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It was a few hours after the War has ended when everyone realized Prince Zuko disappeared. Iroh stared at the letter his nephew left. It wasn't a long letter it had only a few letters Im sorry Uncle.

No one has seen Prince Zuko since then. Some said he has died while others had rumors that he couldn't and probably wouldn't want to take the responsibilities of being Fire Lord.

Then a couple of months later the Avatars girlfriend disappears. No one knows why. The Four Nations thought Master Katara would end up marrying Avatar Aang. Five years later everyone soon forgot the missing Masters of the Avatar, only their friends and relatives never forgot about the hot headed prince or the motherly waterbender.

Fire Lord Iroh was known as a fair leader and just and his world renowned love for tea. He had heard of a tea shop The Dragon Mist known for its Ginseng tea in the remote island of the Fire Nation. One day he went to visit this tea shop as the guise of Mushi the owner of The Jasmine Dragon from Ba Sing Se. He wanted to see who brew such tea. A blue eyed waitress seated him and with a twinkle in her eye that seemed familiar to him. She calls her son. So this is a family owned business Iroh thinks. The boy looked about 7 and had gold eyes and black hair. His skin was a shade lighter than his mothers and he seemed to have an innocence like his nephew once did. The boy asked the disguised Fire Lord what he wanted. Iroh smiles at him and notices some characteristics from his nephew and from a certain waterbender so he asks for the boys name. The golden eyed boy shyly says his name is Kozu. Iroh smiles at the boy and ordered Ginseng. He nods and walks to the back. Iroh contemplates the boy, there is something about him, maybe its just the eyes and the black hair, Zuko used to have his hair like that. Iroh smiled fondly. Kozu comes back with his tea. Iroh smiles and thanks him. He takes a sip from the cup and stops as memories swarm him. Zuko feeding turtle ducks. Him chasing the avatar. Tying a certain waterbender to a tree, Iroh chuckles at that one hearing about him joining the avatar, Iroh closes his eyes for a moment.

He opens his eyes a second later and sees Kozu and his mother looking at him in concern. The woman asks if he is ok. He smiles at the concern. He said "No my good woman its just that the last time I had tea like this is from my nephew when we were in the Earth Kingdom." She smiled and told him to call her Zora and she said that her husband brews the tea. They hear a noise behind Zora and when they turned around the Zora's husband is standing there with a dumbstruck look. Kozu goes up to him and asks whats wrong. He shakes his head with a small smile and says in a low voice "its good to see you… Uncle."

Iroh is still shocked "Uncle…oomph" suddenly he couldn't breathe then laughs when his uncle started to hug him. "Zuko, my nephew where have you been my son" Zora is shocked but has a small smile "General Iroh its been a long time" Zuko laughs "It hasn't been that long has it Katara" Katara laughs "Just about 7 years hasn't it" Iroh was shocked again the missing Waterbending Master has been with Zuko this whole time. "Maybe we should take this back at the house" Katara said. Zuko nodded and led the way after closing the Tea Shop.

"and that's the story" Zuko finished. Apparently after Zuko and Katara defeated Azula and confessed feelings for each other they knew they couldn't be together because of what society and the world wanted them to be with different people so they came up with this plan so they can be together. "But what happened to your scar." Zuko smiles at that. "When I was looking for a good place for a new start Katara was traveling with Aang and when they visited the Northern Water Tribe she asked Chief Arnook for a vial of the special Oasis water. He granted her request. And Aang had no idea why she asked for it. Then she made a plan on how to disappear and meet me here. She just left with no word and Aang searched for her but she was already half way here to meet me. When she got here and rested she said she had a promise to keep and she healed it" Zuko smiled. Then frowned "Im sorry Uncle for the trouble and grief I put through you and the Gang"

Iroh smiled fondly at them "Don't worry nephew but I just want to know what now. What are you going to do now." Katara smiled "well we can think of this in the morning." She had Kozu in her arms asleep. Zuko smiled at the scene and agreed "Uncle ill show you to your room" Iroh smiled "Thank you nephew. Good night."

"Well what do you think should we go back to the Capital after 7 years of exclusion." Katara is thinking about it. "Maybe we should go back. I mean I miss everyone and since there have been 7 years of peace I think we would be accepted and Kozu would be a Prince" she chuckled "hey whats so funny" she smiled "just thinking of this one hot headed prince I used to know" he started laughing "well I had a horrible well mostly horrible childhood what with a sister and father like mine. But I turned out alright because of my mother and my Uncle. But I think you are right, I miss them too. We can tell Uncle tomorrow"

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