Rachel screams as Jake pins her down trying to kiss her

"Dont try to fight it!" trys to unbutton her pants"I will give you something Finn cant!"

rachel trys to scream but he punches her in the stomach. "stop! Finn!". She trys to get him off of her but he wont move.

" you know you want to have little jewish babies with me" Jake whispers into her ear while running his hands up and down her leg.

"if i wanted jewish babies i would have had them with Puck!" she screams then spits in his face.

"you BI***! now your gonna pay!" he then smacks her in the face.

Rachel yelps in pain. She then thinks that every dream that she had about brodway will never come true. She thinks that Finn wont be her first. once thinks of Finn she fights hard. "FINN! HELP!"

" Finn isnt here sweetheart." Jake said as he ran his hand through her hair. Just then he unzips his pants and smiles.

just the Rachel wakes up screaming. " Finn!". Then she hears somebody running and then her bed shakes as if somebody jumped on it. She woke up to 2 pig arms comforting her as she was panting hard, while tears were dripping down her face.

"its okay rach, shhhh. im here" Finn said as he rubbed her arm in circles. "your safe here". He started to rock her slowly humming something.
"It happend again!" she was sobbing into his chest. " He was there TOUCHING me AGIAN!" she looked up at him, her eyes puffy.

"Your ok he is not gonna hurt you here" Finn said as he held her close.

Rachel looked up him wither her soft eyes. "imm scared Finn" she put her head into his chest once again.
"its okay im here rachel. nothing and nobody will ever hurt because im here. there is no reason to be scared when im here." Finn said as he stroked her hair.

Then the alarm clock goes off and they look at each other.

"Thank you a whole bunch Finn. you have always been there for me" she smiles then she starts to get up.

" where are you going rach?" Finn asked then held her hand.

" im going to get ready for kurts party" she looks at him drying the tears with her sleeve.

"oh yeah, do we have to go?" Finn looked at her with a pouty face.

"YES! why would think of not going!" Rachel laughs as she walked to the bathroom.

'Dam***!this is going to be a long night' Finn thought as he got up to get ready.

As he got up and walk to the living room where his bag was because it was his turn to watch rachel. He couldnt help but see rachel undressing. He just saw it through the crack of the door. Finn just stood there watching and then his phone rang. then he panicked and ran and fell on the floor. rachel stuck her head out of the door to see finn on the floor craddling his foot.

"wow you big cluts" she giggle then closed the door.