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Magnus Bane almost turned the Nephilim away. They stole their invitations, and he hadn't wanted them there. But he gave in and let them into the apartment. He almost turned them away, but he didn't.

Magnus Bane almost gave up on Alec. He was clearly oblivious, and he was pining after Jace, who he could never have. But Alec fought alongside him, worried for his wellbeing. He almost gave up on the Shadowhunter, but he didn't.

Magnus Bane almost lost Alec. Alec, who was upset about the idea that he was not the first. But they made it through. He almost lost him, but he didn't.

Magnus Bane almost died. He was running low on energy, low on blood, and he didn't think he could make it. But the thought of Alec kept him alive long enough for him to borrow some of the Shadowhunter's energy and heal. He almost died, but he didn't.

Magnus Bane almost gave up his immortality. He loved Alexander, and he wanted to grow old with him—the one thing he had yet to do. But he discovered that Alec had been in contact with Camille, and had thought about taking Magnus's immortality without consulting him. He almost gave up his immortality, but he didn't.

One year later, Magnus Bane almost passed right by the bar. But then he saw Alec sitting inside. He looked lonely. They both were. Very lonely, and very sad. He almost passed right by the bar. But he didn't.

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