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A few hundred miles away on the remote island, Pyro confronted Gambit. "And just what do you think you're doin'?" He demanded in his rough Australian accent as he released the flames from his portable propane machine. Gambit didn't know what to say. He stepped back from the panel and raised both of his hands in the air. "Listen my mah friend, ah don't want any trouble." Pryo came closer, "Well it looks to me like you're looking for it. I'd say you were trying to release the prisoner. But no worries mate, you'll soon be joining her after the boss hears about this. " he said forming the fire in the shape of Magneto.

Gambit withdrew his hands from the air and quickly threw a charged card in Pyro's direction. The sudden action caught Pryo by surprise and the card sliced off the left propane tube. Pyro flinched giving gambit the perfect opportunity to strike Pyro with his staff. The blow was hard enough to send Pyro sliding backwards on his back.

Pyro scrambled to his feet to try and defend himself. As Gambit was charging at him, Pyro used the right propane line to produce fire and shaped it into a snake. The fiery serpentine figure coiled itself around gambit, stopping him in his tracks. "Let's see you get outta this one." Pyro snapped.

Gambit looked above himself and extended his retractable staff. He charged the end of it and lunged it in the ceiling. The charged end of the stick forced a hole in the metallic substance. Pyro didn't know what to make of the situation.

The staff looked like a pole coming from above. Gambit grabbed the free end of the staff and swung over the fire; snatching the stick out as gravity pulled him downward. "Well ya asked how Gambit was gonna get outta that one!" Exclaimed the Cajun and then whipped Pyro across the face with his staff, knocking him out. "That's how ah was gonna get out of it."

he retracted his staff to it's average size and once again tried to free rogue. As he was typing in the code, a hard blow to the back of his head, knocked him out cold. Colossus only went back there to lock Forge away after he had done what he was told. Upon seeing the end of the scuffle from afar, Colossus ensued to ending the treason that Gambit was leading.

Forge wished he could undo his bindings and escape. But he knew he couldn't do that, so he had another trick up his sleeve. Of course the trick was too early to be performed. He had to wait at the right moment to pull it off. Colossus proceeded to lock Forge away in a glass prison similar to Rogue's. Colossus then stimulated a neural-paralysis gas to prohibit Forge from making a move. In other words, the gaseous solution petrified him.

Sabretooth and Magneto came to the same room shortly after. Sabretooth was the first to speak."What happened to Gambit?" Colossus sauntered over to the resat of them. Pyro was just regaining consciousness when the question was asked. He stood up and said in ail, "What do ya think happened 'ere mate? That bloody Cajun over there was tryin' to break loose the prisoner." He rubbed the back of his head.

Magneto glided over to an out-cold Gambit. "I see. But what drove him to rebelling against me? He knew what the consequences would be. Yet and still, he does so anyway." Magneto then turned towards Rogue. His speculations of Gambit releasing her brought him to the conclusion that Gambit might just fancy her. He raised a brow, cogitating on the state of affair between them. "Hmm." Was all he said. "Sabretooth, Pyro, get Gambit and put him with the others."

They did as he commanded. He continued, "And if any of you just as much as think about turning against me, the punishment for your rebellion will be far beyond apprehensive. Let that be a warning for all of you!" he ragingly enforced.

The intensity in his voice made all of them afraid to slip up one time. Magneto calmed himself before speaking again, "Now I'm going to send the brotherhood on another mission to confront the X men. This will be another decoy for you all to deliver, assemble, and secure the satellites around the seven continents.." Pyro interrupted, "-Ooh! Ohh! Let me take one to Australia. I've been wanting to see the good ole' Outback for ages!" he shouted eagerly. Magneto continued, "I was going to get to that John.

You will be going there anyway to lessen any suspicion. As for you Colossus, you will take one to Asia; Sabretooth with take one to Europe. I will be placing one in North America. Later, Colossus, you and Pyro and Sabretooth will meet back here and transport the remaining satellites to Antarctica, South America and Africa. Is everyone clear on what they should do?" He commanded. "Yes Sir!" They all said in unison. "Good. Then be off."

He used his powers to summon the satellites to the room. Once they were settle on the ground, he formed four spheres, bigger that the usual size. In each sphere, he place a satellite. Each of the antagonists entered their assigned spheres and jetted off to their designated continent. Magneto didn't take flight just yet. He had another obligation that needed to be fulfilled.

At the Brotherhood

The sun's rays filled the messy and destroyed house of Mystique. It was well pass 11 A.M and the members of the brotherhood were still lazily sprawled out in their beds. Since they were expelled from school, they had nothing else better to do but sleep the afternoon away. Pietro and Wanda were the only one's awake. Wanda aroused early because she takes life seriously; Pietro, because he was still bewildered about the path he was taking.

Wanda was downstairs emptying the rubble from the Kitchen while Pietro was in his room sitting on the edge of the bed, cogitating on his next move. He looked around himself and saw that he was engulfed in a huge mess. Clothes were flung everywhere, dresser drawers were halfway ajar; his bed was unmade and left over food was lingering hither and thither. For the first time in his life, things were a lot clearer. With that realization, he was crestfallen as he realized his complaisant attitude toward his father.

The things he said yesterday began to rebound loudly in his head. I wanted this time to be different! . It echoed like screaming inside a vacant reverberant chamber with no one there to hearken and console you of your agony.

Pietro clinched his fists and stood up slowly from the bed. He said to himself out loud. "If I want things to be different around here, then I'm going to have to make a difference." He used his new found speed to clean his room and begin a new life that didn't include fawning after his father. "Humph! Things are starting to look a little better in here." he grinned. But that emptiness in him was beginning to grow. He was undeniably stricken with the burden of doing the right thing. He dismissed the feelings even though he was exceptionally low.

He tried his hardest not to display the stress that crept its way on his face. He shook his head again. Okay this isn't working. I need to clear my head. Maybe I need to go out for a minute and give myself some time to sulk and then think about what to do later. Pietro thought.

He raced downstairs only to find Wanda clearing out the kitchen. He became unnerved the moment he saw her. He was completely lost for words. Wanda on the other hand saw him and ignored him. Pietro tread softly over to the kitchen table. After a few moments of silence, he was able to muster enough courage to speak.

"Um...morning sis." He stammered out. Wanda seemed to be oblivious to his words. He tried again. "So...how are you feeling?" Wanda wasn't in the mood to talk to Pietro, but she had to say something to appease his desire for a conversation.

She turned towards him and then said, "I'm feeling fine Pietro." Pietro no longer felt like a derelict left behind by his sister. He wanted to talk to Wanda to ease the tension between them. He started by saying seriously, "Listen Wanda. You had a point last night. Maybe we do need to know what we're getting ourselves into before we act on it. That's why I took the liberty of going to find Magneto last night after we came home."

Wanda gaped at him. "Is that where you were? Looking for Magneto!" Pietro stood up from the table before answering her question. "Well, yeah." Wanda squinted her eyes shrewdly. "Did you find him?" She interrogated. "yeah! I did. And I found more than just him." he said discreetly. Wanda furrowed her brows. "What do you mean you found more than 'just him'?"

Pietro didn't feel too comfortable telling Wanda about their father's diabolical plans. So he covered it up. "You know, forget what I just said. It's nothing." He insisted. "It's not 'nothing' Pietro. I know when dealing with our father it's always something. Now tell me what did you find out!" She pressed hard. "Wanda, Wanda, calm down. I only heard half of his plans. I don't know the whole thing. I am completely clueless." he held his hands up in defense. He felt really bad about lying to his sister. He didn't want her to become just as worried as he was.

Wanda stopped pressing for an answer. "Fine then. Don't tell me. But that isn't going to stop me from finding out what's going on!" She stormed out of the kitchen. Pietro ran in front of her. "So do you forgive me for last night? I know I might have been a little out of line and lost my temper, but..." Wanda cut him off. "Yes Pietro. I do forgive you. But you have got to quit being so complaisant when it comes to our father." She moved him aside and continued walking toward the front door. As if I didn't already figure that out. Pietro thought rolling his eyes.

Before Wanda could place a foot outside, the phone rang. Pietro zoomed over to the phone and lifted it from the base. "Hello?" He asked. "I have a job for you and the brotherhood. I heard you didn't do too well in your last battle with the X men, so I'm giving you a chance of reparation. Remember Pietro, don't hold back." With that, the other end hung up. Pietro knew it was Magneto. His blood ran cold when Wanda questioned about the caller on the other end.

"So who was it?" She asked. "Um...it was no one." he replied quickly. Wanda was getting agitated with his spontaneous behavior. "Well it had to be someone! You were holding the phone to your ear for quite a long time!" she yelled. Pietro had no choice but to confess. "It was Magneto." He closed his eyes in disappointment. "Well what does he want?" "He wants us to engage in another battle with the Xavier kids." "Again! Why? Did he not hear about us losing?!" "Well, yeah he did." "Ugh! This is getting ridiculous. Why doesn't he just come to us in person and tell us for himself rather than hiding behind shadows?!"

Pietro knew well why Magneto wanted them to fight. They were never intended to win. All they were used for was pawns in his sick game of chess while the acolytes moved as the knights, bishops, and castles. Magneto of course was the king of the board. Pietro's unusual silence was beginning to irk Wanda. She cast a look of concern.

The silence was interrupted when they heard Todd and Freddy's loud, thumping footsteps racing for the staircase. "If you think you're going to beat me to the kitchen, then you're wrong big boy!" Todd teased. "Come back here Toad! I call dibs on the Muffins!" "No way! I'm not letting you gobble them all up again! Those muffins are for everybody yo! Not just your-body!" "Haha! Really funny!"

Well it looks like they're up. Pietro thought.

As Toad was hopping through the door frame of the kitchen, he was caught between the lattice and Blob's excess meat. "Blob!" He shrieked as he was being squeezed. "You're crushing me Yo! Back up! Back up!" Blob wasn't listening. He was trying to squeeze through to the kitchen to get to the muffins. He strained and broke a sweat. The more he forced himself in, the more Todd was getting crushed. Blob pushed and pushed until he forced himself inside. Toad fell to the ground gasping for air. "Aw man! Take my advice and never walk through the kitchen the same time as Fred! I'm gonna be bruised like a banana." Todd complained.

It wasn't before long when lance walked in the foyer and caught sight of Pietro. Even though Pietro regretted most of the things he said, he didn't regret showing Lance who was boss. Pietro stood where he was and glared right back at Lance. If electrons were floating about in the space between them, then lightning would have surely formed. "So Pietro" Lance started, "What does daddy want us to do this time?" Pietro didn't take what Lance said offensively since he was growing a prejudice for his father as well. "You know what Lancey boy, he does want us to do something. And you know what that is right?" "Let me guess, we have to fight the lame excuse for superheroes again." He rolled his eyes. Pietro reimbursed, "You got it! So let's do this." "Fine, but after we get something to eat."

"That's if Freddy saves something for us to eat!" Todd yelled from the kitchen while in the middle of tug-of-war with blob over the box of muffins.

"Alright fine. Eat up and then we go!" Pietro yelled. Wanda couldn't help but say something. "You know Pietro, a minute ago, you didn't look like you were up to doing this job. Now all of a sudden you're eager to go? What is wrong with you?! You've been acting weird all morning!" "It's just a lot of things that are going on right now. I can't really tell you because it's complicated alright!" He barked. He continued as he was heading toward the door. "Now I'm going to go get some fresh air while I wait for you sloths!" Pietro yelled to them.

"Yo, what's up with him?" Todd asked concerned. "Who knows and who cares." Lance declared. "Did you say something to make him mad again?" Todd asked. "If I did then good. He was always annoying. It's about time he had a taste of his own medicine. He's probably going to go run to daddy and tell him what I said."

"That's enough!" Wanda shouted. "Don't you get the feeling that something is really bothering him? I mean when he came downstairs earlier he looked kind of sad. Now he's upset? Maybe we ought to give him some elbow room. Give him some time to come to us and tell us what's on his mind." Wanda ended solemnly. Todd spoke up. "Do you think he developed that thing when you're one way one minute and then another way the next? I thinks it's called polar bear or something." He insinuated. "You mean, bipolar?" "Yeah that one! Thanks for having my back snookums." Wanda grimaced in disgust before speaking. "Whatever it is, I just hope he comes to his senses soon."

The instant she finished speaking, the phone rang. Pietro was just coming back in to ask what was taking so long. He zoomed over to the phone again and picked it up.