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The Fantasy of Angels
Chapter 6

Footsteps echoed as leather boots made contact with cobbled streets. Their master, an imposing figure, silently walked ever closer to his destination. A single smoke trail drifted from the cigarette in his mouth. The light from the bud only revealed one icy blue eye.

The smell of blood and cigarette ash came of him in waves, alerting all vampires in the area this was one hunter they did not want to mess with. With a custom anti-vamp shot gun strapped to his back even the most rabid Level E's wouldn't dare mess with this predator.

For as long as he could remember the world was a harsh place. Good honest people breaking their backs for what little they could get to provide for themselves and their families while damn blood suckers just stood around and were given everything they could ever want. It made him sick. And the fact he was ordered to protect these monstrosities from any who wished to threaten peace made him just want to kill a few bastards just for the heck of it.

When he first got the call for the assignment he was tempted to come over just to see what fool was smoking. Who in their right mind would be happy let alone content with protecting those bastards? Lord knew that idiot hasn't been considered sane is years. It all started after he took the job to kill some pureblood. Given his experience and power this impossible task should have been no problem for a hunter of his caliber, but something happened.

His old friend started shouting nonsense about the two races being able to live together. He was checked out a dozen times for signs of any mental manipulation, but there was nothing to be found. In that instant the reputation of a respectable centuries old hunter was torn down and replaced with a childish clown.

And now this school.

Didn't that idiot realize the danger he was putting these kids in? Letting them live so close to monsters. It's a massacre waiting to happen. Those beasts would tear an infant to pieces and never feel a shred of regret. They weren't human, regardless of how they appeared. The concept simply didn't exist for them.

Why should any of them be allowed to live? What good have they ever done that wasn't involved in some elaborate plan that didn't ultimately serve their own purpose? Never. If there's one thing he learned in his long hellish life, no matter how innocent a blood sucker looks it always is But there was an upside to this. Thank God.

Just as he couldn't shoot them, they couldn't harm him. Who knows maybe he'd have some fun on this job after all. As long as they lived it wouldn't breach his contract. Their quick healers so what does it matter if they lose a few limbs.

"A new teacher?" Takuma asked looking up from his latest magna.

"Yes, he will be arriving tonight, during your birthday party." Kaname said from his desk. Quietly working through the small mountain of paperwork that had accumulated during the day as his closest friend read in a nearby armchair.

"Oh and speaking of my party I have something special planned just for you." Takuma said wearing his usual cheery smile. "Today when I was hunting Level E's with Shiki I invited Yuki and the Hunters."

Kaname tilted his head towards the blond. While seeing the Yuki was enjoyable, most would question the noble's sanity of inviting three hunters to a vampire party. And the other two no doubt have discussed the incident during their first patrol. What was to stop them from attacking in retaliation, legally speaking they would be completely justified.

Takuma was his oldest friend from his second childhood. But even he had to admit this was one of his more insane ideas no matter how pure hearted the intentions.

"Now I know what you're going to say but they agreed to come as a security detail. Nothing more." He reassured. "But Yuki on the other hand was ecstatic to come. Especially when I mentioned you were gonna be there." Takuma sealed the deal by reminding the brunet of the doe eyed guardian.

"Thank you Takuma." Even as children Takuma went out of his way to help Kaname. Not simply because of his blood status but because they were friends. He didn't go out of his way to create something large and complex. Kaname was always about the details so Takuma was inspired to keep his gifts simple but personal. He focused on the little things to make his friend's eternal life less consuming.

Bookmarking his page Takuma brushed himself off. "Anyway I have to attend the finishing details. See you tonight." With a wave good bye Kaname was once again alone.

Alone with his thoughts and a chessboard.

His thoughts were swirling around a certain guest. Asato Ichijo was using his grandson's birthday as a cover for checking up on him twice in one month. The cold hearted bastard finally realized he would comply with his every request.

Asato had no interest in peace only in power. And there is no greater power to be gained than by drinking the blood of he who is purest.

Herding the last of the Day Class girls back to their dorms the Trinity took a moment to relax at a cleared out table at the café with some coffee they ordered before the crossover. They had some time before the party started at ten. Yuki didn't bother to stay for the crossover under the excuse of buying a birthday present for the blond noble. But you didn't hear them complaining.

"I take it Yagami is on his way." Genesis stated calmly slipping a cup of his favorite dumb apple cinnamon tea. The hunter had an impressive track record for an unenhanced. It would be a lie if he said he wasn't curious at how the man faired against a SOLDIER.

"Yes, he should be arriving around midnight." Angeal said looking over their new orders. They were disturbing to say the least.

"Ah midnight the changing of days. The harmonious beauty such is the tale of the moon's eternal cycle as she dances across the night sky bringing hope to those who have none." Genesis recited with a dramatic flair.

"Genesis' poetry aside it'll be nice to have another hunter on campus." Angeal rolled his eyes at the needless display.

"Why Angeal I never realized you held such little faith in your brothers." Genesis hurtful expression morphed into a smirk at the series of shocked expressions created on the elder's face.

"It's not like that and you know it." Angeal said glaring at the ginger haired boy. "The simple fact is there's only so much three hunters can accomplish on so much territory. No matter how far we advance at our core we're still human."

Calming down Angeal's gaze wavered to the unnaturally silent companion.

"If I didn't know you better Seph I'd say you were eager to see the guy." Angeal said noticing how taught the silver general was. He usually only got like that before a devastating battle or receiving a notice that Hojo had been terribly injured in the labs. It only happened twice but he would never forget Sephiroth's, and half the army's, reaction to the mad scientist's critical condition.

"He was my mentor before Shinra." Sephiroth replied but he sounded so far away. As though he was trying to distance himself from reality.

"Speaking of mentors I've been thinking of taking up a recruit as a student." Angeal said, eagerly changing the subject.

"A protégé? Really Geal?" Genesis rolled his eyes at the thought of teaching.

"The next generation is in our hands and we are honor bound to teach them the ways of SOLDIER." He defended.

There was one cadet that caught his eye before they left. A bit unruly but bursting with potential. If he was led down the proper path he could become a beacon to all of SOLDIER not the mention becoming a potential candidate to break the shell Sephiroth built around himself that even he and Genesis couldn't scratch. The key was to get him to pay attention; the boy simply had too much energy.

"Always about honor with you. " Snorting Genesis retuned to beloved treasure.

"Which one of us memorized LOVELESS by age nine?" Sephiroth asked with a smirk now fully assimilated into the conversation.

Looking down at the worn but well cared for copy Genesis was forced to concede. "Touché."

"Either way things are going to change and we need to be ready." Sephiroth gazed at the stars, looking at the heavenly bodies as though wishing to join them in their eternal dance.

"How foreboding." Genesis observed but inside he was alert. "A pestering bug threatens to enter our garden and we are to do nothing to stop its arrival nor its return." A high ranking nobleman was going to visit today for his grandson birthday and to check up on their resident pureblood.

"He's a high ruling member of the Vampire Council. Attacking him without provocation or a proper reason could start a war neither side is prepared for." Angeal reasoned, though he didn't like it either. He met the Asato a few years ago the man gave him the creeps, especially the way he only looked at his neck, never his eyes. Like he was nothing more than food.

Yuki had never been invited to a vampire birthday before so she was a little nervous. She barely knew Takuma, didn't really have a chance to. But behind Kaname he was the sweetest member of the Night Class, always smiling and trying to make those around him do the same.

He had no interest in disobeying the rules as far as she knew. None of the hunters seemed to have any problems with him and that spoke miles about his character. After class she ran to town looking through the stores to find the perfect gift to express her gratitude. She found beautiful trinkets but nothing spoke to her.

It didn't help she had no idea what his interests were. There was that one time she saw him holding a magna for that show Bleach. With nothing else to go on she changed course to the library.

Walking through the doors she was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of books lining the walls. In the interest of time she asked one of the employees where the magna was kept. The young man only a few years older than her led her to a collection of shelves on the second floor, where dozens of brands were organized. Staring at the hundreds of books Yuki turned to ask for a more specific location but when she turned he was gone.

Weirdness aside she found the latest release and had it wrapped into no time. Chewing on a piece of chocolate she bought at the checkout Yuki walked home thinking about what to do next. Maybe she'd take a shower than have a nap before going since she roughly had three hours.

Its only proper to look her best, after all Takuma said Kaname would be there. From what she knew those two were childhood friends it wouldn't do if she looked average for such a momentous day. To insult Takuma would be an insult to Kaname and she would soon jump in front of a train before wishing harm upon her savior.

Classes were canceled to celebrate Takuma's birthday. One of the many reasons the Day Class girls didn't break curfew. Finals were coming up in three months and with so much on the line fewer girls were waiting by the gates each day. They were desperate to keep their class average above the others considering the punishment for failure.

But the Night Class had no such qualms. Their classes were just for show. All they were really doing was going over facts they learned decades ago. Their main project was to test the blood tablets. To see how effective they worked and if they could compare when they were in a close vicinity to unsuspecting humans.

For the most part they worked but they tasted awful. It was like drinking diluted chalk. It barely had a smell no matter how close the color got. It was nothing compared to the real stuff. To feel that warm soothing nectar rolling past one's fangs caressing sensitive taste buds, down an eager throat. But they have to perceiver for the future of their kind. However today they weren't here to worry over their research but to celebrate the birth of one of their own.

The gardens around the Night Dorm were transformed into an elegant gala. Tables were stacked high with tray after tray of exquisite cuisine from all over the world. A string quartet played softly in the background as the Night Class mingled with the few visiting nobles.

Above them all sat one Kaname Kuran. The pureblood king looked down upon the collection of his subjects with a face of indifference masking genius mind hard at work. So many pieces lay before him each one meant to be used or eliminated but they all played a part. The time was fast approaching all the pieces were in place except one.

The Black Knight.

A piece that would defend Yuki at all costs, regardless of the danger to their own lives. For years the proper warrior eluded him. He could easily use a member of his inner circle, but they had their own parts to play. Then three promising candidates walked through his front door and none of them wanted a thing to do with the girl.

Then there came the fact he knew next to nothing about any of them. The few files he sent Serin and two others to retrieve barely had any information beyond skill level, which were all impressive for humans. But that didn't change the fact he lost two loyal pieces before his opponent dared to show themselves. SOLDIER was evidently as a merciless as the rumors depicted if Serin comatose state was anything to go by. The poor girl was lying in her bed covered in bandages from head to toe. Many of her wounds refused to heal and her natural healing ability was somehow repressed.

At first appearances Angeal seemed the best candidate and looking through the small entry on his psychological profile proved his suspicions. He was an honor bound man, always seeking to do the right thing. A perfect soldier coupled with ridiculous strength and an iron will to match. And yet when push came to shove he would have no hesitation to abandon Yuki if he saw innocents in danger. A hero through and through not the focused knight he was looking for.

Genesis had no chance. It was obvious he despised Yuki, may even get a kick out of seeing her torn apart. The hot tempered boy was skilled in magic and incantations according to his file. He was skilled in dealing with multiple opponents at once slashing at one while casting spells at a nearby group. He would make an excellent shield, but he saw how they fought and argued. Either they were hopelessly in love or were born enemies.

Finally there was Sephiroth, the enigma. His folder was by far the least satisfying. While the other two had some measure of recorded history all he had was the word 'Classified' in bold red ink. His silver hair apparently was natural, an unusual pigment to say the least. In fact the only humans to have such coloring were the Kiryu family and no one knew what happened to the twins. The teen was an expert swordsman who specialized in using his enhanced speed and strength to the fullest. And yet when it came to Yuki's flawless innocence and purity he merely shrugged it off as little more than a nuisance.

Three promising, powerful candidates and not one filled the requirements. How irritating.

Overall the party was enjoyable. It was a nice change for someone else to be the center of attention. Maybe some purebloods like being the star of every party but he wasn't one of them. The hollow flattery and rushed complements got old quickly.

The changing winds brought a sweet smell to his attention, Yuki had arrived. An event that did not go unnoticed as glowing red eyes focused on the female guardian and the three hunters gathered behind her.

Crimson eyes burned with a deep lust barely restrained at the sight of weapons and the hunters ready to wield them. None of them dared to step forward.

The only way Cross allowed any unregistered vampires to enter school grounds was for them to sign a contract. It was quite simple really all they had to do was follow the school rules. And all that kept them from breaking it was a potential war and the notion of four enhanced hunters hunting them down like wolfs and tearing them apart limb from limb. A simple yet effective threat.

It wasn't long before Takuma assigned the hunter's their stations, where each would be able to watch over the event without being too close to cause any more tension. Yuki on the other hand immediately handed over her present which the cheerful vampire took with a smile as he led the girl to a waiting Kaname.

"No that's taken care of I'll leave you love birds alone." Laughing at Yuki's immediate blush he returned to an impassive Shiki who was staring at the collection of blood infused chocolate decorating the tiered cake.

The party progressed as scheduled. With the Council member creating a large fuss upon his arrival. His impressive age and position of power were quick to strike fear into the young nobles. As arranged he toured the grounds before settling down with a cup of blood wine in the corner, away from the noise but giving him a perfect view of the resident pureblood and a human girl.

When it came to cut the cake Takuma allowed Shiki to make the first cut. As the knife slid from his grasp his fore finger was split halfway bringing the crimson elixir to the surface. Shiki immediately brought the bleeding appendage to his lips under the notion of not letting a drop go to waste. Takuma didn't bother to stop his stoic friend he just kept smiling as his finger was licked clean.

At two in the morning the party began to wind down. Asato was one of the first to leave bidding farewell to Takuma, promising to be back at the scheduled date. In the span of thirty minutes all that remained was the Night Class and their servants who lived on school grounds.

The Hunters had returned to their dorms eager to see the latest addition to their forces in the morning. Yuki was the last to leave. Honestly she would have been happy to spend more time with Kaname without dozens of girls glaring at her every move. But Ruka's glare made it seem trivial in comparison. So with a shaky goodbye she ran off to the girl's dorm.

It wouldn't be long before the Black Queen arrived. It was impossible to miss such an aura. Made from a combination of hatred and despair there was none other like it in their world. These peaceful times were about to come to a bloody end. And all they could do was ride it out to the bitter end.