Xanxus was led towards the car the Ninth arrived in. He stopped and ran off. Some men started following him, but the Ninth stopped him.

"Stop. I want to see where that boy ran off to, with such an expression."

It wasn't hard to find Xanxus; it certainly was a surprise to find him in an alley hugging a fragile looking child against him. The child's body was obscured from view by Xanxus. But Timoteo saw the scarf he gifted Xanxus with, wrapped around his or her neck. Timoteo knew he couldn't leave this seemingly sickly-looking child behind. Especially because Xanxus seemed so attached.

That day the Vongola Famiglia gained two new family members. One, the adopted son of their beloved boss, and the other a sickly child not likely to live past 20, who Xanxus was very protective and possessive of, which they would come to learn in the future.