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It has been a week since Finn and Rachel's kiss, And they still haven't talked about it. Rachel was doing anything to avoid Finn because it was always.. awkward, but inside she kind of wanted to kiss him back. She always says that she has to stay late at school or she has a date with Jessie. But when them two kiss, she cant help but to think about her and Finn Kiss. It was soft and she loved the way his lips felt on her's.

Finn came home with some kind of vegan take out. "Rachel! I'm home and um I brought some dinner." He yelled across the apartment. When he didn't see or hear her he went to her bedroom door, with food in his hands. "Hey rach I got you some um I thinks its suppose to be like a lasagna. Can I come in?"

Instead Rachel jump off her bed and ran to quickly open the door. She only let her arm out of the door to get the food fast and didn't even say anything or even glance at just sighed and went to the living area. He went ahead and ate in silence.

later that night Santana was throwing a party at her dads club/hotel. Rachel was wearing a short tight black skirt, with a white sparkly loose top. when she came out of her room, Finn was astonished to see her for the first in days. She went up to Finn and twirled. " How do I look?!" She stopped and looked up at him smiling.

All of the sudden the doorbell rang. Its was Jessie, picking Rachel up for the party. It got awkward real fast. Jessie just kept staring at Finn who was staring at Rachel.

When Finn saw Jessie giving him the death glare for the umpteenth time he just couldn't hold it in any longer. "Okay dude what the fuck is your problem?" He through his hands in the air in total frustration. Why wouldn't he be mad. Jessie has his girl, even though he saw her first. Yeah he knew he was being childish but hey that's just how awesome he is!

Jessie unwrap his arm off Rachel hip and walked up to Finn smirking. " Oh nothing gigantor I'm just not happy that you keep staring at my girlfriend. And im not so happy that my girlfriend is living here with you." he looked at Rachel and held her close.

Rachel just glanced at Finn quickly and then up at her boyfriend. "Jessie its okay. he is just my best friend." She emphasized the 'just'. She then gave Jessie a quick peck on the cheek.

Finns POV:

Ever since that Kiss everything has been very awkward between us. I mean I don't regret it it was amazing. Just the thought of it gave me goosebumps. It was purely amazing and wonderful. I just wish what Rachel thought about. When i saw Rachel come out of her room it took everything he had to not run up to her and kiss her. When she asked me how she looked I just wanted to take her to the bed and rip off her clothes and show her how sexy she was. Did i just say rip her clothes off? wow Finn this is very unhealthy!

"Like I said the other night you look hot." Finn smirked. He saw her sigh and her head fall.

" Don't remind me of that night!" She yelled across the room as she walked away. A couple of moments later she came back with a water bottle.

"why not! I meant everything I said that night and I don't regret anything." Finn nearly screamed at her. " And that kiss was amazing!"

"I just don't want to ruin our friendship just get our hearts broken!"

Finn just rolled his eyes as he played with the button on his shirt. Then was a 5 minute awkward moment of silence until he spoke. "Did you like it?" He asked with his head still down.

Rachel looked at him really weird. Of course she like it! how could she not, it was better than all the kiss she got from Jessie. But she couldn't tell him that. When she was about to say something the doorbell rang.

Once they all got to the party Jessie got a phone call. "This is he... I got the part?!... I'll be there as soon as i can!" He hung up his phone and explained to Rachel that he had to go.

Wow he was going to leave Finn and Rachel at a club/ hotel, with alcohol, and free access to empty hotel rooms. Yep Jessie doesn't give 2 shits about Rachel. Finn thought to himself for a bit then got interrupted by sam and the guys.

"Dude what are you thinking about!" Puck slapped his shoulder.

Finn smiled to himself. " Just that this is my night!" He said while staring at Rachel.

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