Italy captured.

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" sarge is so great how dare Geroro dough sarge sure he might mess up are plan's every time but that dosen't mean Geroro should be mean to him.""to be honsit any kind will do."Keroro scarted the back of his head." how many type's of noodle's are there?""all right then i will get spaghetti noodle's if that is all right with you?""yeah sure any kind of noodle's will do"" all right then i will be right back sarge"Tamama hoped on to the folting scooter and was off."after He makes s pasta i was wanderig if i could do some expairment's on him"Keroro turned to Kulu who was typeing on his computer."I don't have time to anser that qusetion cause i have to do the landry"Keroro left Italy a lone with is the most care less thing he has done since they captured shock in his cage and was a frade of what the yellow frog will do to him.

"oh well since he did not answer me i guess i get to do what i want"Kulu gun pointed Italy to a table where he was tied down by some metal bars.Some one help me hheelp me."what are you going to do to me?"Italy asked even thought he did not want to know the answer."nothing that I should tell you about,besides the details will cause you to panich like crazy"Kulu used laughing gas to nock italy out cold."now let's begin shall we"the yellow frog graped some tool's and monotones and begain his exparments.