This will be the last chapter of this wild adventure, yeah, I know it sucks. I just hope that you will enjoy this climax of a story.


"Okay, okay, just stay calm, I got you."

Zoe is dragging poor Moby out of the alleyway, as the British man is still suffering from his previous encounter with a certain maniac. His eyes are still watering from behind his shades, but it isn't as bad. He has a good friend helping him out as they finally made it out.

"Zoe, Moby, bonjour!" JP greeted them as they came out of the exit, the French boarder was leaning against the wall. He isn't alone, as his subordinate, Luther has finished the last of the doughnuts that were discarded earlier. His boss is still pretty disgusted at the entire event, but ignores him for now as he pays attention to the two. "So...I'm assuming that things didn't go as planned?"

"Understatement of the year, Blondie..." She grumbled, then eyes the Frenchmen. "So you just stayed put while we were all in the alley?" She guessed, but she is right.

"You honestly expected me to chase a bête immonde around? I am actually smart in not chasing him, degrading myself." JP crossed his arms, oblivious to the fact he has annoyed the people around him, except for the obese boarder that is resting after eating the last donut.

"You are a lazy prick then..." Zoe said bluntly, but her pocket vibrates as she is receiving a call from her cell. "I'll deal with you later...hello?" She answers her phone, only to hear Rahzel on the other line. "Hey, what's up?" The conversation was calm enough, but then it turns hectic on the other side. She nods as hangs up, as she quickly tries to hail a cab.

"Zoe, what did the boss man say?" Luther questions as he pats his fat belly.

"We gotta get the venue, and you two are coming with!" She ordered both, as they look to each other then at her.

"Excuse moi? Why should I do this?" JP demanded to know, and the punk boarder gives a legit reason.

"Because if you don't, you'll have to worry about me messing you pretty face. Let's go!" Then she points to Luther, "The same with you."

It is no secret that Zoe is persuasive when she needs to be, and they really have no choice, or they would answer to her. She manage to hail a cab as the four boarders continue the chase.

" careful, it's tender." Brodi winced as his nose is being tended to, Kaori bit her lower lip softly.

"Gomen, I hope the swelling goes down." She mumbles as she tries to help him stop the bleeding.

"Its no trouble, Kaori. It's not everyday one tries to restrain someone that has washed himself in the pits of Naraka, but life is full of surprises." He mused slightly, as he is handed a cool water bottle by Mac.

"Still, it's pretty messed up..." The teen starts to fiddle with the handcuffs he was given earlier. Still doesn't know about how they got here, but he doesn't care at the moment. In the meantime, the hunt is on, as Rahzel is looking for Psymon as he couldn't have gone far. Eddie is also on the look out, even though he doesn't really have the enthusiasm, along with Elise right beside him.

They are pretty worn out after their encounter with Psymon, and they want this to be over, maybe that is why they are along on this ride. Rahzel is possibly the only one whom is giving some kind of effort in tracking, and he though that headlights glimpse in front of him while in traffic.

"I think we have a lead, just gotta make sure..." He said, as he goes along with the sea of cars.

The bus cannot go further in its lane, as he has to wait, or at least he is trying to. He is starting to lose his patience, he needs to finds Psymon quickly. It is then that he saw something that caught his attention, people are day scattering from a single point. It is something that he recognized, whenever people starts to run away, it is because of a certain person.

As the traffic loosen up, he instantly saw the lunatic boarder entering a cab, he has him now.

"Finally..." He said as he waits until the the green light is lit and then follows the cab, not letting it out of his sight. He then turned tense when the cab suddenly speed speed down the street, he must've caught on quick. "You won't get away!" He makes sure that there are no cars in front of him, as he follows the cab.

The boarders braced themselves as the speed increased, and its a bumpy ride as Marisol groans as she is starting to come too. "W-what? Where am I?" She realized that something is strange, but at the very least Seeiah is the first person that she sees. "Seeiah...Thank goodness." She breathed, and what her nose caught was a terrible odor.

"Oh my God, girl, you are alive!" The soul sister is relieved to see the Latina is alright, as she is holding her hand.

"Of course I'm alive...but I wish I would stay unconscious for a while longer..." Marisol frowns as she covers her nose. It lingers here, and she knows it. But it is no powerful enough to make them gag and throw up, so they are fine for now. "What's going on?"

"We are about to go on a car chase, so hold on to your seat." Elise answered, as she points to the front as Rahzel is concentrated on driving. The Latina grimaced at this, whining as she cannot believe it.

"¿Hablas en serio? Fine, but I'm staying in the bus than to chase after some loco."

That is a promise, after her last encounter, she would rather not face him again.

Psymon is leaning back as he let the driver carry him to the destination. It appears that he doesn't have a grudge against the driver for leaving him at the doughnut shop, rather, he looks to be enjoying the ride. "Ya know Larry, you seem tense. You seriously need to chill out, or you will have a crappy day."

Larry didn't answer, but he does feebly whines as he has to bear it. It brings back bad memories earlier when he has to deal with this psychopath, and he has to cooperate for now. The SSX venue has an entire street route closed off until the event is over, and its the perfect place for Psymon to be alone.

Of course, his manager is chasing him at the moment. Speaking of which, his eyes turns to the rear view mirror, and sees a familiar looking tour bus from behind a couple of cars.

"Listen to me very carefully, wimp, I'm in a bit of a hurry, and I want you to speed things up." He eyes the man up on the driver seat, and the driver quickly nods.

"Y-you got it!" And when the lights became green, he quickly drives off. They have begun the chase up hill, and the bus behind them is trying to keep up.

"There we go, Larry! That's the stuff!" The psycho boarder is pretty excited about the frighten driver is heading to the venue, as it starts uphill of a empty starting stage where spectators can watch their favorite snowboarders race down.

Whether Larry knows it or not, he is being followed by Psymon's pursuers. He is too scared to really notice, just driving uphill to the racing zone of the venue. The poor soul is holding his breath, and praying on the inside that it will be over soon.

"Oh God...why is this happening to me?" Larry whines silently, gripping the wheel to try and bear it.

Psymon is grinning like a madman all the way, watching the bus behind them trying to catch up. It seems that he is enjoying every minute of it, then turns to the driver. "Hey, go faster!" He kicks against the front seat, giving motivation.

"A-are you crazy? I can't go any faster than this!" He tries to reason with his passenger, but is only met with a harder kick.

"I said go faster! This is suppose to be a chase! What am I paying you for?"

"I-I'm being paid?"

"Of course not, you wimp! Keep driving, or you are going to take a whiff of my arm pit!" The threat is enough to get Larry to press down on the gas pedal to get a move on.

The chase moves on the hills where there are less cars for them to ride on the road easily, as they are heading up to the venue. Psymon is waiting as the anticipation, almost bouncing on his seat as he could see it in the distance.

"We are almost there, don't disappoint me." He told him, as he holds on to the BX board beside him. Until they get close, he lets him drive until he yells stop. The car comes a abrupt halt, which cause him to fly and hit the front window. Larry helps as this happens, as he is safe because of his seat belt, which his passenger isn't fortunate enough to wear.

"O-Oh my god..." Larry gasped as he watches Psymon, the glass didn't break, but it still looked like he smarts. He was going to say something, but the man springs to life, looking to Larry.

"Thanks for the ride, Clyde. I've had a wonderful time," He grins, as he removes himself from the window to get to the back seat, and grab the BX board. "Seeya Larry!" He exits the car, leaving the frighten, and relieved taxi driver.

"Bye...crazy guy..." He waved meagerly, then it looks like he is going to cry in joy, but his car leaves a terrible odor. "Seriously...I don't get paid enough for this..."

Rahzel follows, trying to keep up with the cab as they head towards the upper hill, where there is a pavilion where the spectators are seated and it is the starting point of the races.

They could see it clearly as well, and that is why they are prepared somewhat, the bus containment has their snowboards. They will come in handy as soon as they reach the pavilion, in one piece.

The place is empty, so it is pretty fortunate that no one would be bombarded by the smelly psychopath. The manager could see that the cab has stopped near the entrance, as he could see his target exiting the car. He turns to the boarders as he points outside. "He's out there, grab your boards and go after him!" He commanded them. The boarders looks hesitant, as they look at the window to see their crazy target.

"Just go, hurry up! Please?" It's like he is almost begging them to go, as they are the only ones that have what it takes.

"Anything for you, Rahzel. Let go, everyone." Elise stands up, as she takes the lead while they slowly follows. Rahzel of course, stay behinds as well as a resting Marisol, as they both has this look of hope that everything will be fine.

"Thank you, thank you! I'll try to follow, just hold him okay?" He asked, as he watches from a far. Marisol doesn't want her friend to leave, but a small sacrifice needed to be paid.

"Good luck, Chica! I'll see you soon, Mami." It was a sort of cheer as she believes in them...just a little.

Even though Brodi has a near broken nose, he follows behind Elise and mange to keep up. Kaori is naturally worried about him.

"Brodi, are you going to be okay?" She asked, before they are continuing the chase after Psymon. The surfer smiles.

"Don't worry, a broken nose is the least of my worries." He answered gingerly. Now that is settled, they have a psycho to catch, and they quickly makes for the storage under the bus, where they can find their snowboards.

After preparing themselves, they race towards the pavilion as they see Psymon at the starting gate, locking his feet in place on the board, and ready to go. He looks back at his pursuers with his crazy grin. "See if you can catch me, losers!" He laughs wildly as he leaves and starts to shred the slopes.

The boarders have no time to lose, as they geared with their boards and make they way to the starting gate. They know this venue well, as they raced each other for the past two days, they would be fine...if nothing goes wrong. All 7 snowboarders pass the starting gate for their trek down the city.

"Come on...answer..."Zoe impatiently waits on her phone as she is being seated between a recovering Moby, and a disgruntled JP. Luther is in the front in the passenger's seat, as it looks like he is in between being awake, and asleep. The punk girl looks between her and her friend beside her, until someone on the other end picks up. "Rahzel!"

"Zoe, where are you right now?" The DJ asked, as there is urgency in his voice.

"We are half way there, did you get him?" She asked with anticipation.

"No, he is already reached the venue and started snowboarding. The others are on his tail though..."

She sighs, what are they going to do now? It would be too late by the time they get there, so she has to think of a plan. Then it snapped, as she remembers the layout of the track, and has a plan set up. "We will take him off the path when be gets to the park, there is a spot where we can trap him in. Meet us there to help us." She said quickly, as she hangs up.

"Huh...what's happening, love?" Moby woozily asked.

"Change of plans, we are going to the park." Zoe answered, as she taps the shoulder of the driver to change their destination. JP is less than thrilled.

"Cette est insenté..." He mumbles, as he is forced to go along with whatever Zoe is planning. She rolls her eyes.

"Will you get a grip? Just help us do this so we can make Psymon know we mean business." She hissed, as the car drives to the park.

"You dorks call that snowboarding? My grandma could do better with one eye!" The taunting of the maniac echoes as he is enjoying the chase so far. It's one on seven as they are racing in the empty streets of Merqury City, designed for the competitors to shred and race their way down and around. So far, they know their way around this track, so it an advantage for the chasers, but also the pursued.

"Come on, get with the program! Ya wanna catch me right?" Psymon taunted them, as he is ahead of the pack, but they are trying to catch up. So far, Elise is catching up, but she admits that she doesn't know what to when she catches up. She rather not touch him in any form, since he is currently foul.

"Taunt while you can, we will get you!" She shouted so that he can hear.

Psymon doesn't mind, the invites them to try.

There are twists and turns to keep them on their toes, including chances of grabbing air and doing tricks. They will have to ignore the jumps in order to gain speed to catch up.

They need to somehow be careful while trying to capture him, as he will not give up easily.

"Take a good look at this, geeks!" Psymon shouted, as there is a ramp for him to jump. He does and starts to show off be doing a simple nose grab in the air, and landed safely. It just shows that he is making fun of them in a way, which gives them a determination.

"Mwahaha, you guys just saw a taste of what I have in store! There is is no way that-" He is unfortunately interrupted by crashing right into a stop sign. It is enough to stop him, as he falls backwards on the snow covered street. Not surprisingly, he instantly springs to life, acting like nothing has happened and quickly slides downhill. "As I was saying...There is no way that you can outsmart my brilliance!"

It is amazing that he has high tolerance of pain. It is said that some of his nerves has been fried, which is why he doesn't feel pain on his face.

Even after that quick recovery, Elise and Brodi are the closest to Psymon, which mean they might have a chance to knock him down.

Since the Canadian bombshell is feeling brave, she slides in closer as she attempts to do something. The first thing she tries to do s to knock him on the snow, but she has to get closer to him. Her target is aware of this, but he doesn't really care as he takes to taunting.

"Trying to get close to me, Bombshell? I didn't know you had a thing for me." He smiled while wiggling his bushy brows. Elise grumbles as she finds that disgusting, but still trying to get close to him. The lunatic allows it though, but he reacted quickly and moves his arms to protect his body. Even as they are moving, the smell emitting from him still exists, but Elise is a bit resilient.

" can do this..." She told herself, trying to muster up some strength to accomplish this task. But before anyone can do anything, Psymon took a hard left of the track as he decides to take a short cut. There are plenty of those on the track to help the riders make it easy for them to end up in first place, and he is smart enough to use one of them.

"Dammit! This way!" Elise shouted, mostly in frustration as she and the other change their course to follow him. This leads into a short slide into an alleyway that cut in between two buildings; he came out of the other side still ahead of the pack.

"I'm still in the lead, wimps! I'm the champ, whoooo!" He cheered, and it is getting on their nerves. This especially fuels Elise's hatred for him.

"That is it! He is going down!" This made her shred close to him, and she isn't going to hold back. Unfortunately for her, Psymon anticipated this and moves away from her as soon as she was trying to shove him. This made her lose her balance and tripped on the snow below her, all the while the target is laughing all the way.

The snow below her cushion her fall, but she is feeling dizzy at the moment.

"Elise! Are you ok?" Eddie is the first to come at her side, but she shook his head.

"Dizzy, but you got to catch him quick..." She told them, as she doesn't want to slow them down.

"It's okay, ill stay with you." The Afro boarder insisted, as the others are still in pursuit.

"This is whack! How are we suppose to get him now?" Mac wondered out loud, as he is starting to lose a bit of faith of their ability.

"We have to get close, just box him in!" Brodi starting to form a strategy to get is as close as they can so he will not escape. They shiver, but they will have to hold their breath for this plan to work.

Psymon noticed that all of the sudden, Seeiah and Brodi appears on his left and right, following by Kaori right behind him.

"You are blocked off, sucka! No way you can escape!" Seeiah shouted at him, all the while holding in her nose.

"You think so? I am full of surprises!" He gives a grin, as he lifts both of his arms for his hair, unkempt underarms to let loose his terrible stink. Both riders on his side are suffering the worst of it, and Seeiah couldn't hold it together even though she is trying. Brodi is fairing better than she is, and he is hoping that she doesn't break.

Even from Behind, Kaori could even smell it, and quickly pinched her nose. "Stinky!"

"Take it in, take it all in!" The maniac raised his arms, not minding his repugnant odor. The woman on his left cannot take it anymore, as she starts to pull back.

"I can't take it...i'm sorry!" She stops, as she covers her face as the stink is infecting her face and possibly making her eyes water. Their formation broke, but they still have back who is besides Kaori.

"Whoops, it looks like plan A didn't work, hope you have plan B through Z." Psymon teased.

That was their only plan, and it pretty much backfired in their faces. However, it is not the only plan being set into motion.

The 4 borders are coming up to the park up ahead, part to the venue that they will have to go through in order to continue the race; but the entrance is being blocked off by the tour bus, which caused Brodi, Mac, and Kaori to stop,but Psymon didn't. In fact, he crashed right into it. Once again, he quickly recovers like it was nothing as if he doesn't feel the pain. "Aw man...I gotta stop running into things...but it's no big deal, right Tattoo boy?" He asked on of his many tattoos on his shoulder, who naturally doesn't respond.

He leans on the bus's surface, but he quickly abandons the stolen snowboard, running around the bus as he heads into the park. "You'll never take me alive!"

"Quickly, we have to chase him down. " Brodi removed himself from his long board, but he paused for a second to make sure that his nose is not croaked and prone to bleeding.

"Brodi-Kun, I don't wanna go after him anymore! He smells!" The Japanese youth complains as she has had enough, as it feels like she is going crazy herself. The Zen boarder understands, as he nod.

"You have done enough to help, you can stop here if you wish. Mac, what about you?" He turns to the American Teen, and it is becoming clear that he is done as well.

"Nah man, this is crazy. This is as far as I can go." He said as he wants to stay by the bus with Kaori, so Brodi is left to do this by himself. The teen places his hands into pockets, and almost forgotten about the handcuffs he was given earlier. "Uh, here you go, dawg. Probably needing this more than I do." He said, as he given him the cuffs. Brodi accepts them, might as well going to put them into good use just in case.

"Thank you, my friends. Try to hang in there and stay warm." And with that, he turns around and runs into the forest.

In the park, Psymon is still running, but that is until something came into his view, almost squashing him to death a blubbery body stands in his way.

"Ah found ya, yer no good walking garbage can!" A southern accent fills his ears, as it belongs to Luther standing in his way.

"I'm impressed, are you sure you can take me on, tubby?" Psymon smirks as he tries to egg him on.

"More than ya realize, jumpy boots! Ya facin' a former high school football star with more knockdowns than a Rhino knockn' a family of lions. Hope ya prepared, boy!"

"You talk too much, fatty. Let's see what you got."

Before he knew it, the chubby boarder lungs right at him, but Psymon is too quickly for him and runs past him easily.

Luther tries his hardest to run Psymon down, but it s no use as his smaller opponent is quicker, and just playing around with him. "Hold still so I can nab ya!" Now he is starting to get frustrated that he isn't getting the results. Psymon suddenly stops, which gives the larger boarder an opening.

He gives a full charge, but once again the unstable lunatic jumps out of the way, just in time for Luther to collide into a tree. He is on the ground in pain, which gives Psymon the chance for an escape.

"Too bad, guess you were a crappy footballer after all. Smell ya latter, tubs!"

"Dag nabbit! I'll get ya!" He calls out as the lunatic runs away, to where, even he doesn't really know.

"Hey Sketch! You are going down!" That was Zoe, and she somehow found him in the middle of being chased all the way out here.

"Ohhh Zoe, you can try to keep, just do your best!" He giggles, as he believes that things are getting more interesting. Speaking of which, it looks like he is getting near what appears to be a fountain, one that is possibly frozen over.

"Gotcha!" In an instant, Psymon have been tackled by someone, and it happen to be Moby, locking him in a griping hold. "Im ready for you this time, you loony, there is no way to go this time." He said as he is feeling a whole lot better and wanting payback. He turns to the bushes to see JP standing there at a safe enough distance. "What are you waiting for, you bloody idiot? Hurry up and help me restrain him!"

The French boarder winced as he is forced to come near the wild looking Canadian. "Alright...but if he does anything to harm my fair self, ill sue him for battery."

Moby rolls his eyes as he gets Psymon on his feet, getting irritated. "Oh will you just belt up and help, you sodding fool?" He shouted, as he is following the plan and they have Psymon where they want him.

"B-but he smells...not sure how you are able to get near him..." JP is astonished, but he is hesitant as his will and nose is not as strong. He does manage to approach, but the psychotic boarder grins.

"What's wrong, JP? You ain't got the guts to face me? Why don't you be a man for a change, and get rid of your panties?" He taunted, which already made the French boarder into a huff.

"You see here, you disgusting pig, I am not the one who is going to suffer after this! " He somehow manages to ignore the terrible smell as he is pretty angry at the insult, but that proves to be his mistake.

Psymon took this time to give a vicious stomp on poor Moby's foot, which caused him to scream in pain and letting him go. Then the Canadian Boarder quickly took a hold of JP, making him his hostage.

"No! Aidez-moi! Save me!" He frantically pleads with anyone as his smelly captor is holding him back. Zoe came into the scene in the knick of time to see what is happening, this was not in her plan at all.

"Ahh...this will not end well..." She mutters as she turns to her friend as he is rubbing his foot after it being smash.

"That Arse, I'll get my hands on him yet!" He grunts, as he stood up shakily.

The hostage and his captor backs away and ends up in the clearing as they are getting close to the fountain, all the while JP is screaming for help, and coughing as the stink is getting all over him. "oh mon dieu tout-puissant, somebody help me ! I don't want to die !" His eyes are watering greatly as he is being dirtied by anther man's stench, he would have to scrub himself for hours to get rid of it.

"Aw crap...what is going on?" Rahzel finally shows himself behind Zoe and Body, while Marisol is hanging to the back as she doesn't want to get close.

"Hey, what is happening out there?" The Latina asked, leaning over to see.

"Things that are getting out of hand..." Zoe answered as she doesn't know what to do. Everything is crumbling right before her, as she quickly tries to think of something.

"Alright, losers, if you want him alive, then you'll have to give into my demands! First off, I do not want a shower to wash off my lucky stink! Second of all, I demand donuts, preferably two boxes of a baker's dozen!" He demanded, pointing the finger at them.

"Do as he says, I beg of you!" Jp wants this nightmare to end quickly, just to get away from him. Of course they cannot give in to such demands, so they just wont.

"This cannot be happening, this cannot be freaking happening..." The DJ is trying to think, but he feels like he is getting a major migraine after all that is happening here. He doesn't want to call the police, or there will be serious repercussions. There is nothing he can do, until something caught his attention.

"I got ya now, boy!" a stomping sound like a raging bull came out of the forest very quickly, as Luther is very angry, charging in like energized footballer ready to strike. JP has never been so happy to see his subordinate in his life.

"Luther, i'm so happy to see you! I-" His relief and happiness quickly turn to fear as the chubby man doesn't stop charging, heading straight for him. "Wait, stop you fool!" It didn't help that Psymon quickly used the French boarder as a shield, as the enraged southerner has gotten caught up in his moment of anger to destroy the Canadian, that nothing else mattered.

Finally the three men flew right into the inside of the fountain behind them. Because of their combined weight, they easily broke through the fragile ice sheet, and is now in freezing ankle deep water.

"Dear god! This is the worst day ever!" JP loudly grimaced as he is soaked and freezing his butt off. His cohort right beside him seems to finally snapped out of his stupor, as he took noticed of his boss.

"Oh, hey there boss, nice time for swim right?" He flashed a smile, before a frustrated JP has splashed his face. "Was it something I said?"

Psymon took this opportunity to try to escape the cold water, as this has broken the rule of being near water. It wasn't his fault as a crazy fat man caused him to fall into the fountain, but it isn't over yet. "Damn, it looks like I'll have to find another garbage bin to roll in." He said to himself.

Before he could even climb over the ledge out, a figure stands before him, and handcuffs now bond his hands. It took for a few seconds for him to realize that he is captured by a smiling Brodi in front of him.

"Well, that was fun...but all things must come to an end, right Psymon?" He asked, as he has him right where he wanted him. Psymon blinked at the cuffs then looks up at the surfer, There are only a few words he could say.


It took about thirty minutes to return back to the hotel, but they did it. All 12 boarders has been picked up, and carried back as this has been a tiring experience for everyone involved. They are all taking long warm showers to get over this little misadventure, and in the meanwhile this crazy Canadian is cuffed to a chair and wrapped in a blanket after his big spill in the fountain water.

Rahzel is pacing right in front of him, while he is trying to calm after all that has happened. "Okay, Psymon...I have every right to expel you from the SSX circuit. You have given this city hell, and caused damage to some of the riders. " He told him in a serious tone. But the lunatic just shrugged as he grins at the manager.

"Aw, come on Rahzzie, it was a good work out, wasn't it? You are way too tense for your own good. " He casually points out.

"Tense is not the word I would use...the point is, Psymon, is that this is not acceptable! We are lucky that we get to continue to use the Venue for tonight, or the tour might have been canceled if you would had done the worst thing imaginable!"

"But I didn't, nothing is worse than a good chase."

"You kicked a man through a glass window! He's in the hospital as we speak!"

"He was being a tool."

"That is not the point, all of this wouldn't have happened if you would just taken a damn bath!"

"But its such a bother, besides, it's a good luck charm."

The DJ stares at him, groaning, as he couldn't believe what he just heard. He wonders how in the world did he ever become part of the SSX in the first place, as he is clearly an insane idiot.

"Psymon...listen to be very carefully. Despite everything that happened today, I am willing to let you race today, however; under the condition that you would into the shower. That spill in the fountain helped removed some of the stink, but i'm giving you a chance for warm water."

Psymon scoffs as he pouts, turning his head away. Rahzel would kick him out of the circuit because he simply stinking up wherever he goes. Thinking about it, he had his fun, and he wants to win the gold.

"Well, I suppose that is fair Rahzzie, but I still want my donuts. They better be a precise number of chocolate with sprinkles, jelly filling, cream filling, and glazed."

The DJ shook his head, if this is what it take for him to behave, then he will have to agree with it. "Okay, fine, whatever, just hurry up and get ready for the race."

The crowd is going wild, as they have just watched an amazing race tonight in Merqury City, as they are cheering for the winner that has won the first place gold. That winner is stand right in the center of the central stage, enjoying his victory as he flashes his medal necklace to the world.

"Ahhh yeah, baby! I'm king of the world! " Psymon screamed on top of his lungs as he takes it in. He even does a little victory dance, prancing around the winners circle as he never been more happy in his life.

The five other racers that are watching him could only stare in either astonishment or degust as all they can do is cross their arms and shake their heads. After all that he has put them through, he has managed to beat them to first place. It is probably from the chase that managed to ware them down, it felt more like deception more than anything on Psymon's part. Either way, he is right there doing back flips.

They will let him celebrate, but if he tries to put them through hell again, then he will pay.

Well, that was fun to write. I do hope that you enjoyed this story about a stinky snowboarder causing mayhem! ^^ Have a good day!


bête immonde-Filthy Beast

Hablas en serio-Are you serious


Excuse Moi-Excuse me

Cette est insenté-This is insane

mon dieu tout-puissant-Oh God Almighty

Aidez Moi-Save me