Title: I'd Come For You

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don't own the title or characters. They belong to Nickleback, CBS/Mark Gordon Company and Kresley Cole respectively. I'm just playing with them.

Inspired By: Nickleback's I'd Come For You

Story Category: Immortals After Dark/Criminal Minds

Main Character: Derek Morgan

Pairing: Derek Morgan/Cassandra

Summary: Derek Morgan would do anything for Cassandra if she would just ask it of him…

Chapter 3: Reunion

Morgan was worried about Spencer. The whole plane ride to the International Airport in New Orleans and taxi ride to Spencer's new residence, he was worried about how he'd find Spencer. Bowen hadn't told him much and Cassandra hadn't mentioned Spencer in the letters. Even though he knew she was trying to get over her disgust of vampires for him, there was some distrust between his best friend and mate, which Spencer's Bride said was normal for the Lykae. He knocked on the door. A kid that he thought was Spencer opened the door.

"I got it, Mother." He heard a snort of laughter behind the kid.

"Daniel, how many times have I told you that I want to be called Aunt Gwen?" Spencer's Bride reprimanded from the, Morgan thought, kitchen. "It's bad enough that my niece is your mother."

"Would you rather I call you 'Step-mother'? I can do that, you know…" Daniel retorted.

"Daniel Andrew Reid, you will call me that over my dead body…" The kid smirked and again looked so like Spencer that he had to laugh. "And if you give me the 'that can be arranged' line, I swear on my mother's grave that I will have Alend kick your ass tomorrow."

"I'll help him." Morgan volunteered. "I don't think that your father would stand disrespect towards his wife."

"Alend kicking my ass the first time was enough, thank you." The kid replied.

"Language, young man." He heard a familiar voice say. "And Derek's right, you know better than to treat your aunt like that. Both your mother or I have not raised you to disrespect your elders and your aunt deserves more respect than the amount you accord her." Spencer had a frown on his face as he folded his arms.

"Sorry, Mother." Derek heard a sigh from the kitchen. "Come in. Just a warning if you come over tomorrow…Dad won't be in possession of his body."

"Kid, is this a joke?" He directed to his best friend, who was in his office with the door open. Spencer held a finger up to his lips.

"No, Garcia, you're just imagining things. Your sculpted god of chocolate thunder won't be back in the States until next week." Spencer told the technical analyst over Skype. "If you have any more questions, you know the channel."

"Strauss is still miffed that you left the BAU after we found out you were alive, Junior G man." Garcia told Spencer. Morgan bet that Strauss was miffed - Spencer was the most valuable person inside the BAU due to his eidetic memory and attention to detail.

"Yeah, yeah…Nothing new about that one." Spencer said.

"Just tell that lovely wife of yours that I'm looking forward to seeing her for our Girls Night out, Junior G man." Spencer rolled his eyes. "Genius, she never comes but I pray she does. PG out!" Then the connection turned off.

"Sorry about that but if she knew you were here, Cassandra would kill me." Spencer replied.

"Was that my godson?" Morgan asked, pointing his thumb at Daniel.

"Who…Daniel? No. Your godson is ten years younger and looks a heck of a lot similar to Gwen! Daniel is my son." Spencer explained. "Gabby had him at 19 and didn't tell me because she was afraid of my reaction to the situation. Luckily, Lothaire ignores him because he's part Lykae." Daniel stuck his head in.

"I'm headed to Mom's." He informed.

"Apologize to your aunt before you go." Spencer instructed. "Just because your aunt is married to me does not give you the right to call her 'Mother'. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Dad. I have already apologized to Aunt Gwen. She says that if I want to call her Mom in another language, that's fine with her but, Mother puts her in mind of hers and…"

"That relationship wasn't very happy as far as she told me." Spencer said, holding up a hand. "If she came up with the idea and if your mom agrees with it, it's fine by me." Daniel nodded and left, the door softly closing.

"Okay, now who in the hell is Alend and why are you hosting him?" Derek asked to refocus Spencer from the conversation he had with his son.

"Alend is Gwen's ex-husband. He was cursed to live without a body…" Spencer's phone rang. "Reid. Janice…what is going on? Is Kristo…What?! You can't be serious. I can't believe you and Gwen are pregnant at the same time." Morgan derived some kind of perverse pleasure from Spencer getting this kind of news. "No, tell Kristoff I am not being funny for the hell of it!"

"Pretty Boy, what's going on?" He asked.

"My sister's pregnant for the first time." Spencer explained with his hand held over the phone's receiver. Morgan's eyes were so wide they could have popped out of his face.

"Your sister? What?!" Morgan exclaimed.

"I didn't know I had an older sister until Gwen blurted it out ten years ago. You remember that ghost that was with my mother when we rescued her?"

"Yeah, I remember Janice." Morgan said. "Quite a feisty woman. Still can't believe she thought I was Lothaire."

Spencer snorted. "My sister says that Lothaire told her he'd be back and she was bracing herself for his return. She says she's sorry for trying to use your head as a football." Morgan laughed.

"She's not a vampire is she?" Spencer shook his head as he listened to his sister.

"I got to go; I think that Gwen's calling my name. No, I am not. Tell that husband of yours to shut up." After he hung up, he turned his attention to Morgan. "Alend was cursed to live without a body because of a severe bite on her neck."

"And you allow him full access to your Bride?!" Morgan

"He's already vowed to the Lore to not hurt her, Morgan. I wouldn't let my body three feet within her if he hadn't." Spencer replied. "Besides, Gwen actually scared the crap out of him." He laughed and Morgan gave him a strange look. "I'm sorry. I didn't think it was very funny at the time but I can't help it."

"Do I have to ask your Bride?" Morgan queried

"No…Let me finish laughing. This always happens when I try explaining it to someone for the first time. You should have been there when I told Hotch." Morgan somehow doubted that Hotch got Reid when he was laughing about the situation. "Okay. Alend had taken over me for the first time and despite my trying, I couldn't take the reins, as Alend calls it. When I'm dormant, I can hear whatever Alend is saying and if I concentrate, I can barely make out whatever Gwen is saying but see what she is doing." Morgan nodded at Spencer's explanation. "Anyways, Alend was trying to break her down over a misunderstanding. Gwen, pissed off, breaks into my gun safe and grabs my gun."

"And you think that is funny, kid?" Morgan asked.

"That's not what struck me funny about the whole situation. She can't harm me without feeling the pain herself. What was so funny is that she was willing to shoot her foot in order to bring me back to my senses."

"What the hell? Seriously, shooting her foot?! I would have shot you in the foot if I had been her." Morgan snickered.

"Alend doesn't trust her with weapons." Spencer stated after staring at the computer screen. "Especially when she has a sword in her hand." Morgan raised an eyebrow. Bowen had fought against Gwen once and said to him, 'The lass likes to play dirty. It's the way of all Valkyrie…'

"I can't blame him one bit for not trusting her with weapons, Reid!" Morgan exclaimed. He was lucky that Cassandra was of his own species rather than one his kind warred against for eons.

"Yeah." Spencer glanced at the clock. "It's late."

"It's almost twelve, kid. You generally went to bed at ten when we were human." Morgan said, realizing that becoming a blood-drinker had probably changed Spencer.

"Alend takes over at sunrise - that's usually around five in the mornings during summer. I want some time with Gwen before he takes over." Spencer said as he waved a hand. Morgan shook his head. Spencer, before his turning, was very awkward with women and now there was a level of confidence that almost rivaled Derek's own and Spencer's Bride didn't seem to mind. She liked the previous Spencer too.

"Okay, I can take a hint, man." He told the younger vampire. "Tell that roomie of yours I look forward to meeting him tomorrow."

"Roomie…oh, you mean Alend." Spencer said before seemingly staring off into space.

"Is that normal?" He asked Gwen, who was passing by as he pointed to Spencer. Gwen smiled.

"If you think that's not normal Morgan, you should see it when he and I have sex." Gwen mumbled without thinking before she saw the properly horrified look on Derek's face. "Kidding. Alend knows better than to have a conversation with Spencer when we have sex. He knows that I can smack him around without feeling certain consequences."

"She has a wicked punch." Spencer's voice sounded strange to Morgan's ears and his eyes were wholly black.

"Alend, that was very rude." Gwen pointed out. "I don't think Morgan's quite adjusted to the news of your possessing his best friend's body yet.

"Not my idea, hon." Alend pointed out. While Morgan observed that the body language was still Spencer's, his spoken language and eyes were obviously different. "It was his, the sneaky…" Alend shrugged as he trailed off.

"I'll be talking to him again the next morning…" Gwen muttered.

"Gwen, I don't mind as long as I know that he'll keep his word. Besides, he'll be taking over tomorrow." Alend directed toward his woman.

"Do you two even have a set deal?" Morgan asked. Alend laughed. "Because Spencer can be quite the sneaky genius when he doesn't get what he wants."

"To be honest, when we made this deal Morgan…Spencer wanted flexibility, not a set schedule. He still helps the BAU with their cases and as such, I'm not allowed to rise when he's talking to Garcia or any other human member of the team that doesn't know about me. He only told what's his name…the unit chief because there might be a situation with Gwen where my expertise might be needed. Other than that, there are really no set rules to who gets what day." Alend explained.

"Wow, I would have thought that you'd still want to hurt Gwen, given what Spencer told me." Alend laughed at Morgan's remark.

"Despite that, I still love Gwen. I'd do anything for her and Spencer knows it. It was a simple misunderstanding, really." Morgan watched Alend get up and noticed that he seemed eager for Morgan to leave. That's when he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder.

"Derek, we need to talk." Cassandra said softly.

"Spencer said he'll see you tomorrow." Morgan nodded before he walked out the door with Cassandra. Cassandra had a pinched look on her face and he lifted up a hand to caress her cheek before they started walking.

"I'm sorry that I left, Derek. If I stayed…" She trailed off, looking nervously at things surrounding them as they walked.

"I'm glad you left. I would have hurt you if you had. My anger was so raw back then." He confessed with a small smile. "Bowen said it was really easy to get my beast riled up the first few months I was there." It would have killed him to hurt her. Just like Spencer with Gwen. A wolfish smile suddenly crossed his face. "Let's go get started on those kids you want, baby girl."

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