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The jury came in and a teary older woman delivered the verdict.

"We, the members of the jury, find Rémy Thénardier guilty of all charges of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and assault. We find Christopher Montparnasse guilty of all charges of murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and assault. We find Jean Babet guilty of all charges of armed robbery and assault. We find George Gueulemer guilty of all charges of rape and armed robbery. And finally we find Jacques Claquescous guilty of all charges of rape and kidnapping."

Éponine nearly collapsed from the joy of it all. She felt Combeferre's hand on her shoulder and Enjolras grasped her hand as Judge Fauchelevent read the charges of lifetime imprisonment for Montparnasse and Thénardier, thirty years until the possibility of a parole. The others were given thirty-five years of prison, ten until parole. The large crowd that had gathered for what was dubbed 'the trial of the century' broke into rousing applause, but through the thick of everything and the hoards of people who went over to congratulate Éponine, the guards lost track of the master thief and the boys lost track the survivor.

"Ferre? Enj? R? Courf? Guys?" She called through the tide of people, but she couldn't make out even Bousset's shining head. Suddenly, a fierce hand took hold of her neck, squeezing tightly.

"Think you're smart, huh Ninny? Think you can open your mouth and tell your sob story and everyone will weep?" Her father's eyes were slits and even with the handcuffs, his hold on her neck began to tighten and her windpipe was becoming more and more constricted.

"Help!" She wheezed, shocked that no one noticed her being strangled in the middle of the courtroom. She struggled to fight back, aiming a kick to his groin. He howled in pain and his grip slackened enough for her to scream.

"How the hell did we lose her?" Grantaire whined. "Did we put Bousette in charge or something, I mean for the love of God." He trailed off, continuing his search of the crowded hall.

"I'm sure she was swarmed by well wishers or something." Bahorel noted, though the tallest, he was slightly worried that he couldn't spot her in the sea of viewers. Then, a scream broke threw the excited chatter. Combeferre leapt over the gate and ran towards the source, finding Thénardier with his hands around Éponine's neck.

"LET HER GO!" He roared, charging forward to take him to the ground. Seeing the attack, he tried to keep his hold, but lost it once Combeferre made contact. It wasn't long before the crowds split and the guards came to retrieve their ward, Enjolras screaming all the while on their irresponsibility. Combeferre was nearly lost to the world, wanting nothing more than to choke the life out of the man who caused so much pain and suffering in his love's life, but he let him go, feeling her hand close around his shoulder.

"THIS AINT OVER GIRL! MARK MY WORDS!" Thénardier roared as they pulled him from the courtroom. Combeferre helped Éponine to her feet and even as she teetered, slightly light headed, she gave her father one last glace saying simply,

"Good-bye Father."

It was barley a whisper, and soon, struggling to regain breath lost, she fell into Combeferre's arms, the scenery around her slipping away and everything fading to black.

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