Hello All! You may have seen me reading/following a lot of Les Mis stories lately and I've had this one sitting on my computer for a while so I thought, 'it's time ;) ) So it's my first Fanfic, I hope you enjoy :) Leave a comment or review and I'll put up the next part ASAP!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story... if i did, they wouldn't have all died in the first place

Dedicated to Holly

Combeferre stumbled into the Musain, his sandy blonde hair was all over the place, his glasses were not only askew, but also covered with a thin layer of dust, something that never collected on the young philosopher's specs, for he was constantly taking them off to massage the bridge of his nose, wiping them across his button down before returning them to his face. Under the dusted rims, his usual pleasant face was twisted into one of worry, even possibly madness. Courfeyrac, barely tearing his gaze from Jehan as he playfully pushed French fries in the little poet's face, he nodded in his friends' general direction,

"Ferre! You're late! We already have the usual Friday spread, Ponine's ribs are getting cold!"

Ignoring Coufeyrac's comment, he ran his hand through his dirtying hair, letting out a sign that earned some of the attention in the crowded college bar.

"Ferre, where's Ponine?" Jehan questioned, pushing himself away from Courfeyrac.

Standing silently in front of now every eye in the cramped room he replied simply,