Italy captured.

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Chapter 1 Italy captured

The phone on Germany's desk began to ring." it is porbleu itlay again what could he want this time." Germany picked up the phone "hello italy what is it this time." he sighed." Germany Germany i have been captured by green frogs form out space and." The phone cut off to a strange voice took the phone." this is of the airpit ploten if you ever want to see your friend again you will surrender to me." Keroro laughed."keorokerokeoro who knew it would be this easy to capture a picponing country."

Keroro thought to himself. Italy managed to get the phone again. "Germany help me ,help me." the the line cut off. Germany graped the phone and called America since America had an alien friend. "Hello this is America speaking how I can help you." America answered in and argent tone. " America this is Germany i called to tell you that."" Germany why are you calling me for shouldn't you call japan?" America asked." look this is an emergency Italy has been captured by alien's" Germany shouted. " I will be right there." America said in a serious tone.


"Keroro , seize where is that stupid frog." Natsumi walked around the base. " Natsumi what are you doing down hear?" Keroro asked. "Not good i can't let natsumi foil my plans i got this far with out her noticing." Keroro began to sweat."i came to tell you to do the laundry." she yelled. " is that it I must of forgot i will get right on it." " What are you up to frog ?" she looked down at him. " what me i am not up to any thing I have no new plans to cocore your plant yet." he lied. " you better not." Natsumi left the base.