I plopped down on my bed. Today had been the last day of school, and I was exhausted. Summer had officially started. I pulled out my IPod and stuck my earbuds in. I clicked "The Way I Do," and smiled as Dylan's voice passed through my ears. It was one of my favorite Starkid songs. I lost myself in the music. My Mom's voice suddenly broke the silence, "Elisabeth! Time for dinner!" I pull out my earbuds and smile. I had a good feeling about this summer.

Joann strummed her guitar. She had been trying to learn the chords to "Days of Summer" since school let out a week ago. Grabbing her pencil she made a note on the paper next to her. It was covered in chords and notes. Joann began humming the song and slowly plucking the strings, before launching into the chorus.

Benjamin turned the knob to his bedroom and walked inside. His eyes searched the room. Posters covered his wall and Legos were spread across everything. He spotted his latest work on his desk. Ben had started working o it a few days ago when school let out. He was trying to re-create the stage the Starkids had performed on in the Apocalyptour DVD. Ben had gotten the idea after getting the DVD for his birthday a few days ago. He'd even searched through his pile of Lego figures and found a few that resembled the Starkids. Ben flipped open his laptop, put on Guys Like Potter, and turned his attention to the stage.

Katie flipped through the songs on her CD, stopping at Status Quo, and turning it up. Just after graduating college, Katie decided to drive around the country visiting family and friends. She was in Oregon now, heading to North Dakota to visit a family friend. Katie pulled a Redvine out of the bag next to her, and stuck it in her mouth, with her free arm on the wheel. She hummed along to the song between bites.

Jenny flipped open her laptop and punched in her passcode. She pulled up a new browser and went onto YouTube. Smiling, she clicked on AVPSY. Jenny had decided to start off her summer- which had officially started yesterday- with watching AVPSY. The opening music started and she turned it up.

AN: I know this isn't very exciting and doesn't have any Starkids, but it will. The first chapter just introduces the other characters into the story. This is my first FanFic so any feedback would be awesome.