Title: I'd Come For You

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don't own the title or characters. They belong to Nickelback, Kresley Cole and CBS/ Mark Gordon Company respectively. I'm just playing with them.

Inspired By: Nickelback's I'd Come For You

Story Category: Immortals After Dark/Criminal Minds crossover

Main Character: Derek Morgan

Pairing: Derek Morgan/Cassandra

Summary: Derek Morgan would do anything for Cassandra if she would just ask it of him...

Chapter 1: The Instinct

It was a crisp, beautiful day to arrive in America but Cassandra's attention wasn't on the scenery. She was still fuming about Emma stealing Lachlain away from her. 'That leech didn't even mourn for him the way I did...' Cassandra thought. She had expected to be Lachlain's queen and mother of his children, not thrown from her people on a whim because Lachlain had found his mate in a vampire. Bowen had told her as he escorted her from Kinevane that he knew that she'd find her mate when she least expected it.

'How am I to find my mate when I expected Lachlain to be the one?' Cassandra mused. Now, Cassandra wasn't paying attention to how many miles she was traveling; she was just following a scent that she had caught a whiff of. She stopped only to see a man exit a house that he was renovating. The man was breathtakingly handsome. Her beast saw him ...and wanted immediately. 'He's human and should be beneath my notice...' She thought but try as hard as she might, Cassandra couldn't take her eyes off the African-American man. Lachlain had nothing on the hunk of a man before her.

He was six feet of pure...perfection and even that word paled in comparison when Cassandra tried it on for size. His skin was a light cocoa color in contrast to her pale skin and boy, was he muscled. "Hi, can I help you?" The man asked.

"Just passing through." Cassandra lied. "I'm Cassandra."

"Derek Morgan. Nice to meet you, Cassandra." He introduced himself in turn. "I've got to get to work but if you'll excuse me, perhaps I'll see you later?" He said and she nodded. She watched as he drove off and sighed wistfully once he was out of her sight.

'Morgan...Morgan...where in the Lore have I heard that name before?' She thought. Then it suddenly hit her. Derek Morgan was the best friend of Spencer Reid, Gwen's husband. Gwen was Emma's maternal aunt and a Valkyrie to boot.

"Oh just suck up your pride, Cassandra. He's your mate and you want him desperately – enough to contact the leech's aunt." Cassandra told herself. Gwen likely wouldn't help her due to the fact that Emma was her niece and Valkyrie were generally loyal to their family members and/or allies. She found Gwen's phone number (somehow, Bowen had slipped her it) and dialed it.

"Gwen." A female voice answered softly.

"Hi, Gwen...this is Cassandra." Silence quickly followed and Cassandra gulped, wondering if the Valkyrie had already hung up on her. "I'm sorry to bother you after what I did to Emma."

"You should be sorry. What can I help you with?" Gwen replied. "We're technically family now because of Emma mating Lachlain, so what's up?"

"I think Derek Morgan may be my mate." Another round of silence.

"I'm sorry but did you just say you think that my husband's best friend is your Lykae mate?!" Gwen asked. Cassandra could barely hold a laugh in. She could barely believe it herself. "That...That tops my list of weird for the week."

"What tops your list of weird for the week?" A male voice asked. It sounded like Spencer was home from the Bureau.

"Cassandra thinks that Morgan's her Lykae mate." A burst of laughter sounded and Cassandra wondered what had tickled Gwen's husband's funny bone.

"He's a Casanova and Romeo rolled into one!" Spencer chortled. Then he sobered. "Bottom line is, he'll break your heart. Trust me. I've worked seven years with him as a human." Cassandra nodded, not fully trusting the vampire but understanding what he was saying.

"Thanks for your help, Gwen." Cassandra said before hanging up. 'I should do this on my own...' she thought.

Cassandra got a call from Gwen's leech a few days later. "Cassandra." She said in a bored tone.

"Cassandra, Morgan's missing." The moment those words popped out of Spencer's mouth, Cassandra's blood ran cold. There was a warlock creating Lykae to use as slaves. "Our boss told me that he hasn't put in an appearance at work today and he's putting out a missing person's report."

"Don't let your boss put out that report, leech!" she yelled. Silence fell on the line. "I'm sorry, Spencer...But if he puts out that report, it'll make him and the rest of your team a target for Loreans. I'm pretty sure that Morgan's within our jurisdiction."

"When you say 'Our jurisdiction', what do you mean?" An unfamiliar voice asked and Cassandra assumed it had to be Morgan and Reid's boss.

"Sir...I mean within Reid's and my jurisdiction. He's now Lorean. And Morgan's partly there since he's my mate." Cassandra clarified but wasn't too sure about how much information to add. Another bout of silence passed until Reid added,

"They're similar to but not quite werewolves, Hotch. The Lore has two species that you do not want to interfere in marital fights with. One is the vampire, which I am..." Spencer explained.

"I don't think anyone wants to try getting in between you and Gwen, kid. You're liable to tear our throats out." Another man dryly remarked. "And why is she calling you leech?"

"It's another name for vampire." Cassandra remarked. "Spencer's new species isn't exactly loved within the Lore, you guys." At this there were a few chuckles around the table and advice for how the geeky doctor could toughen up. "And the second species you really don't want to interfere in marital fights with is a Lykae, my species. Whoever took Morgan, if not human, is going to suffer a painful death."

"Ouch." Hotch commented.

Morgan was in pain, excruciating pain. Before this, he'd merely appreciated Reid's tolerance for the stuff when he was being held by Hankel. Now, however, he understood what the young man had gone through and wanted out of whatever the men had planned for him.

"Our sister will be so annoyed that we put him through this." A man said by the fire.

"Cassandra ought to be pleased with our foresight. This way, she doesn't have to watch him age or become a vampire. That warlock's research will come in handy."

Then Morgan fainted again from the pain.

Gwen sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Any leads?" She asked her husband as he went through reading a massive amount of material. The Bureau was assisting Spencer and Cassandra's search for the missing profiler in any way that they were able to. Spencer shook his head but kept reading.

"None." Cassandra whined. "It's like he's vanished into thin air." Gwen frowned and remembered the warlocks and their research on creating more Lykae. Cassandra noticed the dawning look of horror on Gwen's face. "What is it Gwen?" She asked, placing her hand on the Valkyrie's. She had never seen a Valkyrie look so horrified before in her existence.

"The warlocks' research on making Lykae…was it ever destroyed?" Gwen whispered in a vain effort to keep Spencer from hearing her. The younger vampire looked up from the papers he was reading.

"Not to my knowledge. One of the warlocks still lives and most of the research is kept in his hands." Cassandra answered and then covered her mouth with her hand as if she had come to the same conclusion that Gwen had. "You think that whoever took him will try to make him Lykae?" Gwen nodded, a grim expression settling on her features. "But…he could go mad! It would take decades for him to control his rage…"

"Do you have any living family members left, Cass?" Gwen asked, getting a bad feeling about how Morgan would already be a Lykae by the time they'd found him. "They'd be more likely to turn Morgan out of a misguided attempt to make you happy."

"I have two brothers that are still alive, Edward and Gilbert. They wouldn't dare do this, not to my mate!" Cassandra gasped in horror. "They wouldn't do that to my…"

"Cassandra, just calm down and shut up!" Gwen yelled, then breathed in deeply and continued, "They may already have. If it's a done deal, then Derek is going to need you to be calm and positive about this in the decades ahead." Cassandra nodded. Gwen was right about Derek needing her. The thought of Derek not having a choice not only scared her, it infuriated her. "Cassandra, your beast is rising." Gwen's voice broke through as she sat next to her husband.

"I'm going to go see where Derek is. I know his scent." She told Gwen before going out the door.

"How did you do it?" Spencer asked. Gwen looked at her husband and noted his black irises. "I was almost ready to throw her out." Gwen laughed. Really, Spencer wouldn't dare try...not with Cassandra being older and wiser than him.

"I can read you better than most, remember?" She whispered in his ear. "When you're reading out of distraction you always clench what's in your hands, whether it be a book or paper, out of habit." He tugged on her shirt in impatience. "Spence..." She murmured. "Be gentle."

"Gentle? I thought you li–" Spencer started to protest. With a small smile, Gwen took his right hand and placed it on top of her flat abdomen.

"I'm pregnant, Spencer. We're having a baby..." That was the last sentence Spencer let her get out before he soundly kissed her senseless.

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