"Bel! Are you OK? What happened?" Cara questioned as the prince-turned-assassin was wheeled into their hotel suite.

"Ushishishi, ack, The Prince is well, my principessa. Don't worry about this dumb chair. I was just injured in a sparring match, but I won. Ushishi," Bel managed to say, before clutching his sides in pain.

"Pervert, wheel me to my room so the principessa doesn't have to witness my ugliness." Leviathan glared down at the injured prince, but complied with the order once he saw his beloved boss' glare.

"Cara." The girl turned towards Xanxus, who was lounging on a sofa. "Don't worry about him, he'll be fine."

Squalo, who was taking a sip of water, choked on hearing such nice reassurance coming from Xanxus. But then again, he knew his boss was trying to quell Cara's fears.

Cara frowned, but thought of something and smiled. "If you're sure, but I'm going to get him a get-well-soon gift."

Xanxus sighed.

"Takesushi, Takesushi, Takesushi. Nigiri, nigiri, nigiri~" Cara hummed a random song on her way to Takesushi to pick up a gift for Bel.

"Oi, woman! What are you singing?"

Cara turned around at the sound of someone's question, and saw Shamal's student all bandaged up. "Oh! You're Gokudera-kun, right? Are you OK?" Cara rushed forward to fret over his bandages, but Gokudera just blushed and turned away.

"Che! I'm fine. Nothing too bad, just superficial stuff." Gokudera toned down the insults, trying not to disrespect Reborn-san's friend.

Cara pouted. "All my friends seem to be injured..." Gokudera briefly glanced at her before looking away. He wanted to say something about the Varia, but knew she wasn't involved in the fighting. He didn't even know if she knew about the Ring Battles.

Cara sighed. "Well, if you're sure." She brightened as a thought hit her. "Oh! Would you like to come with me to Takesushi? I'll treat you to some sushi." Cara smiled.

Tch, this woman...


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