Four contenders to a stage, each competitor hailing from different reaches of the boundless planes of this operose existence. Drawn to the field of battle for a variety of unique reasons, when in fact truth detailed that rumours and speculation had sedated their innermost desires, ambition subsiding reason in pursuit of a singular reward; the attainment of 'power.'

Power, that feature which is capable of granting the receiver the ability to exhibit a controlling influence over lesser subjects. And where there was influence to be gained, there would always be conflict, a thought confirmed soon enough by the firstlings of clashing steel which sang the chorus of their selfish plights.

The cast drew from every brand of person, creature, the mystical, blood-lusting and outright strange;

A creature of silk and fluff stands astride an ashen warrior.

A cyborg confronts a battle hardened boy and a half.

A lithe raccoon instigates a game of cat-and-mouse against a feline threatening oblivion by a menacing salvo of raw firepower.

As does the electrokinesis gifted vigilante in his battle against the thunder god.

My, what a strange bunch these souls are. Peace seemed to not exist in these rivals vocabularies, as ambition saw fit to remove that undesirable concept. As much as it was a hindrance, with this limitation slain, the affected battlers are rendered confused. They start to lose the run of themselves, and forget what they are fighting for, or why, the reason lost in the heat of conflict, ebbed away by the opportunity to finally break loose.

They are neither heroes nor villains, antagonists, drifters, idealists, pacifist. This cursed place lacks those basic, civil discrepancies. Call it something in the air, but there certainly existed that thing, the unknown element that draws even the tamest of beings into heated conflict.

Down they go, one after another, dominos yielding to a superior gravitational push.

A royal heir with a penchant for baked goods weeps in the company of her fallen men, slain by the smiling clown's ruthless might.

An engineer suffers a swift defeat at the hands of the off-worlder and his championing analytical skills.

A rejuvenated grandfather meets his end by the cursed beauty's glinting blade.

As the pint sized cat with aspirations of human grandeur is dispatched by the peaky haired primate hunter.

Insanity, madness, chaos. All went hand-in-hand in the pandemonium that permeated the siege of this ruthless clash.

And worst of all, the contriver of this senseless lunacy remained in obscurity, watching on high the ebbs and flows of the enduring fight. Yet incredibly, in a rare moment of insight the insane administrator of this epic battle saw fit to leave available that which gathered the foolish combatants to this worldly stage.

The attainment of power.

In the mastermind's first and only mistake, the bait is kept continuously in play, having opting against taking it out and eliminating the last, greatest threat to disrupting this disturbing little entertainment fixture, citing it as a reward for the unpitying deathbrigners, those that had sacrificed all to become the best;

A bestial submariner rushes a lissom gravity eluder, shielding his baleful charge.

A paper-thin canine rapper swerves continuously, repeatedly avoiding the treasure hunter's wild rapports.

A demon slayer exchanges strokes with a revived & knighted swordsman.

And the other, darker shade of the electrical vigilante expels arching lightning, desiring to burn the slippery gunslinger merc to a crisp.

These are the heroes meant to save the day.

These are the villains who succumbed to ambitious desires.

These are the All-Stars, left at the mercy of the gamer.