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Over breakfast Zuko told his uncle his decision. Iroh was beaming his nephew, niece in law, and his grand nephew or 'grandson'. He's happy that they are coming home. Before they left they had to sell the Tea Shop and they were off. Kozu seemed out of his element because he couldn't sit still and was asking a bunch of questions. "Dad where are we going" Zuko smiled "we're going back to my home where I was born," Unknown to any of them Iroh sent letters to each of the members of Team Avatar that there is a surprise back at the palace.

After a few hours on a ship back to the Main Land and they rode Komodo Rhinos up to the palace. "Dad I thought Komodo Rhinos were only reserved for royalty and the army". "Katara glances at him and says "yes honey we are royalty well your father is the long lost Prince of the Fire Nation and im the lost Princess of the restored Southern Water Tribe. So that makes you prince." They went through the market place and the citizens gathered around to see their Fire Lord return. There are whispers going around that their lost prince is back and they started cheering. The procession just arrived at the gates and as soon as they handed their steeds to the royal stable hands both Katara and Zuko was tackled by an overenthusiastic airbender then with added weight of the rest of the group and it startled Kozu who hid behind Iroh. There were shouts of "Katara!" "Sparky!" "Zuko!" "Sugar Queen!" They all started laughing from beneath the pile of Team Avatar. "Oh my Spirits I miss all of you."

"What happened to you two" asked Toph she had missed them both so much but wont say it out loud "Dad" came a small voice they looked at Kozu and he asked "who are all these people." Zuko smiled everyone is shocked they have never seen Zuko smile and Toph is about to ask who he was when Zuko said "Kozu these are my friends, the one with the arrows is Aang, next to him with bare feet is Toph, the other girl is Suki and the guy in blue with the boomerang is Sokka. Guys this is my son Kozu" They are all astonished. They all say hi "Hey dad is Sokka my Uncle." Team Avatar was speechless and Zuko was trying to hold a laugh he looked at Katara and saw the same thing she gave a small nod and said "yes Kozu he is" Sokka is struck dumb and doesn't come out of it till Toph hits him in the arm. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABY SISTER."

"Sokka im not a baby anymore and I left because I wanted to be with Zuko and where we wouldn't be judged about our love and marriage." Now Katara and Zuko are in for a shock because a few more kids came out "DAD" "DAD" "MOM". One boy and two girls came running from the Palace. One girl airbended to gain speed and the other girl used water to freeze her in place. She yelled "no fair" she started laughing.

"Well you used air to win so …" she stuck out her tongue. The last boy was struggling "And it's no fair cause I can't bend."

Zuko and Katara were speechless. The kids came to a stop in front of their parents and looked at the newcomers with curious eyes.

"Mommy whose that?" The waterbending girl asked Suki.

"Sweetie these are our friends Katara and Zuko, and their son Kozu. They are your aunt, uncle, and cousin. Guys this is Yuki and her brother Koda. Our kids."

"And this little airbender is Aria mine and Air heads kid"

Koda looked at Kozu "hey do you wanna play with us"

Kozu looked at Zuko "daddy can I" Zuko smiled and said yes. Kozu smiled and started to run after "But be careful with your firebending" Kozu waved a hand to signal that he heard.

"He can firebend?" asks Uncle

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