Authors note: this is my first time writingso sorry if i spell anything wrong, and I do not own star wars.

On planet Earth and on Coruscant lived two very diffrent families. They don't know each other but little did they know they would be brought together by the same fate.

End "prolouge'

...Cullen house hold...on Earth

" The Volturi are gathering more members everyday." said Alice

"Wait what do you mean by more members I thought there were not any more evil vampires on planet Earth?" Bella Questioned

"Well the real reason I have been gone the last couple days is because I followed them off planet. They went to a planet no one really knows about, the planet is kinda like the future Earth. But instead of cars they have speeaders that fly around in the air, and theres no roads there like we have on earth".

"Sounds like the Cullens are taking a road trip to this planet, do you know what the planets called and how to get there"? Carlisle asked

" Yes" Alice replied

" Ok everybody get packed and meet back here in one hour" Carlisle said

" Wait what about Renesmee, should she come or is it too dangerous for her?" Edward asked

"Bella's dad can watch over her along with Jacob"