunters had to obey orders but at the same time there are many parents who admire those who did everything in their power to keep their babies close to them.

Zero never wanted that to happen to his beloved Ichiru. It wasn't his fault that he was born with a weak body if nothing the fault was Zero's, but there was nothing he could do either way. It's not like he has any political power over this or the status to protect him from those that wish to separate them.

Jingle. Jingle.

The sound of bells brought Zero out of his thoughts but when he looked outside there was nothing. He looked to his mother, who was sorting through a desk drawer, but gave no sigh that she had heard anything. Ichiru had been gone for a long time, it was the reason Zero was still awake.

'Her!' The vampire woman they had seen next to the sakura tree, the one that was blooming out of season. 'Could she have gotten to him? What if he was hurt?' Horrible thoughts raced though his mind as he thought of the many ways a vampire could give their victims and painful death.

Jingle. Jingle.

The bells were getting closer, they time it rung were practically echoing footsteps. Zero remembered that the woman was wearing a bell around her waist back then. Zero grabbed the muscle over his heart to steady himself as he tried to get his thoughts in order. One of Touga's first lessons was to never enter unknown territory without a clear head. Basic information that has been used for centuries but it had saved the lives of countless men over the years so Zero could hardly complain.

After a moment he had composed himself and started walking towards the door. He needed to find out if Ichiru was safe or not. Life just didn't seem as special if he didn't see his brother at least once a day. He couldn't imagine the rest of his life without him and unlike the problem with the association this was something he could change.

"Zero, is something wrong?" Zero's mother had been watching her son regained control of his heart rate and was filled with pride at seeing the level of control Zero held over himself. It seemed that he was going outside, no doubt to look for Ichiru and it has been a while. She decided the best choice was for her husband to take Zero to bed while she brought Ichiru home. A mother's instinct never failed.

Zero had just opened the door confirming his absolute worst theory accurate. A tall woman was taking slow measured steps towards the cabin an aura of power surrounding her along with a small cluster of sakura petals. She had flawless pale skin wrapped in a white kimono, a lilac obi, and a pink ribbon which a bell rested. Her hair was pure white similar to the soft down of a swan was to her waist shining from the moonlight. It flowed in every direction from the wind causing it to dance around her as though she was the goddess of the land.

Her rose quartz colored eyes once focused on the cabin itself immediately focused on Zero standing in the doorway. Zero felt his muscles stiffen under the powerful gaze. He couldn't turn away, all he could do has pray his parents finally sense the vampire a mere ten feet away from their house.

"Clever boy." Tears fell down her left cheek. "You sensed me before either of your parents did. The twin children of the hunter clan. It all comes down to your simple blood."

The strange comment and hidden threat gave Zero the strength needed to break away from the vampire's eyes. "What are you talking about?"

Jingle. Jingle.

She vanished with the sound of bells, leaving no hint that she had been there before. Zero didn't know what to think but all at once everything felt wrong. He turned around to see the vampire face carried a pleasant smile. It was only when she was so close he could identify what she truly was. There was a reason he didn't want to be anywhere near her when he first saw her at the orchard. This was no ordinary vampire; this was a being of the highest class.

A pureblood.

Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly before hovering above his neck. "I will further curse your family, child of the hunters."

"Zero!" A female voice rang through the night. It was his mother. Zero didn't need to look at her to know she was in the fragile balance of mind shredding terror and world ending wrath.

The pureblood jumped high into the air barely avoiding the sword that was about sever her neck. Zero's father stood in the door away a sliver short sword held tightly in a reverse grip. "Shizuka Hio."

They knew who she was?

His mother joined her husband on the porch a wire held in both hands as her dark blond hair flew around her resembling a lion's mane. He knew the weapon well. He saw her practice with it countless times to relies that it was perhaps one to the most deadliest weapons in their household, despite its fragile appearance.

"What does a pureblood vampire want from us?" Zero's father was barley containing his fury at seeing one of his beloved sons in the hands of the worst type of monster.

"You killed him." Venom laced Shizuka's words as she glared at the hunters before her. "So now I shall punish you." She lowered her head slowly to stretch the agonizing moment as much as possible. The hunters couldn't do anything even as their parental instincts raged against their self-control.

"No!" "Zero, no!"

Blood flew through the air tainting the once pure landscape as the beast savagely bit down on the young neck. His body was paralyzed by the pain from the two fangs piercing his neck. His mouth was wide open to scream but the pain had robbed him of that as well. He could feel the curse rushing throughout his body adding to the terrible agony. How long had this been going on for minutes, hours, days? 'Why! What have I done to deserve this? Why!' These questions rushed throughout Zero's mind until all became black but the pain followed him.

His eyes were slowly opened as the pain began to fade to being bearable. Zero immediately saw he was no longer a prisoner of silk covered arms but lying on his stomach in the kitchen. Sweat dripped down his face as he tried to look around but soon wished he stayed unconscious.

To his right, his mother and father were lying in separate pools of their own blood. A hole in the left side of their chest revealed that their hearts were torn out. Father's sword was just two inches from his hand, no doubt he fought till his last breath. But the worst scene was right in front of him.

Shizuku Hio was standing in the doorway, her chest and mouth covered in blood. A satisfied smile filled her face, her eyes tinted red; but the true horror was who was standing right next to her.

Ichiru was dressed in thick gray pants and his green winter jacket; he must have just come back.

Zero used his last amount of strength to lift his head to meet his brother's gazed. "Run. Ichi- Ichiru, run." He couldn't raise his voice but his next words were filled with meaning. "If you do anything to Ichiru, I don't care how long it takes I will kill you." The threat hung in the air as Zero began to lose conscious again.

Just before his eyes closed he was certain that Ichiru was smiling. 'He's happy. But why?'

In a few short hours the once peaceful home was surrounded by vans, each having the symbol of the Vampire Hunter Association painted on the doors. The symbol was a diamond with and extended hexagon at each point a spike stick out of each point. The finishing touch was a black dagger in between each hexagon pointing towards the center diamond.

Agents were searching over every inch of the estate to figure out how a pureblood managed to get past the defensive spells placed by two of the greatest hunters in the association. Many agents were good friends of the couple so this they swore to find the source of the problem to ensure this never happened to another family. In the end that's all they could do. Their friends were dead, mauled in their own home. Though a quick search confirmed the vampire didn't walk away as pristine as when they arrived. No matter how much they hated the facts and even if they could track down the vampire who did this and make it suffer a thousand s deaths, it wouldn't bring the couple back to life.

Or help their son.

Some were debating who received the crueler fate. The parents were dead and by the state of the front rooms of the house they definitely but up one hell of a fight. But in the end Zero got bit by a pureblood; if it was a noble it would hardly be something to fuss over. The truth was only a pureblood's bite could turn a human into a vampire. A noble or common vampire's bite wouldn't do anything except be seen as a disgrace. Everyone knew there was no cure for this curse, once you've been cursed your life's over. The kind thing to do would be to shoot the kid and free him from this pain but no one wanted to do that to a former hunter; let alone a child who just had his parents murdered in front of him.

The screeching of brakes gained the hunter's full attention, everyone that had been arranged to come had checked in and there were no stragglers. It became clear that the van was not part of the associations after a quick glance on the doors, there was nothing.

Yagari Touga a man in his early twenties slowly walked towards the van to deduce its purpose. He adjusted his brown cowboy hat over his medium length wavy black hair. Most of the bangs were brushed to cover the eye patch over his right eye, a reminder to never hesitate to make the kill along with the scar on the left side of his chin. His ankle length brown trench coat covered his white open collar long sleeved shirt, brown pants, and black boots. His hands were protected by black fingerless gloves that went into the sleeves of his coat. His signature anti-vampire shotgun was slug across his back in its holster, the strap going across his chest. He lifted his hand to remove the cigarette he had been smoking for the past half hour, crushing it in his hand before dropping it on the ground and smothering it with his boot.

Five men had stepped out of the van but one individual easily stood out with his white lab coat and hunched walk. It was a man probably in his early thirties, but his pale face already showed signs of wrinkles. His long black hair was pulled into a ponytail but it had a sickly shine to it as though it hadn't been properly washed in a month. He wore a tucked in white shirt, blue tie, gray pants with a brown belt, and gray shoes. He pushed his small round glasses to the rim of his nose before turning to face Touga.

"Who the fuck are you? What are you doing here?" Standard questions to get the basic information with his own personal twist. "After I've determined your honest then I'll decide whether or not to blow out your kneecaps."

The greasy hunched scientist at the front was the only one not to flinch. "Isn't it obvious? Oh never mind, obviously you were bothered to be informed. But I can see that you won't leave me alone until you're curiosity is satisfied. Something I understand all too well." A low sigh escaped his mouth as he stood to his full height. "My name is Hojo. I am the Head of the Research and Development for the Shinra Corportaion. When I heard of the incident I decided it was in my best interest to come, especially when I heard about the child." Hojo had retrieved a few papers from a suitcase in the van presenting them to Touga. "These should prove that I'm not lying. Now if you excuse me, I have work to do." He walked towards the house with the other four men carrying supplies.

His reasons were solid and these papers were real, but Touga still didn't trust him. There was just something about Hojo that him feel sick and his skin crawl. He would have to keep an eye on this man particularly around his student. Touga had a feeling this was the type of man who didn't see other humans just more test subjects.

"So this is the one making all the fuss down at headquarters? One of the famous cursed hunter twins. Interesting, very interesting." Hojo was staring at Zero's unconscious body taking in every detail including the fang marks that were not healed yet. 'A cursed twin bitten by a vengeful pureblood and still alive.' This could be very useful to his plans. He never thought he would ever find the perfect test subject and here is a young boy whose biochemistry had yet to be fully developed right in front of him. It wouldn't take much to come up with a suitable excuse for the Hunter's Association, he didn't truly work for them anyway.

"Contact Headquarters." He spoke to one of the men who had accompanied him. "Tell them Project S will be proceeding as planned. We have found our test subject."

Smirking all Hojo could think about was all the time wasted while the perfect specimen lay right under his nose. Once again she was right. He was found. The perfect son.