Okay this is going to be a Harry Green arrow crossover. With elements from almost every superhero universe thrown in that I can reasonably work with. Basically Harry will be Green arrow after Dumbledore tricked his parents into thinking he was dead. He will have a Batman like mentality and mix only a little magic into his work. The reason for his lack of interest and sometimes open hostility will be revealed.

Lastly before I forget I in no way shape or form own Harry potter or any superhero in this fic. It is solely for fun. I make no money off this whatsoever.

It had been ten years since the dark times. Ten years since a deranged power mad wizard calling himself Lord Voldemort brought an entire secret community of magic wielding witches and wizards to their knees. His wraith was legendary his mercy was nonexistent. To him if you did not serve him you were dead simple as that. For years his reign of terror seemed to go unchallenged. For he was not a man but a demon in the form of a man who sought to control others though fear and murder. It had been a long and painful ten years since a small one year old child was said to have been sacrificed for the future of the world. Leaving two young parents to morn and grieve the loss of their only child. While all over their community people celebrated the death of the dark lord unknowingly celebrating the death of a young child at the same time. Only for the celebrating wizards to realize their mistake all too late to give any meaningful words of sympathy to the grieving parents. For ten years they believed there son was dead. His funeral was attended only by surviving friends of the family. The wounds never healing but the pain dulling as they tried to live on for their son's memory alone. But little did the couple know they had been deceived by the man they trusted most in the world. A man that thought he had the right to play god and meddle in the affairs of fate and destiny. Little did he know just how much his meddling would affect the lives of billions for ages to come.

Ten years prior down town London near midnight.

The cold night air was like daggers that night, a rare kind of chill that pierced the thickest of clothes with merciless ease. Just a few minutes outside would chill even the sturdiest of men to the bone. While the crystal clear sky showed no hint of a cloud or bad weather. It was still a night to stay inside. Not even the animals could be seen this night. The piercing cold had driven even them into their dens. However there was one man who was not only outside in this frigid night. He was on a mission. His name was Vernon Dursley. A low level worker at a small drill company called Grunnings. His job though simple taxed the walrus of a man simply due to the effort required to do it. His massive weight made even the simplest of tasks a trial. His anger was the thing of legends. There was none who dared call him a real friend, for he viewed everyone around him as nothing more than tools to improve his social standing. He was truly a monster of a man with no interest in anything but his own greed and power over people. The overweight man was slowly driving down the near empty streets. The car barely large enough to hold the man inside it he had stolen it from one of his coworkers claiming the man had stolen it from him. The poor coworker had been unable to fight against the claim due to his family and his need for his job. A simple threat of termination was all it took to silence the poor man. His nervous eyes looked down every alley and dark corner desperate to find what he was looking for. The heavily overweight man was dressed in layers as his thick hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. With joy in his eyes he pulled the car to the side of the empty road. His goal was now in sight. Soon he would be free of the monster left in his care. Reaching towards the passenger seat he picked up a small bundle of cloth. As his hands gripped the bundle a soft murmur escaped the folds of cloth. With a grunt he prepared himself for the coming frigid air as he pushed open the car door. His goal was just at the end of the alley.

The alley was between two three story buildings. Only a single overhead light filled the alley with an unsettling light. The shadows hung on the walls like phantoms. While under were that very light hung above the man's goal. For resting against the wall of a building was a large plastic trash bin. The lid was left off while the bin itself was half filled with garbage. With a loud grunt of exertion Vernon crossed the alleyway as fast as he could. Due to his size that was one of the longest runs of his life. As he reached the bin he didn't hesitate to drop the bundle in the bin. The drop caused some of the cloth to move revealing the confused and scared face of an infant no older than a year old. His emerald green eyes shined in the pale light. While a small patch of brown hair topped his head. While on his forehead above his right eye was an odd lightning bolt shaped scar. Scared and cold the child reached up towards him with his tiny hands desperate for warmth and his mother. Yet he would get neither of those from this man. With a cold sneer Vernon Dursley looked at the now crying infant with only hatred in his eyes. Completely uncaring that he was leaving this child to his death he said with deep rage and disgust. "If your own freak parents didn't want you. What makes them think I do? Enjoy hell you little demon!" With that he grunted as he headed back to the warmth of his car only to freeze in his tracks when a man yelled out with raw fury. "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing bastard!?" Turning he saw a young man half standing out of a doorway garbage bag in one hand. Clearly he was in the middle of taking care of some sort of late night cleaning only to find him dumping an infant in the very same bin. At seeing the infant in the trash his blood was boiling. Realizing he was caught he tried to run for the car. His weight and the fact he was out of shape made it child's play for the young man to catch him. With one solid punch to the back of Vernon's head the walrus of a man was knocked out cold. With him knocked out cold the man immediately ran to the crying infant. Picking him up carefully he ran to the doorway and yelled out. "MIC CALL THE POLICE!"

Little did the young man know he had just saved one of the greatest heroes the world would ever know from freezing to death. But for the moment he was just concerned with getting him to safety.

Present time ministry of magic atrium.

The atrium was filled with several hundred reporters and head of ministry. Everyone from department heads to ruling members of the highest body of government for the wizarding world of Great Britain. They had all been gathered at the behest of one of the nation's leading wizards. A man holding three high level positions within their community. He was considered the most powerful wizard alive by the people. His name was Albus Dumbledore the self-proclaimed leader of the light. Earning that title nearly sixty years ago when he was said to have defeated a Dark lord named Grendelwald. Oddly there was none who had actually seen him strike the man down. But despite this people still believed he was the one to defeat him. He had called this meeting to make an announcement that would shake the very foundations of their world for years to come. It was merely the next phase in his masterful plan to secure what he believed was the greater good for magic. Standing at the main entryway where such statements by the government were common. He stood in his usual flashy robes and his eyes held the same twinkle that seemed to annoy a great many people. To his right stood the now well-known Potters the parents of the late child who defeated Lord Voldemort Harry Potter. The couple had been aged terribly over the years from the loss of their son. Becoming shadows of their former selves they fought to continue without their son Harry. Both held an aura of sorrow as they had tried and failed to have another child, only for them to fail time and again. It was like they were being punished for failing to protect their son all those years ago. The only reason they were there at the moment was because Dumbledore would not stop asking them to attend. His none stop pestering had drawn them from their home. The couple had become a pair of recluses after they could no longer stand the stares of pity and people trying to use them as political tools to advance their own ends. But because they owed Dumbledore much they would amuse him this last time before they left the spotlight forever. Little did they know just how much their world would change this day, or how Dumbledore had completely betrayed them.

Looking at the assembled crowd Dumbledore was in high spirits. For ten years his plan had gone perfectly. For he had ensured the protection of this world's hope and light, soon he would give the people the symbol to gather behind. A symbol that would look to him for guidance just like the fabled Arthur had his Merlin. He would be the Merlin of this age and be remembered for all time. His plan had been simple and elegant in its simplicity. A gaze at the Potters made him feel a slight twinge of guilt at having denied them there son for ten years but soon they would have the rest of their lives to spend with him, after he had fulfilled his duties to the people of wizarding Britain of course. He had even gone so far as to choose the perfect bride for him when he graduated Hogwarts, one that would finally end that silly Potter Weasley feud that has gone on for three hundred years. But for now the crowd was growing restless and it was time to give the people a hero. With a soft cough into the microphone his voice caught everyone in the halls attention. With the same grandfather like smile he had perfected over the years he began to reveal what he believed would be a grand joyous surprise for the entire world. Little did he know he was about to commit political suicide, along with earning the wrath of two parents. "Welcome everyone and thank you for coming on such short notice. What I have to reveal will once and for all remove the shadow of Voldemort from our world." It was with a sad pity he watched nearly everyone in the chamber flinch as he said that name. Ten years and they still feared him. He knew the Dark lord was out there but he was powerless at the moment. That would soon change if his plan worked like he had worked out. But that was for another time to think about. "Please do not fear the name of a man long since fallen from the light. What I have to reveal will bring joy and hope to the world. Ten years ago I stood in this very place and told you that Voldemort fell after killing the infant Harry Potter. While I told the truth that Voldemort did fall that day I sadly was forced to lie about the fate of young Harry." The very instant he uttered those words the hall went deathly silent. The Potters looked at him unable to comprehend what he had just said as he continued to explain his master plan. "Arriving at the house that night I found little Harry asleep and the burnt remains of Voldemort's robes. At first I thought he may have failed a dark ritual until I found the tell-tale scar of a dark curse on his little brow and knew what had happened. He had in his purity vanquished the dark lord. Knowing his followers would be after him I took it upon myself to have the sole burden of protecting him from the followers of Voldemort. So I had the sad duty to deceive you all into thinking he had been killed that night. But I am here to announce that Harry Potter is indeed alive and will soon be heading to Hogwarts to begin his" He was cut off as Lily Potter grabbed the front of his robes. On the verge of hysterics she yelled at him. "Where is he, where is my baby!?"

Shocked at her behavior Albus was at a loss for words as she began to shake him yelling over and over what he did to her little boy. Seeing James go for his wand he expected the man to help him only for the lit tipoff a wand to be put inches from his face. With murder in his eyes James Potter roared out. "Where is he!?" With a rare loss of control he blurted out. "With Lily's sister of course! Who better to protect him than his relatives?" The color drained from her face as she heard this. Almost in a trance she let go and stepped back. Believing she was seeing the reason to his methods Albus smiled and said warmly. "See lily I've always had Harry's best interests at heart. Tomorrow we will go and deliver his acceptance letter and you will get to visit him." The look she gave him was one he had never seen before. A storm of dark emotions that made him rethink letting Harry go with her. It was with no emotion that she said bluntly. "If he didn't kill Harry Petunia will." Snapping her head to her husband she said with fear. "James!" Walking over he said with the old fire he had lost so many years ago. "Way ahead of you" Taking her hand both vanished in a pop to the last known residence of her sister in an attempt to find their son. Dumbledore himself was at a loss. The announcement had been completely derailed. He hadn't even gotten to announce how Ginny Weasley would be engaged to marry him after graduation. Looking over the gathered crowd he was shocked to find horrified and disgusted faces staring back at him. Instead of the joyous and happy faces he was expecting. When they started to murmur how he could do something so evil he went to explain just why only he could be trusted with the fate of young Harry. Only to be stopped when several Aurors surrounded him wands drawn. The leader was of all things an old friend of his named Alistair Moody. With a cold furious glare from his one good eye he looked Dumbledore down as he said with venom reserved only for dark wizards. "Surrender your wand and come with us!" Deciding to take the high road he did not resist as he was led away like a common criminal.

Across the ocean Gotham city tenth precinct.

Gotham was a city of infamous reputation. A city ranking seventh in total population but ranked first in highest crime rate in the world. It was said the city's heartbeats was murders and robberies. Over a dozen mobs fought for the streets with bloody results. Gangs fought over the scraps the mobs were too busy to fight over. What little crime the police could stop paled when the corrupt judges let them go right back to the streets. It truly was a city of crime and corruption. The only people who held any safety or saw any protection was the rich and the corrupt. It was truly a city that from a distance looked beautiful with its towering skyscrapers and gothic style buildings. But a closer look showed a city covered in filth and grime. The difference between the uptown rich district called the hills, and the downtown slums called the narrows was like night and day. It was only a matter of time before someone had enough. When someone would do something that would save or doom Gotham forever. In a powerful shot that would shake the fearful and the good into action to save their city from evil. That time was now as a near eleven year old boy sat in a chair with blazing green eyes showing he had been crying for hours but had run out of tears long ago. His black hair was cut short showing a healing lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead above his right eye. He was dressed in a school uniform for the famous Gotham academy as he held onto a small trophy in his hands for dear life. If one was to look closely they would see it was an archery trophy for first place. A contest held by the academies archery club. The young boy just sat there as if his entire world had just been destroyed forever. He paid no attention to the chaos outside the small room. That was until an officer walked in with a grey blanket.

Officer Jim Gordon had seen many things since coming to Gotham in the vain hope of helping this city. Said things would forever haunt his dreams and threatened to make him just as hopeless and bitter as the other cops in Gotham. But tonight was a new low for him. He had seen murders before. He himself has had to kill several men over the years. His time as an army ranger taught him when to be tough and disconnected. That sometimes one had no choice but to pull the trigger and hope it was worth it. But to have a young boy's parents killed right in front of him for winning an archery tournament was too far for him. Apparently the shooter had a gambling problem and had bet everything on his son. When he lost his rage led him to take it out on the boy who had beaten him. Killing the famous Queens in cold blood just as their son was handed the trophy. He had known the Queens for years and they were some of the few people to truly help the citizens of Gotham. There company had some of the best charities to help the Narrows. The Queen free clinic was the only hospital for most of the residents of the narrows. They believed in helping the people of Gotham, not the rich ones who lived in the hills but the true people of Gotham. Now their son was all alone in a city that wouldn't care if he dropped dead. His own daughter Barbara was just a little younger than him. He knew it wasn't much but the least he could do was show him he wasn't alone. Walking over he placed the blanket over the boy's shoulders. Kneeling down in front of him he smiled and said as reassuringly as possible. "It's going to be okay son. I promise you justice will be served." With that his eyes became just a little less hollow as he looked up at the officer. Gordon could see a spark of hope deep in the boy's eyes. Along with a growing resolve that concerned him greatly. Before he could say anything the door opened as another man in uniform said to Gordon. "The boy's godfather is here." Nodding to his fellow cop he looked back at the boy and said warmly. "Let's go Oliver."

Following him through the halls of the precinct Oliver Queen formerly Harry Potter was in a trance. All he could see and hear was the shots and his parents falling. The voice of the man as people ran away echoing through his mind. "That's what you get for screwing my bet up you brat!" With every passing second a rage filled his heart were love once grew. Rage at the criminals and the corrupt of the city. He was no fool he may have been only eleven but he knew the man would get away with it with only a slap on the wrist at worst. That was the law in Gotham the criminals thrive the good wither and die. It was a law he would destroy. With a resolve well beyond his years he swore then and there to devote his life to the same goals his parents lived by. To make this city the good place they told him of in their youth, before the mobs and gangs had poisoned everything. All he had to do was get stronger and figure out a way to do that. He was broken from his musing when a man was standing in front of him and said. "Hello Oliver I'm your godfather Bruce."

Chapter one done! I hope you all enjoyed this and feel free to send me any ideas for the story. In this one Bruce is Bruce Wayne but his parents didn't die. He is in truth every bit the playboy he pretended to be but in this fic it isn't an act. I plan to have him be a critical part in outfitting him through and plan to have other wizards be secret heroes as well. I was thinking of having Fleur be Black Canary. The whole Veela sonic cry thing. Well have a nice day.